iPhone 13 Tricks You Didn’t Know About

The release of the iPhone 13 can already be considered an accomplished fact. Another week or two, and we will probably find out the exact date of its appearance on sale and the price. Because, in fact, only these two moments remain at least some kind of secret for us. After all, everything else, including design, functional features and even the amount of memory, is already known to us. We even know in what order Apple will place the cameras on the iPhone 13 , to be sure of the rest. However, there are a few tricks of the company’s new smartphones that you most likely did not know about.

We bet you don’t know about all the features of the iPhone 13?

IPhone 13 body colors

iPhone 13 will be released in matte black and bronze colors

The iPhone 13 is rumored to come in two new colors. It will be matte black, which will replace the graphite shade, and bronze, which will most likely replace the gold version. In fact, new body shades are rare on iPhones. If Apple implements them, then at best one at a time (except for the classic iPhone line, without the Pro prefix), and here it set out to present as many as two at once.

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Despite the fact that this is still only a rumor, it was published by the developer Max Weinbach, who in January 2020 correctly predicted the appearance of a dark blue case in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. So you can trust him. And the matte black color scheme really has been asking for a long time. Perhaps since the days of the iPhone 5, which had a deep rich body color, replaced by a light graphite hue.

Anti-fingerprint coating

Left – iPhone with an aluminum frame, right – with a stainless one, on which fingerprints are collected

If you’ve ever used an iPhone with a stainless steel bezel, you’ll know how well it collects fingerprints. If Apple paints the aluminum frame in a matte color, on which there are almost no traces of perspiration, then the stainless steel remains intact. Because of this, after a couple of minutes of use, a clean smartphone begins to look sloppy, as if it is being operated by some dirty trick.

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The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are likely to be free of bezel prints. No, Apple has no plans to ditch stainless steel in favor of painted aluminum. Instead, the company wants to put a special oleophobic coating on the frame that would minimize the appearance of fingerprints on it. This is essentially the same coating that is applied to the display, but with slightly higher abrasion performance.

Directional microphone on iPhone

iPhone 13 will receive a directional microphone

Now there are no complaints about microphones in the iPhone. Apple smartphones record sound pretty well in any scenario. However, Cupertino wants to provide the iPhone 13 with support for sound beamforming technology. Simply put, it will be a directional microphone. Now this technology is used mainly in professional equipment. This is a special elongated microphone that picks up sound in the direction in which it is directed.

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A directional microphone boils down to two benefits. First, these microphones have a much higher range. That is, it will be possible not to come close to the sound source. And, secondly, when you point the camera at a specific sound source, it will record exactly that sound, cutting off all unnecessary, forming a more relevant sound track. This is a very useful feature that obviously won’t be superfluous.

Magnets in iPhone 13

Now the MagSafe magnets in the iPhone are rather weak in holding external accessories.

If you remember, in the past year, many scolded Apple for the weakness of the magnets that attach MagSafe-compatible accessories to the back cover of the iPhone 12. As a result, wallets, cases and covers fell off, it was worth only a little disturbance. At the exit, this led to the fact that people practically did not buy magnetic accessories, because they understood that they would definitely fall off if they tried to shove a smartphone with them into the pocket of skinny jeans.

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This year, Apple plans to reinforce the magnets to make the accessories more secure. It is difficult to say whether this strengthening will only affect the magnets inside the iPhone 13 or they will also be strengthened in the accessories themselves, but one way or another, Apple has recognized the existence of a fixing problem and is determined to solve it. If the accessories are fastened tightly enough, they will probably start to be bought much more willingly, given that it is much more convenient to simply magnet them.

Shooting the night sky with an iPhone

iPhone 13 will be able to capture the night sky in a special mode

You may know that Google Pixel smartphones have been offering users a dedicated mode for capturing the starry sky for quite some time now. Special algorithms correctly highlight celestial bodies, making them a little brighter and more distinct than they can be seen from the ground, and also correctly process the sky so that it turns out a little deeper than it actually is. It seems to be stupid, but this feature is very popular.

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Apple plans to provide the iPhone 13 with a similar mode. Yes, it will be built on the basis of software algorithms, but it will only be exclusive to the company’s newest smartphones. It is not yet clear how the new mode will work and on which models it will be available. It is quite possible that Apple will somehow use lidar, and then the iPhone 13 and 13 mini will not receive the innovation. But, be that as it may, most likely the technology itself will appear in new smartphones.


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