How to get Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers

Rengoku Haori is arguably the best haori in Project Slayers, which can go a long way if you’re focused on playing a level 50+ character. I’m always looking for something extra to get the edge, so I wondered if this item was worth the hassle. As it turns out, Rengoku Haori is a powerful piece of equipment that costs a lot. Here’s how to get Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers.

How to get Rengoku Haori in Project Slayers

Buy Rengoku Haori for Robux in Project Slayers

The easiest way to get Rengoku Haori is to buy it for 550 Robux. In my opinion, this is too much, no matter how powerful the item. Luckily, there is a way to get these clothes without opening your wallet.

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Trade Rengoku Haori to Project Slayers

To get Rengoku Haori for free, you must trade with other players. In return, they will ask for some of your most valuable items, such as fans of war or a polar katana. Log into the Project Slayers Discord trading server to check the value of this item. Again, getting Rengoku Haori won’t be cheap, but if you can get it for something you don’t want, it’s worth trading it for that.

Rengoku Haori Player Buffs in Project Slayers

One look at the buffs for Rengoku Haori players is enough for me to sell everything I don’t need to get them. If the price suits, then in the near future I will exchange for this product. So if you’re lucky enough to get the right price – go for it! And if you have a surplus of Robux, you know what to buy. Take a look at Rengoku Haori’s stats and buffs and decide for yourself.

  • Max Health: +250
  • Breath Damage: 5%
  • Stamina: 60
  • All Damage Amplification: 5%

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