How to import EPS files

An EPS file is nothing more than a vector image format , like files with a .PNG extension, it is very rare to get images of this format and therefore, it is common for some devices (computers and mobile phones) to be able to open it normally. The Adobe Illustrator program is one of the applications that allow its visualization.

It is for this reason that specific programs are used so that these can be viewed correctly and be able to import and export them easily, without losing image quality, resolution and others. Try downloading Adobe Illustrator  if you have any EPS files.

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  1. What are the steps to open an EPS file?
    1. Installing Adobe Illustrator
    2. With an EPS file converter
  2. How do I open a high resolution EPS file?
    1. Linking the file
    2. Through a TIFF preview

What are the steps to open an EPS file?

First of all, you must have a program to open this class of files or, for your part, use a file converter , either by having it installed on your PC or by doing it online, so that you can convert the EPS extension to a compatible format such as JPG or PNG. Next, we will detail each case more specifically

Installing Adobe Illustrator

The most recommended program to open files with an EPS extension is Adobe Illustrator, which you can purchase from the official Adobe website or in a store to purchase the digital installation disc. It should be noted that if you get the free version of this, all your work will have an Adobe Illustrator watermark  and certain functions will be limited, so it is recommended to purchase the premium version.

  1. Once you have the program, install it on your PC, keep in mind that it is not available for mobile devices, instead, you can use Adobe Photoshop that is in the Play Store and App Store.
  2. After the installation of your program is complete, open it by double-clicking on the icon that will appear on your desktop.
  3. Go to the Adobe Illustrator taskbar and click on the “Files” tab, look for the “New” or “Open file…” option.
  4. This will open your computer’s browser, find the place where you have saved the EPS image and double click on it or select it and then click “Open”.
  5. Let the program load and recognize the file and you’re good to go.

In case your PC is full of EPS images, you can set it so that these files can be opened with Adobe Illustrator by default; do it as follows:

  1. Hover over any of the EPS images you have saved.
  2. Left click on it and then click on the “Properties” option.
  3. In the “General” tab, you can configure with which program that file will be opened by default, from here you configure it to open it with the application in question.

With an EPS file converter

This method is simpler than the previous one, what we will do in this case is change the format of our image to one that is more compatible with an online converter. You can also convert files with the CDR to EPS extension .

  1. Open your internet browser and type “convert EPS files” into the search engine.
  2. Google will give you thousands of results, you can choose any page, one of the most recommended is
  3. When you enter the platform, a box will appear to upload your EPS image, so drag the image to that space or click on “Choose file”.
  4. After you have uploaded the image, you can choose the output format, the most recommended are JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF.
  5. Accept and wait for the converter to make the changes and voila, the image will be downloaded automatically.
  6. Look in the “Downloads” or “Downloads” folder for your file and open it.

The problem with executing this method is that you will probably notice loss of resolution and quality in your image ; since some formats are not compatible with each other and in order to carry out the conversion, it is necessary to remove some elements from the original.

How do I open a high resolution EPS file?

As we mentioned, converting an EPS file to another foreign format can cause quality loss, but it is possible to avoid this by using some specific programs that are compatible with this format.

Linking the file

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, GIMP and Gravit Designer are among the most recommended programs to open EPS, all of these allow you to link these images to open them without losing their resolution . Using the “Insert” option that these programs have, the image will be inserted into it and you will be able to view it avoiding loss of quality.

  1. Open any of these programs and go to the Insert option.
  2. Then choose the “Create from file” option.
  3. Your browser will open and there you look for your EPS image.
  4. Then you click on “Insert”.
  5. Finally, choose the “Link” option and voila, your image will be loaded into the program.

It is important to remember that these programs will not allow you to know and see if there are hidden encryption files on the PC , you can do this without an application, since Windows 10 has this option available.

Through a TIFF preview

For this last method, we will do the same steps that we mentioned to open an EPS file with Adobe Illustrator , however, when you pull down the “File” options menu, click on “Preview” and then on “Format”, here you go to select the TIFF format; make some specific adjustments if you want and finally click “OK”.


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