How to configure the privacy of my server in Discord?

As the number of Discord users grows, the number of questions about the features and security of this messaging platform also grows. Although it is easy to use, it tends to have security risks as in all applications, which is better to know and know if something can be done about it in terms of security improvements.

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  1. How safe is a Discord channel really?
  2. What are the risks if or if you are on Discord?
    1. End-to-end is not encoded
    2. Your information is sold to third parties with unnecessary Cookies
    3. Collect your VOIP and email data
  3. How to add security to your Discord account and server?

How safe is a Discord channel really?

As in all platforms, you run the risk of being a victim of harassment or scam through the messages that are exchanged within the servers, which are created to bring together a large number of users who have common tastes and can exchange information, photos, messages and voice notes between members of a server.

What are the risks if or if you are on Discord?

Being on Discord can have several risks, therefore, those who decide to join this community should take into account the possible risks that may come from members of the server to which they belong or outside of them. In any case, it is a fairly effective platform to increase the connection between people from different places who seek to share information on a common topic.

End-to-end is not encoded

The Discord platform has access to all messages and voice memos that are exchanged through user-created servers, which means that it does not have end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures that only the sender and receiver will be able to access the messages, meaning that the platform will not be able to access them.

This Discord function cannot be changed , the platform has permanent access to direct messages and received chats. The only way to remove the information from the conversations on the platform is by deleting your Discord account.

Your information is sold to third parties with unnecessary Cookies

Through the use of cookies , the application can collect your personal information about your activity or tastes so that in the future they can sell that information to sites that will begin to present you with invasive advertising regarding your tastes every time you browse the internet, this It can be risky in terms of your privacy and annoying when accessing websites.

Collect your VOIP and email data

Discord collects images, VOIP data and email from its users, this can have serious consequences if the information that contains such data includes financial matters or private information that should not be disclosed publicly. VOIP data can contain details about your calls and information that you exchange via voicemail on Discord.

How to add security to your Discord account and server?

Due to the lack of security of Discord, you should go to manually adjust the possible security parameters to make your experience in Discord more private and secure, avoiding inconveniences with the platform or with other users that can harm you through it.

To start configuring Discord security, access your account with your ID and password through the application or through the browser; Press the icon in the lower left corner to access the platform settings and choose ‘privacy and security’, here you will see the options available to improve the platform’s security.

Here you can choose if you want the platform to scan and delete messages received with explicit multimedia content . Within the options you can choose ‘Keep me safe’, ‘My Friends Are Good People’ or ‘Don’t Analyze’. Depending on the option you choose, it will be the scanning of the messages received on the platform. This allows you to evade messages from non-members of your servers.

You can also choose whether to scan the messages you receive from members of your servers, in that configuration you can select the option ‘ Allow direct messages from members of the server ‘.

Discord has a section called ‘How we use your data’, this can influence your security and privacy within the application; choose which options to enable regarding the use of your data in Discord. It is important to mention that restricting the data may not contribute to suggestions in new functions.

You can decide who joins your game within Discord ; The ‘Rich Presence’ feature can configure the options so that your friends can join a game without the need to send a request or allow members of a voice channel to join your video game.

For this, you must start by enabling or disabling the functions of ‘Allow your friends to join the game’ and ‘Allow voice channel participants to join your game’, it depends on the option you are looking for in terms of your security within from Discord.


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