How to fix ‘log out first authentication error’ in Free Fire

Free Fire has been one of those video games that has marked a before and after in the complicated world of mobile devices. There is too much competition for a game to rank as one of the best. However, this one has succeeded… and with flying colors. Such has been its success that you should know how to fix the ‘authentication error, log out first’ in Free Fire .

What is this error due to? What to do to fix it? You will find all that and more in this little guide so you don’t despair when you can’t play. Everything has a solution! And the solution is in this article.

How to Fix ‘Authentication Error Disconnect First’ in Free Fire

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  1. But first, what is Free Fire?
  2. Problems with Free Fire servers
  3. Enjoy Free Fire!

But first, what is Free Fire?

Surely you know it or have a reference but you have not yet decided to play it. Do you want to know more about this video game? Not to mention more! Here you have all the necessary information.

The original name of this video game is Garena Free Fire, it was released in 2017. Two years was enough to be awarded as the most downloaded video game for mobile devices in the world .

Currently, on Google Play, Free Fire has more than 500 million installations and 80 million active users… every day!

How do you play?

It is possible to play Free Fire on my Smart TV from my cell phone without cable . Just imagine it! Enjoy the games of this amazing video game on a big screen.

Free Fire takes place under the “Battle Royal” mode, this means: everyone against everyone. The game can admit up to a maximum of 50 players, which will be launched from an airplane. With the help of a parachute, these players (you included) will land at different points on a map.

You must go through the different spaces and facilities on the map to discover which are the best weapons in Garena Free Fire . Eliminate your opponents, keep an eye out for reductions in the “Safe Area” and… don’t get killed! Only then will you be victorious. Yeah… easier said than done, right?

Problems with Free Fire servers

The game, in short, represents an attraction. Simply inviting my friends to play Garena Free Fire with me guarantees hours of fun. However, the problem is when you cannot connect .

You try again and again, but that annoying message keeps popping up… how can you fix the ‘authentication error please log out first’? This happens more often than you can imagine.

This annoying and desperate error occurs when the game servers do not receive the data from your Facebook or VK account .

How to fix this error?

Fixing the ‘ sign out first authentication error ‘ is a fairly straightforward procedure. Generally, you don’t have to do anything, just wait a few minutes and log back in.

If it persists, then you must clear the game cache on your mobile device. How to do it? Easy. You just have to follow the following instructions to the letter:

  1. Enter your phone’s settings.
  2. Access the “Applications” section.
  3. Enter the “Free Fire” application.
  4. Locate the “Storage” section.
  5. Click on the “Clear cache” button.

This procedure must be carried out solely and exclusively if you have a Facebook, VK, Samsung or Huawei account linked to the game . When you enter the game again, the problem should already be fixed.

Other options to consider

Have you tried to gift Free Fire diamonds to my friends by shopping with Paypal ? Can’t enter the game due to the authentication error? Sometimes solving the ‘log out first authentication error’ involves a connectivity issue.

So the other solution would be to check the speed of your Wi-Fi or try entering the video game with the data from your mobile device. That way, you don’t need to clear the cache .

Enjoy Free Fire!

With these recommendations, you can keep playing Garena Free Fire with your friends or people from different parts of the world. Win games, receive rewards and acquire the best of everything: weapons, costume, characters.

Prove that you are the best in this fun game and don’t let the authentication error put you off . You already know how to fix it!


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