How to get Star Argento In Genshin Impact

Check here the map with all the locations of the Argento stellar mineral, which is only found in the Espinadragón area. Get it to create and upgrade special weapons.

Daniel González ·1:43 PM 1/27/2021


  1. How to get Stellar Argento – Locations Map
  2. What is the stellar Argento for?

Among the novelties that came to Genshin Impact in update 1.2 of the title, one of the most outstanding was the launch of the Espinadragón area , in whose snowy landscapes we can find a new type of exclusive mineral called Stellar Silver . Below as part of our complete guide we show you where to find this mineral and how to farm it.

How to get Stellar Argento – Locations Map

Stellar Argento is a type of rare and precious mineral that is formed exclusively in the Espinadragón region , as a result of the climatic and geographical conditions of this place and the ley lines.


Therefore the only place where you will be able to find stellar Argentos is in the wild , but only scattered around Dragonwing. Like other minerals , these are found with some frequency in rocks, mountain walls, and caves . If you want to farm many, it will be great to know their exact locations , so we attach a map below with the position of each stellar Argento in Dragon Spin:

Note that each time you collect a Star Silver Ore, it will not appear again for 48 hours in real time . Or what is the same, two days since you get it. For this reason if you are farming a lot of material of this type you may not find them where they should be because you have been there before. If that’s the case, remember that you have to have a little patience for them to come up again.

What is Stellar Argento for?

Star Argento can be used in the forge to create various crafting items and in the ascension of some weapons . Specifically, you can invest your Star Argento to create and also promote the following weapons :

  • Claymore Sword:Snow Star Argento.
  • Lance:Dragonspin Lance.
  • Catalyst:Eternal Cold.

All of these weapons are 4-star , quite powerful, and you need 50 Star Silver to craft each one. You can also use Star Silver to forge enhancement minerals or craft the Exothermic Vial (if you have unlocked its diagram in the Cold Eternal Tree rewards ).

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