How to install transparent WhatsApp

How people use their mobile varies from person to person, making each mobile vastly different from the others in terms of how it looks externally and internally.

We all have different wallpapers and even with videos , as well as tones for notifications and calls, which in the end makes each mobile a different universe, and only reflects the tastes and personality of its user.

All this is the result of how mobile phones can be customized to great extremes that we did not think possible before, today, we can not only download the application we want to be able to have support in our hobbies or activities, but we can also customize every little detail of our mobile.

For many, it is not enough to buy a lining in a specific color , but also to make all kinds of downloads that can change our mobile completely.

This has led many people to download a custom ROM to their phones , to root it to make changes, and to download unofficial applications to make changes to any application they use often. In fact, the creators of many applications have become aware of this by making changes to their own apps , such as the dark mode.

One of these apps where many want to make radical changes is on WhatsApp, since for some, switching to dark mode or putting a new wallpaper is not enough. For this reason, many people have tried to use an unofficial but quite interesting APK called Transparent WhatsApp.

This application makes the entire WhatsApp application look totally transparent, as well as changing many other things within the user interface. For this reason, if you are interested in a radical change in how you view your WhatsApp, then we will talk about everything you need to know about Transparent Whatsap.

What is Transparent WhatsApp?

There are all kinds of APKs that make profound changes within an official app, either for aesthetic reasons or for pure comfort. It really is a very interesting way to create a new experience within an application, which leads many people to make these changes and go through more personalization on their mobile that makes it feel more personal. It should be noted that this goes beyond updating your WhatsApp to its latest version .

Among these APKs, there is the Transparent WhatsApp APK, one that has undoubtedly left more than one breathless and has only earned more downloads.

As such, Transparent WhatsApp is an APK that changes the WhatsApp user interface completely, and makes it look like glass, leaving the wallpaper we have on as the main protagonist.

In addition, it makes other changes, such as the way the emoticons look and how you navigate in the application , and best of all, its developers are always looking for new ways to update the APK making it look more modern and clean .

How to download and install the Transparent WhatsApp APK?

Installing the Transparent WhatsApp APK is very simple, but before doing it you have to do a few things to make this process successful.

First, you must have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile, as well as looking for the most recent version of the transparent Whstapp APK.

Once this is done, you just have to follow the following step by step so that you can install the APK without too many problems:

  • Start by saving a backup of your WhatsApp chats , which you can do through the WhatsApp settings in the security or chats part.
  • Then, uninstall WhatsApp without clearing the data or cache , and then download the transparent WhatsApp APK from your site of choice to open on your mobile. Keep in mind that you must modify your mobile settings in the ” Applications ” section so that third parties or unofficial applications can be installed.
  • Now, open the APK and follow the steps on the screen once you have opened the new app and everything will be ready for you to start using it.


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