How to know if a person has several accounts on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social networks worldwide. Practically anyone with an internet connection has or has had an account on Facebook , so it is always possible that you may wonder if someone you know, be it a family member, colleague or friend, has an account on this social network.

There are even people who have more than one Facebook account, either because more than one was created to use them for different purposes, or because their main account was blocked, or because they needed a backup one. In short, the reasons that a person may have to create more than one account on Facebook can be very varied, but the important thing here is that you can find out if your friend, partner or family member has more than one account in the application, and that is what we will comment on this occasion.

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  1. How many Facebook accounts can a person have?
  2. Common reasons for having more than one Facebook account
    1. Unique profile for work
    2. For a specific group of friends
    3. Oblivious to the couple
  3. How to know the accounts associated with a phone number?
  4. To use Tineye to search for someone by image

How many Facebook accounts can a person have?

Facebook does not have a limit of accounts that can be used by the same person , the limit really is the desire that the user has to manage more than one account. However, the limitation that Facebook places on this issue is related to emails, since an email can only be associated with a Facebook account.

In other words, the same email cannot be linked to more than 1 Facebook account . This implies that the person who wants to have more than one account must create a different email for each account that he uses, it is for that reason that there really is no limit on the number of accounts that a person can have.

Common reasons for having more than one Facebook account

If you want to get a person on Facebook, just enter their name in the search engine. If it does not appear, the best you can do is filter the information , placing specific search aspects such as where the person lives, where they work or where they study.

As we told you at the beginning, the reasons why a person can have several sessions or Facebook accounts open can be very varied, however, we will comment on some of the most common.

Unique profile for work

Many people use Facebook as a platform to work , either by uploading content to the platform, creating a kind of portfolios of the services and / or products they offer, or even looking for work through the social network itself. That means that the account that a person uses for these purposes must have a certain seriousness, because at the end of the day he uses it to work.

For this reason, it is common for a person who works through the internet to have two Facebook accounts ; one in which you make your work visible and another a little more personal where you can interact more closely with your friends, either by sharing publications, reacting to different posts, etc.

For a specific group of friends

When a person has a group of friends with whom they interact a lot on Facebook, it could be the case that that person and his group of friends create parallel Facebook accounts where they only have aggregates between them to be able to share the type of publications that they like.

Oblivious to the couple

This is perhaps the least ethical reason why a person could create a parallel Facebook account. A person could create a second Facebook account in which they do not have their partner added or anyone who makes them a bit uncomfortable to be able to share and interact more freely on the platform.

How to know the accounts associated with a phone number?

Unlike emails, phone numbers on Facebook can be associated with more than one account. If you want to know what number is associated with a Facebook profile, the first thing is that you have access to the personal information of that account , and the second thing is that that user has the information of their public telephone number.

To find out which accounts are associated with the same phone number, you must search for that information in the personal information of the accounts that you believe are linked to the same number, but as long as the two conditions that we are commenting on are met. in the previous paragraph.

But if what you want is to know which phone numbers you have associated with your Facebook accounts , you can find out that by accessing your personal information.

To use Tineye to search for someone by image

Tineye is a reverse photo search engine. That means that if you upload a photo to this platform, it will be able to do a search all over the internet to find the place where the image comes from . If Tineye has in its information bank the photo that you have uploaded to the platform, then it will surely give you the search results.

This is mostly used to find profiles on Facebook of famous or recognized people , since these are usually the images that Tineye stores. It is unlikely that in its information bank, Tineye has a photo of your acquaintances if they are not famous people, so it would be difficult for you to get it with this method if they do not meet that characteristic.

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