How To Fix Error 403,When Opening A Webpage

Here are some possible solutions to Error 403 that may appear when accessing a website.

Error 403 is more common than it seems and usually occurs when a web server prohibits us from entering the page we want. Be careful not to confuse it with Error 503 , because they are different. Although many times we can not do anything, it is true that there are some situations in which the problem is not so much the server but ours. That is why we want to tell you about some easy solutions with which to solve Error 403.


  • 1What is Error 403
  • 2Easy Solutions to Error 403
    • 1Update the page
    • 2Check that the URL is correct
    • 3Clear cookies and browser cache
    • 4Do you have permission to access the URL?
    • 5VPN Disconnect
    • 6Contact the owner of the website or your ISP
    • 7Please try again later

What is Error 403

Error 403 can appear when opening a web page in our browser for two main reasons. First, because the owner of the website has “blocked” the access permissions and you cannot see the contents. Second, because you have mistakenly restricted access to users and deny us access when it shouldn’t.

This 403 Error can appear in different ways: “ 403 Forbidden ”, “ HTTP 403 ”, “ HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden ” and some more.

Easy solutions to Error 403

Sometimes the Error 403 is temporary while others are prolonged in time. Although surely the problem is from the website itself, here we propose some solutions to be able to fix it easily .

Update the page

Ok, it may be too basic as a solution to Error 403 . But many times it is simply enough to refresh the page (F5 on Windows or Cmd + R on Mac) repeatedly until it allows us to access the web. Try it and if it doesn’t work, let’s see other solutions.

Check that the URL is correct

In the event that you have entered a URL to access the web page, check that it is correct and there are no errors. Since a misplaced / or some incorrect letter can cause the Error 403 to appear in the browser.

Most servers are configured to disallow directory browsing for security reasons. When they are configured correctly, you are redirected to another page. When they are not, you may see Error 403.

Clear cookies and browser cache

The cache of our browser may be the cause of Error 403 . The page may have been cached by your browser, but the actual link was changed on the website. Then try to clear the cache and, in any case, the cookies.

It won’t affect your browsing experience, but it will require you to log back in to most of your registered pages. If you use Chrome , we recommend the Clear Cache extension to clear it.

Do you have permission to access the URL?

In the event that you try to access a website that requires prior registration or that has limited content for users who have not logged in, it may be another cause of Error 403. In this case, it is best to log in again (if possible) and check if the error disappears.

Disconnect from VPN

Another common reason why we can get Error 403 is because we are using a VPN and the web has restricted access. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, skip to the next point. If you are curious, you can find out which are the best free VPNs to navigate hiding your IP from another country .

Contact the website owner or your ISP

If you have already tried everything and it is increasingly clear that the error comes from the website itself , you can contact the owner and report the problem. It may be an outdated website that needs some internal improvements and fixes. You can also try contacting your ISP if other users can get in but you can’t. Although not common, it may be the cause of the error.

Try again later

Nothing works for you? Then you will probably have to wait for the owner of the website to solve the error since you do not have much more to do. Patience . We hope we have helped you to solve Error 403 or, at least, to understand what could be the causes that could be causing this problem.


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