What is the difference between HBO MAX and HBO?

In times when we tend to have more free time to ourselves, we look for ways to make the most of it, whether it’s through outings with friends, going to festive events, or other such options. However, there are cases in which we do not want such hectic moments in our lives, so we aspire to peace and tranquility from the comfort of our home enjoying multimedia content .

Today we have an incredible variety of streaming platforms, where we can enjoy a wide selection of movies and series without having to wait for a television schedule. Many of these streaming services are an extension of their original television channels that seek to advance technological innovation and adapt to the needs of a more demanding audience today, such is the case of HBO in this article .

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  1. Is the price difference between HBO MAX and HBO a lot?
  2. Are both platforms available to everyone?
  3. What channels are on one platform and not on the other?
    1. What is the best content?
  4. If I subscribe to HBO, am I automatically subscribed to HBO MAX?
  5. Where do I find the best content for children?

Is the price difference between HBO MAX and HBO a lot?

On the HBO channel for a very long time we were able to enjoy high-production series such as The Sopranos or Games of Thrones, as well as the premiere of films that were recently released in theaters.

Even with all the success that this meant, the impact of the internet on society has generated a sea of ​​new changes, streaming platforms being one of them, that is why it has decided to start its migration from HBO to HBO MAX, the main difference Among these platforms is that HBO MAX will function as a platform via streaming where we can view the series or movies of our choice at the time we want.

The known price for the HBO subscription is 8.99 euros, while the subscription for HBO MAX will be at 14.99 euros.

Are both platforms available to everyone?

Although HBO turns out to be a quite enjoyable service for its customers, it has been decided to upgrade the entire platform to HBO MAX, so it will only be possible to contract HBO MAX after 2021, throughout Europe, forcing a massive migration of the service to a much larger platform. more up-to-date and with greater benefits for your customers.

What channels are on one platform and not on the other?

It is noteworthy that HBO MAX will include the entire catalog that we can enjoy on HBO today, but it also has some quite important additions to take into account, such as the Warner Bros multimedia library, where we can include franchises of interest such as what They can be: CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll and Looney Tunes .

What is the best content?

As we clarify, we have a wide selection to enjoy where we can see film classics such as Jurassic Park, Unforgiven, The Great Gatsby or The Green Mile. Also, we will have great series like Chernobyl, classics like Friends or fun but interesting series like Doom Patrol or Rick and Morty.

If I subscribe to HBO, am I automatically subscribed to HBO MAX?

Many may be concerned that as HBO MAX is a replacement service for HBO, they may lose their subscription. Once we have contracted the HBO service, we only have to enter the HBO MAX application through one of our devices and we will be able to access the entire catalog of the platform.

Where do I find the best content for children?

The HBO platform is quite famous for its adult series, capable of touching deep themes in engaging and interesting plots, but many times we need some series that are of interest to the smallest of the house, so many parents do not Subscribing to HBO may appeal to them .

But, it should be taken into account that they also have cartoon services from Warner Bros or original series that are broadcast on the platform, in addition to the fact that content not appropriate for minors can be blocked . So you won’t have to worry about the little ones.


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