How to activate and deactivate the ‘Floating Mode’ keyboard in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp never ceases to amaze its users when it comes to the updates it receives. This app always receives innovations , which no other app manages to have for a long time. One of the features that has spent the most is one called ‘Floating Mode’.

How to Activate and Deactivate the ‘Floating Mode’ Keyboard in WhatsApp?

The floating mode turns out to be a functionality that allows you to use WhatsApp as if it were a Widget, which makes it possible for you to use two apps at the same time. Next, we are going to explain in what types of floating keyboards it is possible to activate the floating mode, how to enable or disable the floating keyboard in WhatsApp and other things.

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  1. From which keyboards can I have the option to put or remove the floating keyboard in WhatsApp?
    1. swiftkey keyboard
    2. With the Gboard keyboard
  2. How can I place or remove the floating keyboard within WhatsApp?
    1. To place the floating keyboard
    2. To remove the floating keyboard
  3. Why doesn’t the floating keyboard option appear in WhatsApp?

From which keyboards can I have the option to put or remove the floating keyboard in WhatsApp?

In advance, you need to know that the ‘Floating Mode’ of the WhatsApp application is only available for Android phones that have Android 12 . In the case of iPhone mobiles, which work with iOS, this ‘Floating Mode’ option is available in the versions of iOS that came out together with Android 12.

Taking these kinds of details into account, it is good that you also know which keyboards can be used to enable the ‘Floating Mode’ option of WhatsApp. The two keyboards in which it is possible to activate this WhatsApp mode are in ‘Swiftkey’ and in ‘Gboard’.

Among other things, you need to know that with the WhatsApp app it is already possible to deactivate the notifications that are always projected on the lock screen . However, pay attention to what it has to do with what are the keyboards to use with the ‘Floating Mode’.

swiftkey keyboard

The Swiftkey keyboard is an app that is used on cell phones with the iOS system and with the Android system . However, the vast majority of the time it is installed more than anything else on iPhone mobiles, since it works perfectly. It should be noted that, with iPhone cell phones, it is already possible to read texts aloud .

Few people know about this function and to tell the truth it can be very useful for reading news and all this kind of thing.

With the Gboard keyboard

Gboard is the keyboard used on mobile devices that work with the Android operating system. Gboard is also known as ‘Google Keyboard’ and this can be obtained from the Play Store completely free of charge. The good thing about this type of keyboard is that it reacts very quickly and offers some better emojis.

To tell the truth, there are many functions provided by ‘Gboard’, the Google keyboard. In addition to all its functions, it turns out that it even contains great compatibility with WhatsApp so that anyone who wants to can activate the ‘Floating Mode’ function which allows you to use two applications at the same time .

Speaking more about WhatsApp, you need to know that with this app it is already possible to disable read receipts so that the people who write to you do not know when you read their messages.

How can I place or remove the floating keyboard within WhatsApp?

Now that you know which keyboards are compatible with the ‘Floating Mode’ function of WhatsApp, what you need is to learn how to enable or disable this option in WhatsApp on your cell phone.


To place the floating keyboard

If you are interested in placing the ‘Floating keyboard’ in the WhatsApp app on your cell phone , follow each of these instructions:

  1. Turn on your cell phone.
  2. Locate and open WhatsApp.
  3. Enter one of the chats.
  4. Position yourself on the writing bar.
  5. Then, when the keyboard appears, locate the icon of the 3 points.
  6. Press that icon and select the ‘Floating’ option.

That is the way in which the floating mode is activated within WhatsApp. This process, most of the time, also works for the Swiftkey keyboard,

To remove the floating keyboard

Once you finish using the floating keyboard within WhatsApp , what you should do is go to disable this option:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Enter any chat.
  3. Then, position yourself at the writing bar.
  4. When the keyboard comes out, press the 3 dots icon.
  5. To finish, just press again where it says ‘Floating’and the function will be deactivated.

Although this is not itself a WhatsApp feature, the app does take some merits as it allows people to float the keyboard. There are some applications that do not allow you to do this kind of thing. In case you have problems with the floating keyboard function , you just have to go to the Gboard or Swiftkey technical support website.

Why doesn’t the floating keyboard option appear in WhatsApp?

Older versions of WhatsApp do not allow the use of floating keyboard. That is why sometimes the option for floating keyboard cannot be activated. When this happens to you, all you have to do is everything that will be indicated in the following process:

  1. Start your device.
  2. Open the WhatsApp.
  3. Make a backup.
  4. Uninstall the app.
  5. Install the app in its most recent version.
  6. Then, log in again to WhatsAppand try again to activate the ‘Floating keyboard’.


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