How to read WhatsApp messages without opening them

The smartphone is now an extension of our hand and in daily activities we find ourselves using it for anything. Unfortunately, or fortunately, thanks to instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp we can reply to messages when we have time and desire, but sometimes we read them without thinking and then forget to reply.

Although it is always smart not to open messages so as not to receive a lecture from the person who wrote to us, we can find tricks to read them, but without necessarily entering the chat. You can imagine the advantages not only in everyday life but also in work.

Today we will try to understand how to read WhatsApp messages without opening them by searching on both Android and iOS operating systems. We anticipate that you need to have a little patience and time to devote to avoid falling into trivial errors that make you appear online.


  • 5 ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening them
    • Read confirmations: let’s deactivate them
    • WhatsApp widget
    • Notification Center
    • Via Siri
    • Offline mode

5 ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening them

The paragraph title might seem exaggerated, even five methods to read WhatsApp messages without opening them ? Fortunately yes, you can choose the system that best suits you to do this. Let’s go step by step and see how to do it.

Read confirmations: let’s deactivate them

The easiest and fastest method if you do not want to let the sender know whether you have read or not is definitely to disable the read receipt . You have surely noticed the blue ticks at the bottom of the message sent or received, these are usually gray and turn blue only when you go to view or your sender has viewed the message or file received.

You must then disable this feature in the WhatsApp settings and that’s it. Unfortunately, if you activate this function, you too will not be able to know when your contacts have read the message, so consider your choice carefully. But now let’s see how to disable notifications from both Android and iOS.


If you are an Android user, all you have to do is start WhatsApp for Android , press on the three dots at the top right and select Settings . A window will open with many items, you select Account and then Privacy . In the center of the window you will see a section called Read confirmations , if the button on the right is green it means that you have them active. To deactivate them, press the green tick and that’s it.


For your iPhone, the process is virtually identical. Open WhatsApp for iOS , go to Settings and immediately after to Account . From here, all you have to do is choose Privacy and move the Read Receipts tip to Off.

WhatsApp widget

Another interesting solution to read WhatsApp messages without opening them is to use the Widgets of your smartphone. As you can imagine, this system only works on Android devices since Apple Widgets can only be installed by third parties . Actually the iPhone and iOS Widgets can interact with each other but they would only show you recent chats and updates.

Having taken note of this small problem, let’s see how you can do to read WhatsApp messages without opening them directly with Widgets.

First of all we need to activate the application Widget on your smartphone, to do this, simply press and hold on a random point on the home page and select the Widget option at the bottom. Now you will have to find the Widget designed just for WhatsApp and the preview of the messages received.

Press on it and choose the WhatsApp widget with the preview of the messages. Keeping your finger pressed, move it to a convenient section on the home page or to the side. It will seem strange to you but as soon as someone sends you a message on WhatsApp you will see it entirely within the Widget without necessarily having to open it.


If you change your mind and the aesthetics of the Widget are not satisfactory, you can always remove it by holding down the Widget for a few seconds and then pressing the icon (X) or Remove from Home .

Notification Center

We are sure that you have read your messages from the notification center a thousand times. Many think that observing message notifications is equivalent to reading and viewing in the application. Actually when you view a message from the notification center the person who sent you the messages will never know if you did. Although both iOS and Android have this mode already default, it is important to check that it is active in order not to run into unpleasant problems. Let’s see how to do it.


We must therefore understand if the Android and WhatsApp notifications are active or not and to do this you must necessarily enter the smartphone Settings and choose the Notifications item . Once found, all you have to do is press on Lock screen and check that the Show all notifications option is active . Press on ok and the first step is done.

For newer versions of Android, go to Settings> Lock Screen> Notifications instead . Make sure the option is On .

Now let’s also check if you have WhatsApp notifications active, in this case you have to start the application and go to Settings , select Notifications and then set to ON , Use high priority notifications both for single conversations and for those with groups.


For your iPhone, the process is very similar and extremely simple. Go to the Settings by pressing on the gear on the homepage and choose the Notifications item . From here select the WhatsApp option and set the switch to ON to Allow notifications . Now all you have to do is set this function as default by clicking on Show previews and then on Always .

Via Siri

If Android has Widgets on its side, the most famous Apple in the world has Siri , a voice assistant that can be a valid resource for our goal.

As you know very well Siri can search or even read what you want, such as messages received on WhatsApp. However, the Apple voice assistant can only help you if you have an iOS version higher than 10.3 and therefore if you have an older device you will not be able to use this method.

But how then to use Siri to read messages? There is nothing simpler, just exclaim the phrase Read the latest messages received on WhatsApp and she, analyzing the latest notifications, will read the text and ask you if you want her to reply or not.

Maybe you don’t usually use Siri and don’t remember at all how to call it back to order. By holding down the Home button for a few seconds on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus or earlier models, Siri will be ready to receive commands. If you have an iPhone X or later you have to hold down the side button and then say the phrase: Hey Siri . Activate the voice assistant in the Settings to speed up the reaction time of the software.

Offline mode

We have left for last the method most used by all. By activating the offline mode you will be able to read WhatsApp messages without opening them even if you have not activated notifications or you do not have a message reading confirmation system. When your smartphone is offline, with Airplane Mode or without an internet network , the applications identify your mobile as if it were turned off. But let’s see how to activate this mode.


Call up the Notifications panel by swiping from the top to the bottom of the screen, then tap on Offline mode or Airplane mode . Alternatively, you can disable the Wi-Fi and Data connection command .


Even on the iPhone the procedure is the same, we have to disable the internet connection. You can do this from the Control Center (swipe from bottom to top) and activating Airplane Mode (airplane symbol) or go to Settings (by pressing on the gear) and deactivating data connection and Wi-Fi . Alternatively, you can activate Airplane Mode directly .

When you exit and enter WhatsApp, the program will not have the slightest notice that you have done so, keeping the messages of your contacts as if they had never been read.

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