With each of the updates that the applications receive, they take on more weight because part of the old data of the app remains and joins with the new data that arrives from the update. These are all junk files and old data that has been sent to you in other chats is added to them.


How to Delete WhatsApp Junk Files? Manage Storage

In order for your cell phone to work efficiently, it is necessary that it be kept clean and without junk files in its storage. Subsequently, we will show you how to delete WhatsApp junk data , what happens when you delete this data, where to check the junk files and why you can’t delete this data.

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  1. What happens if I delete junk files on WhatsApp?
  2. Where can I check all WhatsApp junk files?
  3. How to delete junk files within WhatsApp?
    1. delete all files
    2. Delete specific files
  4. Why can’t I delete WhatsApp junk files?

What happens if I delete junk files on WhatsApp?

Once junk data is deleted within WhatsApp, what happens is that you will release all those old files that you had stored from your mobile. Those files could be videos, images, audio or songs that other people had sent you a long time ago.

By deleting those files you will no longer have access to that data unless you download it again. On the other hand, regarding old updates and this kind of things, the application will manage to work better and will not present any kind of problems.

By the way, you need to know that with WhatsApp you can activate the application lock with your fingerprint. This option is very useful when you want to protect the messages that people have sent. And, if at any time you no longer want to use that protection, you can remove the fingerprint lock in the application.

Returning to WhatsApp junk data , you should keep in mind that said data can be reviewed from one place. That is, there are ways to know exactly when the WhatsApp application has junk files stored.

Where can I check all WhatsApp junk files?

We said earlier that there is a way to check WhatsApp junk files , which turns out to be very true. See how to check WhatsApp junk data:

  1. Turn on your cell phone.
  2. Access the mobile settings.
  3. Enter the ‘ Applications‘ section.
  4. Go directly to ‘Manage applications’ or to ‘All applications’.
  5. Locate WhatsApp.
  6. When you find the WhatsApp, press it to access its details.
  7. To finish, just go on to locate an option that says ‘ Cache data‘ on which the size of the junk files will be displayed.

That is the way in which the amount of junk files that the WhatsApp application on your mobile has is checked. When you want to see the space that WhatsApp occupies in terms of media files, you just have to do this:

  1. Start your cell phone.
  2. Open the file manager.
  3. Then, go into the ‘WhatsApp’ folder.
  4. Then, go in and check the weight of the ‘Media’ folder and you will see what WhatsApp occupies in storage.

If you want to free up enough space on your mobile , what you should do is delete the junk data from the ‘Cache’ and delete the files from the ‘Media’ folder. In case you didn’t know, with WhatsApp it is now possible to share your WhatsApp states to the Facebook app .

For people who like to upload the same photo on each of the social or instant messaging platforms, this feature turns out to be great.

How to delete junk files within WhatsApp?

We already showed you how junk files were located within the ‘WhatsApp’ application, but we did not say how they were deleted. What we are going to show you next is how to remove all junk files and how to delete certain specific files.

delete all files

Deleting all WhatsApp junk files simultaneously is something that is done in at least two parts. Now pay attention to the first part of the process:

  1. Start your cell phone.
  2. Access the mobile settings.
  3. Enter the ‘Applications‘ section.
  4. Go to ‘All apps’.
  5. Select the ‘WhatsApp’ app.
  6. Then move on to pressing the ‘ Clear Cache‘ button and the junk data will be removed.

By doing this, the first part of the procedure will be completed . What follows is to delete the old multimedia data that you have in the app:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Create a data backup.
  3. When you are done with the backup, go to the file manager.
  4. Enter the ‘WhatsApp’ folder.
  5. To finish, go into the ‘Media’ folder, delete all the other folders and leave only the one with the stickers.

By doing this, it is possible to delete all the junk files that your WhatsApp application had and without deleting any data from any chat.

Delete specific files

If you want to clear junk data specifically, what you should do is clear the cache, make a backup copy of your data and delete the folders you want within the ‘Media’ folder of WhatsApp. In this way, specific files are deleted.

It should be noted that, if at any time you have problems with the WhatsApp app , you can go to the technical support website .

Why can’t I delete WhatsApp junk files?

On certain occasions, WhatsApp will not allow itself to delete junk data. When this happens, just restart the mobile and try again . By doing this, the problem will be completely fixed.


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