How To Fix Authentication Error On Android

As technology and functions advance in our mobiles, more inconveniences and technical problems also begin to arise, in this case we will talk about a very common one that occurs when connecting our mobile to a WiFi network already saved in our network profile.

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  1. What does the authentication error mean in my mobile WiFi connection?
  2. What are the most common causes for this error to appear?
    1. Incorrect password
    2. Wrong network
    3. Limit of connected devices
    4. IP failures
  3. What can I do to solve this error on my cell phone?
    1. Turn airplane mode on and off on your mobile
    2. Enter the password again
    3. Modify the wireless network settings
    4. Restart the Router

What does the authentication error mean in my mobile WiFi connection?

If at any time you have been presented with this error that says that the network you want to connect to could not be authenticated, you should know that this is an error that is generated by the router in charge of supplying the WiFi signal to your device, the which blocks access for different reasons , which we will deal with later. You should also know that solving this problem is quite simple and does not require deep knowledge of networks or telephony.

What are the most common causes for this error to appear?

The causes of this authentication error are varied, below we will talk about some of the most common that we can mention.

Incorrect password

It is important to verify that we have correctly written the access password to the router where we want to connect, if it is not correctly written, then we will not be able to access it and therefore we will not be able to navigate . In many cases, if you already had the password stored on your mobile, you must verify that it has not been changed and that you are trying to enter with an outdated password.

Wrong network

This is a very common problem when there is a problem in the router in which the type of wireless network configured in the router is changed , so that it prevents access to new devices because it does not have the proper permissions to connect.

Another common reason within this classification of network problems is the well-known twin networks , this occurs when our mobile tries to access a router that has the same name as another that we already had configured, but obviously they do not have the same password. Our mobile will repeatedly try to connect without success and the router will end up returning the annoying message that we already know.

Limit of connected devices

This is a somewhat extensive topic, since currently routers can support more than 100 devices connected simultaneously on their IPs, however, with a greater number of connected devices, the chances of authentication errors arising also increase. Since routers must manage a large number of IP addresses and not to mention the slowdown in browsing speed.

For this reason, many of today’s router models bring an option to configure the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously, so that the network administrator can decide how many users can enjoy the service without losing quality. of connection.

IP failures

It may be the case that due to some failure in the router system, it assigns the same IP address to two different devices, in this case, one of the two devices will begin to show connection failures .

What can I do to solve this error on my cell phone?

There are many ways to solve this annoying problem, fortunately in most cases these solutions are quite easy to apply and require few steps to follow.

Turn airplane mode on and off on your mobile

This is a very quick solution that you can try as a first option if you are presented with this authentication error. When you turn on the airplane mode of your mobile , what you are doing is turning off all the wireless connections of it, thus forcing to request a new IP from the router where they are trying to connect at the moment of turning it on again, thus ruling out problems due to duplicate IP addresses .

To turn on airplane mode, just go to the settings of your mobile phone, look for the option “Wireless Connections” select “Airplane Mode” and slide the control to the activated position. Wait a few seconds and deactivate it again and try to connect to the WiFi network again.

Enter the password again

It may be that your authentication problem is related to an incorrect password, because it has been changed in the configuration of the router you want to access, for this you must first make sure what the current password is to connect, then go to the settings of your mobile, enter the option “Wireless connections”, option “WiFi” and you must locate the network to which you want to connect and that is giving you the error.

Once you locate it, press your finger and hold it on it for at least 3 seconds, an options window will appear where you must choose the option “Forget Network” , select confirm and then try to connect to the network again as if you were doing it for first time, make sure you enter the router password correctly.

Modify the wireless network settings

For this option you must use a computer that is connected to the router you want to configure, access your preferred browser and enter the IP address of the router. Normally this address is , but in the instruction manual or on the label that your router must have attached to the back or bottom, you will surely be able to confirm which it is, and you should also be able to view the username and password to Access the router configuration panel.

Once you write the address and enter the password and username, you will be able to see the configuration menu of your router , you must go to the “Wireless Network” section and look for the option to configure the name and a new password for the WiFi network. After doing all this you must restart your router and try to connect again from your mobile with the new password that you just configured.

Restart the Router

One of the simplest solutions, but effective, is to turn off your router, wait a minute and turn it on again , this will make that when you turn on your router again, it can scan each of the devices that try to connect to it and make a good distribution of IP addresses to avoid these annoying authentication errors.

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