How to sort data from Google Sheets on your computer

When we work, in any job, we will often be supplied with all the tools we need to do a specific job . Many of being tools vary, but in today usually always end up using some type of computer or digital terminal you need to use to perform certain tasks.

Much of the work of manually maintaining accounts or writing documents on a typewriter has been left far behind, as we now have the opportunity to use computers to complete various types of work, whatever it may be.

Now, through a computer we can carry out all kinds of activities, which has opened up lots of new jobs, offers and demands within different markets.

This has led many people to become fully familiar with the use of a computer, to the point of specializing in the use of different programs or softwares to perform a specific task. Among the most used in the workplace, are spreadsheets, which can be found in all types and sizes.

If we talk about spreadsheets , Windows , Excel , always comes to mind , this being an extremely powerful, comfortable and useful tool when it comes to maintaining control over all types of data and for the creation of different forms .

And, as expected, Google launched one of its best services which is called Google Sheets, a spreadsheet that can compete with others and also be able to give its users an extra tool to access. without any problem.

This has led to many people using Google Sheets for a myriad of reasons, including the option of being able to share this document with multiple people without too much trouble. And, before this, certain data must be ordered to keep everything coherent, which we will explain below.

How to sort data from Google Sheets on your computer

Google Sheets has a similar and different way of working in several aspects to Excel , so it is good to be able to learn a little about how to perform certain actions within Google Sheets without having too much trouble.

Among the actions that are done in a unique way in Google Sheets, is being able to sort the data that you have put in the different rows and columns, and to order the data that you have in your document, you have to do the following:

  • If you want to sort a range of data, start by opening your Google Sheet spreadsheet , and with the course highlight all the data you want to sort and then click on the “Data” top menu followed by ” Sort Range “.
  • In the event that each of the columns has a title, you will have to click on the option ” The data includes a header row “.
  • Now, you have to select the column you want first and then specify if you want an ascending or descending order, remembering that you can click on the option ” add another column to sort ” to be able to put a new order rule, which It would only leave you with clicking the ” Order ” button.
  • Remember that you can do it alphabetically by right clicking on the column you want to sort and then selecting the option ” Sort sheet AZ “.

Sorting data on mobile

Now, if what you want is to sort data from your Google Sheets document in your mobile application, keep in mind that you will not be able to sort in intervals, but only alphabetically the columns. To do this, just select the letter that is above the columns and then in the ” More ” menu .

Then, select the menu ” Sort from A to Z “, and you will see all the data being ordered correctly. Also, remember that this process is basically the same on Android as it is on iOS devices, so don’t worry too much about the procedure.


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