How to get the Abandoning Thorns achievement in Genshin Impact

Spike Relinquishment is a Genshin Impact Challenger: Series VII achievement that you can unlock by using the Pyro to burn off all of the spikes created by Dendro’s Hypostasis during the Ring of Thorns attack. I thought it was really easy to do if you use the right characters and know what Ring of Thorns looks like. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get this achievement.

How to burn all spikes created by Dendro Hypostasis during Ring of Thorns attack in Genshin Impact

Start by visiting Hypostasis Dendro in his cave under Dar al-Shifa. For this particular achievement, you need to bring the Pyro character . We also highly recommend bringing in an Anemo character that can summon Swirl to ensure the Pyro spreads quickly. Amber and Sucrose are enough free options.

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After the battle starts, you need to wait for Dendro’s Hypostasis to summon the Thorn Ring attack, which starts with summoning the tree , in the photo above. This is usually the fourth attack of the boss. If you defeat him too quickly, you won’t be able to activate him, so it’s best to wait if you have a strong team.

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Once a tree has been summoned, attack it with a Pyro to activate Dendro Hypostasis to summon spikes surrounding the area. This is a Ring of Thorns attack and your goal is to burn all the thorns with the Pyro.

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The best way to do this is to attack the tree with the Pyro, then use the Anemo to spin the Pyro . This will cause the fire to spread from the tree to the thorns, burning them all to ashes. Once all the spikes have been burned, you’ll unlock the Challenger: Series VII achievement titled “Abandoning the Spikes”.

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