How to install WhatsApp on an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet?

It is always necessary to have messaging applications on the device we use , WhatsApp is the most common and versatile messaging service of all; Although it may require a somewhat different procedure when installing it on a Kindle Fire tablet, it is not something complicated to do, here you will see how to get WhatsApp on your Kindle Fire tablet.

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  1. What can you do to install WhatsApp on Kindle Fire if you don’t have Play Store?
    1. From the ‘Amazon’ app store
    2. Using a browser
  2. How to download WhatsApp from the Kindle Fire Play Store?
  3. How to install WhatsApp Bussines on your Amazon Kindle Fire?

What can you do to install WhatsApp on Kindle Fire if you don’t have Play Store?

The Kindle Fire software does not allow the installation of foreign applications, so the WhatsApp installation process can be a bit tedious. Due to this restriction, the operating system has activated the blocking of downloads and installation of applications from unknown sources , thus avoiding future problems in the software or in the installed application.

From the ‘Amazon’ app store

From Amazon you can get the WhatsApp application to install it on your Kindle Fire tablet, you will have to make sure that the application is the original WhatsApp (WhatsApp Messenger) and they are not copies or other types of files present in the Amazon application store.

Once you have the WhatsApp application, proceed to install it and configure your WhatsApp to start using it to chat with your contacts, keep in mind that the contacts that are previously scheduled in your contact list, are the ones that you will see in the contacts of WhatsApp.

Using a browser

You can obtain the WhatsApp application on your Kindle Fire tablet through a website that offers the application to download and that is compatible with this software , although before making that download you have to activate the permission to obtain applications and content from ‘sources unknown ‘.

In the menu of your Kindle Fire, enter the settings and scroll down to find the option ‘unknown sources’, so you can install the application without problems when you find it through a website, it is advisable to search in user communities for Kindle Fire.

Once you obtain the file that contains the application, you must open it and proceed to install it, which will not present problems if it is compatible with the software and you have the permission for unknown sources activated , otherwise the installation will not be possible.

How to download WhatsApp from the Kindle Fire Play Store?

If your Kindle Fire tablet has the Play Store application , to download WhatsApp you must enter the application and in the search bar write ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ and then select ‘search’, once ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ has appeared in the results press the option ‘Install’ or ‘Get’, wait for the installation to complete to configure the application.

When the application is installed, press the ‘open’ option, if you want to start configuring the application later, you can open it by pressing the WhatsApp icon on the main screen of your desktop or sliding between the screens to the right until you find the green WhatsApp icon.

Press ‘accept and continue’ when WhatsApp shows you the terms and conditions of the application; Put your phone number next to the corresponding phone code for your country . You will receive a message to confirm the phone number, if it is on your Kindle Fire tablet the message will be read and accepted by the WhatsApp application for confirmation.

Once you have entered your phone number, you must enter a username ( your real name or a nickname ) and a profile photo to make it easier for your contacts to recognize you. You can now start writing to your WhatsApp contacts by pressing the ‘+’ button. You will be able to perform all the normal WhatsApp functions on your Kindle Fire tablet.

How to install WhatsApp Bussines on your Amazon Kindle Fire?

If you want to install ‘WhatsApp Bussines’ , you must search for the application in your Amazon application store and select the ‘Download’ option. This application will allow you to talk to your customers from your Kindle Fire tablet in a more human way than on a sales platform , so you can share your number with your customers and stay in contact with them.

If you don’t have the Play Store app, you must enable ‘unknown sources’ and go to a website to find the WhatsApp Bussines app . Make sure it is the application you are looking for and that it is a safe site to obtain applications, some sites contain comments from visitors who are Kindle Fire users.

You can get help or opinions on the internet by searching Kindle Fire user communities, if so, you can find more applications besides WhatsApp that can be installed on your device .


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