How to enter the Android Recovery Mode

Android is the operating system for mobile phones with the highest growth today, its evolution offers functions popularly known and hidden from the standard user , which we can take advantage of, one of those functions is its recovery mode, today we will talk about it .

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  1. What is Recovery Mode on cell phones?
  2. What actions can we perform within the Recovery Mode?
  3. Methods to enter recovery mode on your Android cell phone
    1. With a PC
    2. With the buttons of your mobile
  4. How can I turn on my cell phone in Recovery Mode directly?
  5. What is the best program to access Recovery Mode on an Android mobile?

What is Recovery Mode on cell phones?

The recovery mode is a system recovery profile, all Android phones in any of its versions have it, obviously some with more extensive functions than others , but in general the purpose is the same. Its main function is to provide us with tools that allow us to restore or repair our mobile software in case it has suffered a failure that prevents it from functioning normally.

One of the most common problems is when our mobile phone stays on the logo when we try to turn it on, this is where the recovery mode is useful, since it offers us some very efficient tools to make our mobile system work again in a correct.

What actions can we perform within the Recovery Mode?

Although the functions of the recovery mode are powerful, it is also true that there are not many, but they are enough to try first-hand that our system works normally. One of the main functions in this way is that we can install system updates , storing them in an external memory or Micro SD compatible with our mobile, also some recovery versions allow us to flash our device.

Another of its functions is to do a hard reset , which will restore our mobile to its factory settings, but will also delete all the account settings of our mobile, in addition to deleting all user data, (images, videos, music and files personal).

Also from the recovery mode we can delete the cache of our mobile , thus freeing a good amount of space occupied by temporary files that slows down the fluidity of our system.

Methods to enter recovery mode on your Android cell phone

There are basically two ways to enter the recovery mode of an android mobile, below we will mention them so that you can see the step by step of how to do it.

With a PC

If you want to access the recovery of your mobile using your computer, you should have a program called PhoenixSuit on hand , which is completely free and is compatible with all versions of Windows. It is also necessary that you have your mobile drivers installed on your PC.

Another additional step is that you must enable USB debugging on your mobile phone . Install PhoenixSuite and once the installation is finished connect your smartphone to your computer with the USB cable , run PhoenixSuite and you will have to wait a few seconds for the program to recognize the mobile you have connected. Then, press the “Apk” button and then click on “Recovery”, you must wait a few seconds for the system to show you that the recovery mode has been enabled, during this process your mobile will turn off and when it turns on automatically, it will enter the recovery mode.

Another application that you can use to enter the recovery mode of your smartphone is using Alfahd for Android , this program will also allow you to perform all the functions that the recovery menu allows, but from the PC, so that you can do a data reset , perform a Fastboot and any function available in the recovery version of your mobile phone.

With the buttons of your mobile

The first thing to mention is that to enter the recovery mode using a combination of keys is that your mobile must be completely turned off , otherwise it will not be possible to enter. In addition, the key combination varies depending on the model of your mobile, below we will leave you a small list with the key combination of some of the most popular brands on the market.

  • Xiaomi:for this model you should go to the “Updater” application, then press the icon with the three dots on the top right and in the menu that appears select the option “Reboot to Recovery mode”
  • Samsung:for the vast majority of models the combination is Volume up + Home + Power, although in some models the volume key may vary
  • Motorola, LG and Google Pixel:Combine the volume down keys + power key. Almost all the models of these three brands work like this.
  • HTC:in this brand you must go to the settings of your mobile, then to the option “Battery”, then uncheck the box called Fast Boot . Once you do, turn off your mobile and press the volume down + power keys.

It is important to mention that when you start the recovery mode through a combination of keys, you must release the power key when you see that your phone is already turning on, if you leave it pressed too long what will happen is that your mobile will restart and you will not be able to enter recovery.

How can I turn on my cell phone in Recovery Mode directly?

The most efficient way to do this is by configuring your mobile to enter the recovery mode when turning on, as we have explained that it should be done on Xiaomi mobiles, but you should always use the key combination to see the recovery menu, since For security and protection of your account data, it is not recommended that anyone enter the recovery of your mobile.

What is the best program to access Recovery Mode on an Android mobile?

If what you want is to use a professional software with all the tools to get the most out of your recovery menu then you should download the ADB and Fastboot, this is a very complete program that weighs less than 10 Mb and is contained within Android Studio, you can download it from this link .

It works under an interface in the Windows command window, this program has been used by practically all telephone technicians to this day, and it continues to be a reference when it comes to managing the recovery mode of the Android system.

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