How To give HBO Max without having to buy a gift card

Do you want to make a gift that will keep your friend entertained for hours on end? An HBO Max subscription could be the perfect solution. With access to some of today’s best series and movies, from Game of Thrones to The Last Os Us, your gift is sure to be a hit! However, gift cards do not exist on this platform… So how can you do it?

HBO Max is a relatively new streaming platform that launched in 2020. Unlike other streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, HBO Max does not currently offer physical or digital gift cards for your subscription.

The exact reasons why you do not have these cards have not been disclosed, but it is possible that this is because the platform is focusing on attracting new subscribers through other means, such as promotional offers and agreements with fiber operators . and mobile. However, if you want to gift an HBO Max subscription, there are still a few options available.

Use Money to pay

MoneyToPay is an online platform that allows users to purchase digital gift cards from a variety of popular brands, including Visa and Mastercard gift cards . Users can purchase a MoneyToPay digital gift card with a specific value and then send it to friends and family as a gift. The gift card can be redeemed anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted, including HBO Max.

Cards of this type are a good gift option because they give the recipient the flexibility to choose what they want to buy with the money they have been given. The recipient can also use the card to make purchases online safely and easily without having to provide personal or financial information .

To use a Money To Pay card to sign up for the platform, the recipient will need to verify that the card is activated and has sufficient funds available. You will then need to visit the HBO Max website and enter your card information to complete the subscription process, just like a normal bank card .

Use Pecunpay

PecunPay is another online payment platform that allows users to make transactions online safely and easily. In addition to allowing users to make payments and transfers, PecunPay also offers prepaid cards that can be used online and in physical stores. The PecunPay prepaid card can be reloaded with a specified amount of money, and can then be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including HBO Max .

To use it, you have to follow the same steps as in the previous case. They will provide us with the number, CVV and expiration date so that we can enter it in HBO Max as a form of payment. Keep in mind that the expiration date is not usually very late, so you should avoid your money expiring.

share your account

If you want to gift someone an HBO Max subscription, you can also create an additional profile for that person on your existing account. This way, the person you gifted the subscription to will be able to use your account and view content on their own personalized profile.

To create a new profile on your HBO Max account, simply log into your account and select the ” Add Profile ” option from the dropdown menu. Next, enter the name and profile picture for the new profile. You can then allow or deny access to the “HBO Max Kids” feature for the profile you just created.

It is important to note that when sharing your HBO Max account with others, you should be aware that you are sharing your login details . Therefore, you should make sure that you trust the person you share your account with and not share this information with people you don’t know or trust.


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