How to increase the opening rate of my emails?

Email marketing was one of the most powerful marketing strategies before the pandemic with a wide difference: in the post-pandemic era it only got stronger. Email marketing can be done using tools like POP3 , but it takes more than just a platform to run effective campaigns .

How to increase the opening rate of my EMAILS? – Effective tips

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  1. What steps to follow to increase the opening of my emails?
    1. Using attractive subjects
    2. Through A/B testing
    3. Customizing the sender
    4. Include effective CTA
  2. How to measure the opening rate of email marketing campaigns?

What steps to follow to increase the opening of my emails?

The first phase in the process of receiving email marketing is also the most difficult of all : getting the recipient to open the email in their inbox. Getting someone to open the email is similar to getting a customer to enter a store or web page, to get them to buy in the first place you have to make them interested in what is offered.

You are not achieving anything by getting someone into the sales funnel of an email marketing campaign if you can not get them to see the offers. First you have to attract people, either through Facebook pages or any other means of dissemination, and then start working on how to convince them to even read the content of the email.

Using attractive subjects

The first thing is to attract the interest of the individual and the first thing that he will see is the subject of the email. People want to make the most of their time, so they will make a decision with the minimum amount of information necessary. Applied to issues you can see the following example:

  • Item 1: Offer crab food.
  • Issue 2: Take advantage of this limited Crab offer!

Both issues provide exactly the same information: but the second issue is considerably more attractive to anyone who reads it. That’s the basis of attractive subjects: as long as you don’t lie, you can be as expressive as you see fit.

Through A/B testing

You won’t always know immediately what consumers are most interested in, so it will be necessary to do “experiments” to figure out what is most attractive to an email list. You can take, as an example, the subjects of the previous case: using a platform like ActiveCampaign , you can schedule an A/B test of the same email with both subjects and check which of them has a higher percentage of openings.

Customizing the sender

Another important factor is the sender of the email. Returning to the subject matter example, it would be much more reliable to receive mail from “Antonio, Principal Chef Restaurante San José” than from “Restaurante San José”. The first inspires a greater feeling of closeness than simply the name of the restaurant: authority, closeness, professionalism or any other type of feeling can be evoked in the recipient, but this must be consistent with the content of the email.

Include effective CTA

Returning one last time to the previous example, several differences can be appreciated: but what really makes the difference is the word “Take advantage”. Calls to action or  Call to Action are words used in marketing campaigns to drive a desired action in the consumer.

Don’t  confuse CTAs with commands : they are radically different and using commands instead of calls to action can have a negative effect instead of motivating the recipient to open the email. In the subject line, the recipient is being told to “seize” the opportunity of the offer instead of letting it pass, which is radically different from ordering them to open the email: they are not being ordered to buy the offer, they are being given the opportunity to do it.

How to measure the opening rate of email marketing campaigns?

Well, after sending the campaigns and obtaining the results, how to measure them? In the case of automated marketing campaigns, these provide the percentage of openings of each email sent. Said metric will usually be around 30-40%, so if, for example, 32% of recipients opened the email, this will be indicative of at least one interesting topic.

While it is important to get leads for an email list by advertising on Google Ads or using any other means available, nothing will be achieved if behind such an effort there is not an attractive email marketing campaign .


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