How to Remove Apps From an Amazon ‘Kindle Fire’ Tablet

One of the most frequent uses that users usually give to their Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is reading texts in various formats . Although also, they make use of the best tools to make and edit the documents of your choice. In addition to this, the Amazon application store is one of the most popular elements that these devices have. And it is that, it is possible to download all kinds of Apps that are very interesting due to their good functionalities.

However, some users tend to download so many apps, that they tend to clutter the internal storage space of their Kindle Fire. Not to mention that the system slows down considerably, making it impossible to open and use several tools at the same time. Therefore, they resort to clearing the cache to free up space . That said, today we bring you the ideal solution to solve this problem in a practical and simple way, eliminating all those applications that, in one way or another, are not very useful.

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  1. How to remove an app from a Kindle Fire tablet?
    1. From the home screen
    2. Remove apps from ‘Settings’
  2. How to remove all apps at once from a Kindle Fire tablet?
  3. What happens when the account apps are removed from Amazon?

How to remove an app from a Kindle Fire tablet?

If you want to get rid of all those apps that you downloaded impulsively, you need to follow the methods that we will recommend to you right away . Only in this way, you will be able to leave those whose operation is essential for you, as in the case of downloading Instagram to keep in touch with friends and family. Also, if you plan to give away or sell your Kindle Fire, it is best to leave it as factory so that the other person does not bother with previously downloaded files.

From the home screen

Removing apps you no longer want to use on your Kindle Fire is easier if you do it from the Home screen . So, the first thing you have to do is access the Applications window, making sure that the Device menu appears to press on its icon and that the list of alternatives containing all the previously installed applications is displayed. Then, you must press and hold your finger on the application of your choice.

For example, you can select the Amazon Shopping App for a couple of seconds until you see the option that says Remove from device . Once you see it, you need to confirm the removal of the app. It should be noted that with this method you can only delete Apps one by one, since it is not allowed to eradicate them all at once from the system.

Remove apps from ‘Settings’

Perhaps this process is a bit more tedious to carry out, but this does not imply that it is less effective. That is why if you want to remove your applications effectively, you have to go to the Settings panel that is located at the bottom of your screen . Next, you must press the Applications button until the drop-down menu appears and, therefore, the Filter by option.

Now, it is time for you to select all the applications of your choice to be uninstalled and go to the button that says Uninstall . Finally, it only remains to confirm your decision once the Accept box appears so that the changes are saved correctly within the system of your Kindle Fire and you no longer have to deal with those Apps that only take up important storage space.

How to remove all apps at once from a Kindle Fire tablet?

As we told you before, there is no magic method that allows you to eradicate all applications from your Kindle Fire. Despite this, the only thing you can do is perform a factory reset that completely deletes all data stored during the time you used your Amazon Kindle Fire. This aspect could be favorable if what you want is to sell the device, because it will leave it completely like new.

So, we recommend you to make a backup first in case you don’t want important documents you have stored to be deleted. Now, to perform the factory reset, you must access the notification bar and from there, select the Settings window.

Later, it is important that you go to the Device Options until you find the part of Restore factory default values , then, it only remains to confirm your selection and wait for the system to restart so that the changes are saved correctly.

What happens when the account apps are removed from Amazon?

If you are worried that the applications that cost you so much money when you downloaded them directly from Amazon, will be lost once they are removed from the system, we tell you that they remain within your account. Therefore, there is no significant risk that you will not be able to use them in the future .

Since, you will be able to reinstall them without any problem whenever you want because you have previously paid for them. Remember that it is best to clean the system so that it works at its best, counting only on the applications that you really need.


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