Import Chrome Passwords to Edge Windows 11

It is normal that today we use different browsers to access sites and applications and one of the reasons is compatibility issues or the functions of modern browsers, that is why one of the most functional tasks to perform is to import the saved passwords In a browser like Google Chrome to another like Microsoft Edge , this will save us a lot of time avoiding manual entry of these, let’s see how to achieve it.


The use of passwords is essential to keep our systems, as well as applications and tools well protected. Within web browsers we also manage passwords since in the end we are constantly accessing web pages where we give our security data and in many cases we remember them for future times. When we use a browser like Chrome, we will save recurring information such as bookmarks or passwords, but if we change to another browser it is uncomfortable to have to know all that information from scratch again. That is why it is useful to know how to export Chrome passwords and then easily import Edge passwords. and have them all saved.

View saved passwords on my Windows 11 PC

Video tutorial to know how to view saved passwords on my Windows 11 PC.

How to import passwords from Google Chrome to Edge

Step 1.

Open Microsoft Edge and there we click on “Settings and more – Settings” to see all the options:

Step 2.

We will see the following. Click on “Import browser data” to display the following window:

Step 3.

We click on “Choose what you want to import” to open a pop-up window with the details of the current browser:

Step 4.

We see the different Import from options.

Step 5.

Then, in the “Import from” field, select Google Chrome:

Step 6

Then check the “Saved passwords” box. We click on “Import”.

Step 4.

We will see that we can now complete the process of importing the passwords from Google Chrome to Edge:

That is how simple the process is to import the hosted passwords from Google Chrome to Edge in Windows 11 and thus be able to enjoy our passwords saved in browsers, be it Chrome or Edge.

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