How to install the beta version of WhatsApp on a computer

WhatsApp has long been at the top of the messaging app on the web. Since the application is very often used in the workplace, I often had to see its web version in the offices of different companies. Many users use it only as a mobile messenger and do not even suspect that it has a version for Mac computers long ago and not only. Recently, information appeared that the team of the popular WhatsApp messenger has opened a beta testing program for computer versions. Zuckerberg’s wards have been beta testing iOS and Android apps for a long time, allowing them to test new features before releasing them to the general public. And now, for the first time, a beta version of the desktop application has been presented, which is available to all users.

WhatsApp launches beta testing of the app on Mac.

The green messenger has a number of drawbacks, due to which it is not possible for me to use it as the main messaging application. And before, to the main one, I referred to cross-platform. Each time, it was necessary to go to the Whatsapp Web site, scan the QR code and only then enter the application. There is a well-known alternative that solves these problems. But with every update, Whatsapp tries to make the app better and the latest news about the launch of the desktop app only confirms this.

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Download the beta version of WhatsApp

In order to install the beta version of Whatsapp on your Mac you need to follow these instructions:

  • Download the application, you can do it at this link .
  • Next, download the installation file and, according to the standard, add it to the application library by simply dragging and dropping the icon.
  • Then you need to sync WhatsApp using your smartphone.

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What’s changed in the new beta version of WhatsApp

There are not many changes in the beta version of the desktop application. The new version 2.2133.1 of WhatsApp so far includes only the function of recording voice messages. Now, before sending any voice message, you can listen to it in advance. Finally! Voice messages have long been firmly entrenched in our lives and this function seems to me extremely important in 2021.

In order to evaluate this function, you need to click on the voice message recording icon, and then click on the new Stop icon, which is located next to the send letter button. Yes, it’s that simple. The new feature works stably, during the day of active correspondence, no lags were noticed in it.

The new WhatsApp feature allows you to listen to messages before sending.

By the way, I heard from many users that sending voice messages is bad manners, and it is highly discouraged to do this at work. What do you think? Be sure to share your opinion in our Telegram chat . I hope that by joint efforts we will be able to give a final answer.

In the future, the developers also plan to launch the ability to use the desktop version without using a smartphone, and will also bring support for the iPad application. Earlier, my colleague Ivan Kuznetsov already talked about the version for the iPad and expressed his bewilderment about the lack of an application for the iPad now. It is clear that initially new versions and features will be available only for developers. But the prospects for Whatsapp now seem to me more real than it was before, when the application did not stand up to criticism. Let’s see what awaits us in the new updates.

Why you can’t use WhatsApp on a computer without a phone

Every time you go to the version of Whatsapp on your computer, the program asks you for a QR code. But why can’t you do without it? End-to-end encryption is to blame. The fact is that this type of encryption involves storing the decryption key on the sender’s device and the recipient’s device, which means that third-party access to the correspondence is simply impossible. The so-called end to end technology allows you to protect your correspondence from intruders and is widely used not only in Watsapp, but also in secret Telegram chats. And the Signal application generally uses it by default and bears the unspoken title of “The safest messenger”.


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