How to get reputation EXP In Genshin Impact

We show you how the region reputation system works and is unlocked in Genshin Impact. Discover the methods to earn reputation EXP, how to increase levels and get rewards.

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  1. How is the reputation system unlocked? Requirements
  2. How to get reputation EXP and level up?
  3. Reputation levels (EXP required)
  4. All reputation rewards

The reputation system in Genshin Impact is one of several progression systems that we come across in the miHoYo game as we progress through the adventure. At the beginning it is blocked , but once you have access to it you will be able to gain reputation for the large regions of the map and thus in return you will get rewards. In this entry of our complete guide we show you how to raise your reputation and much more.

How is the reputation system unlocked? Requirements


It must be made clear that the reputation system is not accessible from the beginning of your game. In order to unlock it, you must meet an essential requirement: reach Adventure Rank 25 at least .

Additionally, since Genshin Impact’s reputation works independently for each area of the map, you will also have to complete the following missions related to each region:

  • In Mondstadt:you have to complete the Archon mission “The Stranger Who Caught the Wind”, from the Prologue: Act I.
  • In Liyue:You have to complete the Archon mission “Farewell, perfected master” from Chapter I: Act II.
  • In Inazuma:you have to complete the Archon mission “The immutable goddess and the eternal utopia” from Chapter II: Act I and also the mission “The Commission’s Assignments”.

When you have adventure rank 25 or higher, and you have completed the aforementioned missions, you will unlock reputation in each of the zones.

How to get reputation EXP and level up?

Each of the Genshin Impact regions can reach a maximum reputation level of 8 . This reputation starts at level 1 and increases and improves as more reputation EXP you earn (remember that this is independent for each region). Starting at level 8 in a zone you cannot get more reputation, but the tasks and requests are still available in case you want to get Blackberries .

In each region there is a character dedicated to the reputation system with which you can check your progress, activate tasks and claim rewards. You will see them highlighted on the map with their own icon.

  • Hertha: sheis in the city of Mondstadt, she is the logistics manager of the Knights of Favonius.
  • Miss Yu: Sheis in Liyue City, she is the resource manager of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
  • Madarame Hyakubei: Itis in Kamisato, in the northeast section of Narukami Island.

Talking to these characters in total you will find up to 4 methods available to get reputation EXP , which it is recommended to do together to climb the levels as quickly as possible. These are the ways to earn reputation:

Missions of the region

  • Activate and complete missions in each regionto increase your reputation in each city.
  • These missions can be Archonmissions (which give 300 XP) or World missions (which give between 380 and 680 XP).

Exploring the region

  • Simply dedicate yourself to exploring the regionsand increasing your exploration percentage to receive reputation exp (the percentage of each zone can be seen on the map).
  • To increase exploration you can open chests, find Occulus, unlock teleportation points, solve puzzles, and so on.
  • You will receive 100 Reputation XP and 20,000 Blacksfor reaching 20%, 40% and 60% exploration of the world zones.

Rewarded hunts

  • Hunt and defeat specific targetsmarked on the map to increase your reputation.
  • The list of available hunts is updated every Monday.
  • A total of 3 huntscan be completed per week (this limit is shared between regions).
  • Available hunts reset after completion, so you can always take the highest reward 3 times before the weekly update.

Citizen petitions

  • Some citizens have special requestswith which you can increase your reputation. By accepting them they appear as world quests.
  • The list of available requests is updated every Monday.
  • A total of 3 requestscan be completed per week (this limit is shared between regions).
  • These requests can earn you up to 40 Reputation XP and 20,000 Blacksto complete.

Reputation Levels (EXP Required)

Each of the 8 reputation levels in Mondstadt and Liyue require the following amounts of reputation EXP :

  • Level 1: Youneed 400 reputation EXP.
  • Level 2: Youneed 420 reputation EXP.
  • Level 3: Youneed 440 reputation EXP.
  • Level 4: Youneed 460 reputation EXP.
  • Level 5: Youneed 480 reputation EXP.
  • Level 6 – Youneed 500 reputation EXP.
  • Level 7: Youneed 520 reputation EXP.
  • Level 8 –Maximum level reached (3220 total reputation XP).

All reputation rewards

Depending on the region, the rewards for increasing reputation will be different. You can get from device plans, special functions, cards, recipes and much more. Here are all the rewards for raising your reputation .

Reputation rewards in Mondstadt

These are the rewards for raising the 8 reputation levels of the Mondstadt region :

  • Rewards – Level 1:Northern Beef and Apple Stew recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 2:Instructions to synthesize the Anemoculus Resonance Rock and unlocking the Mondstadt Mine Research.
  • Rewards – Level 3: Blueprint for the Windcatcher Bottle forge .
  • Rewards – Level 4:discounts at The Good Hunter and the Mondstadt Boutique. Card “Mondstadt – Fame”. Adventurer’s Sandwich Recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 5:Blueprint for the Nourishing Sachet Forge (Version # 30) .
  • Rewards – Level 6:Instructions for synthesis of the Portable and Flat Forge Teleporter for the Treasure Seeker Compass Anemo .
  • Rewards – Level 7:“Mondstadt – Blessing” card. Moon cake recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 8:Sky Wind Wings glider.

Reputation rewards in Liyue

These are the rewards for raising the 8 reputation levels of the Liyue region :

  • Rewards – Level 1:Golden Shrimp Meatball recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 2:Instructions for synthesizing the Geoculus Resonance Rock and unlocking the Liyue Mine Research.
  • Rewards – Level 3:Instructions to synthesize Concentrated Resin .
  • Rewards – Level 4:discounts at Wanmin Restaurant and La Segunda Vida. “Liyue – Ships” card. Lotus cake recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 5:Instructions for synthesis of the Adeptus Gourmet Pot .
  • Rewards – Level 6:Blueprint for the Geo Treasure Hunter Compass .
  • Rewards – Level 7:“Liyue – Between the Clouds” card. Tianshu style meat recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 8:Wings of the Golden Flight glider.

Reputation rewards in Inazuma

These are the rewards for raising the 10 reputation levels of the Inazuma region :

  • Rewards – Level 1 (0 XP):Konda Stew recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 2 (450 XP):Blueprint “Twilight of the Pines”, Blueprint “Stone Lamppost: Unmoving Light” and Mine Research Unlock in Inazuma.
  • Rewards – Level 3 (500 EXP):Seed of Stormborn quest item.
  • Rewards – Level 4 (550 EXP):Discounts at Inazuma stores. “Inazuma – Kamisato Emblem” card. Rice cake soup recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 5 (600 XP):Red Feather Fan Gadget.
  • Rewards – Level 6 (650 XP):Blueprint “Long Dreamwood Table” and Blueprint “Steaming White Tea Set”.
  • Rewards – Level 7 (700 XP):“Inazuma – Raiden Emblem” card. Butter Crab Recipe.
  • Rewards – Level 8 (750 EXP):Instructions to synthesize the Electróculus Resonance Rock and new achievement.
  • Rewards – Level 9 (800 XP):Blueprint for the “Compass Treasure Hunter Electro” forge.
  • Rewards – Level 10 (850 XP):Storm Rider wings.
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