What to do if HBO Max still doesn’t work

The arrival of HBO Max has brought some other complication in its application. We tell you some of the common problems of the HBO Max app and how to solve them.Since last October 26, 2021, HBO Max, the new WarnerMedia streaming platform that replaces the old HBO Spain, has been available in Spain.

Its catalog houses a good content of Warner series and movies, having products as popular as Friends, the Harry Potter saga or the cinema of the DC Extended Universe, among many other things.But, as usually happens, the application has certain flaws that can make the user uncomfortable when enjoying the streaming service .

Sound does not work

If you put a series or movie on HBO Max and the sound does not work, the first thing to do is play any other content in the app.

In this way, it can be ruled out that it is a problem with the app and it is only a failure of that specific series or movie.

If it is an app problem, you have to check the audio levels in the media player and then in the devices .

In the event that you are transmitting from your television or computer and you have speakers connected, also check the audio levels in them.

The app does not load the contents well

If you play some content on HBO Max and it keeps loading indefinitely , it is very possible that it is an HBO Max buffering problem.

This HBO Max issue is typically caused by network bandwidth, connection speed, and available memory.

One option to work around this issue is to have everyone else using the network pause so that having only one device on the network allocates as much bandwidth as possible to your device.

However, it is best to check that the connection speed of your network is working well through the different speed tests that are available on the Internet.

In case the problem persists, pull the most basic thing: turn the router off and on again.

Device overload

One of the very common errors for which HBO Max does not work correctly is because the platform is being used on too many devices.

Keep in mind that, although you can create up to five different profiles, you can only play HBO Max on three different devices, so you have to make sure that you are not exceeding the limit.

To check which devices are currently using HBO Max, select your profile icon and choose the Manage Devices option , which will display a list of devices that you have recently used to view HBO Max content .

In this way, you can choose to stop streaming on the recently used device or log out of HBO Max for all devices that you no longer need.

What to do if HBO Max still doesn’t work properly.

So far we’ve shown some very common HBO Max problems , but there are times when the app can crash “just because,” so here are some possible solutions to get HBO Max to work properly.

1) Check that your WiFi is working: Many times the fact that HBO Max does not work on your device is due to a bad connection in your network, so the first thing to do is make sure that the WiFi works well .

But it may also be that, for some reason, the internet does not work well on a specific device, so it would be advisable to check if it works correctly on a different device and thus rule out that it is a router problem..

2) Check that HBO Max is online: Sometimes the failure may be due to the platform not being online and is due more to a company problem than to your Internet connection.

The best way to check is by checking the HBO Max network status page through DownDetector .

In this way you can make sure that the fault belongs to the company itself and not yours and thus avoid applying other solutions that would be unnecessary at that time.

3) Close the HBO Max app and restart it: Many times it is best to pull the classic “turn it off and on again” to solve the problems.

So, in case the Internet connection is good and the app still does not work, it is best to close the application and reopen it. In case it continues to give problems, then try to directly restart the device with which you are using the app.

4) Clear the app cache: Another problem for which HBO Max does not work well is due to the need to clear the app cache.

If you are using HBO Max from an Android device, these are the steps you have to do to clear the app cache:

  • Open Settings .
  • Enter Applications .
  • Select HBO Max .
  • Enter Storage .
  • Choose the Clear cache option .

On the other hand, if you are using HBO Max on an iPhone, you will not be able to clear the cache, so the only option is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

Here we end our review of some common problems in the HBO Max app and how to fix them . We hope these tips have been useful to you and you can continue enjoying the best exclusive series from HBO Max .


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