How to Get More Followers on SoundCloud

SoundCloud was created in 2007, in Berlin, Germany, for which a sound producer joined an artist. Being the initial idea that musicians can get their material to the public by promoting their music on the internet and get more followers with SoundCloud ; of course, the music must be ready for the listeners.

SoundCloud has a player, which analyzes the shape of the sound wave of the song and as users listen to it, they can leave comments; sometimes download it or just share it. You can also introduce the player to other networks and web pages; just like you can make music mixes if you are a DJ or want to achieve it.

It is a very popular platform among others that exist to listen to music. And is that if you are a musician, or if you have a band and you need to get more followers and your songs are known; Now with this widely distributed and very simple tool you will achieve it ; So SoundCloud has millions of users today, including directors, producers and a variety of musicians.

How does the SoundCloud platform currently work?

This platform was initially for musicians , however, that intention has changed, because also brands that want to expand digital content such as podcasts, do so on this network; that is to say, publish in video or in audio , for example a radio program and that can be downloaded, as a marketing strategy.

What must we do to use SoundCloud?

  • The first thing is to create an account at , there are two alternatives to enter, for the first time or if you have an account already created; As you are going to do it for the first time, we click on “Create account”, now you fill in all the data, you can also register by accessing your Facebook account.
  • Now continue with the editing of your profile , include all the necessary data and in the top bar locate “Profile”, add the profile photos or “Update Image” and the cover or “Update Header Image” and then click on “Edit” to see all the information, finally it must be saved.
  • Now you can start interacting with SoundCloud, listening or saving the songs or podcasts you want.
  • If you are going to upload any content that you have ready, they must be in MP3, MP2, WAV, AIFF formats or any other that SoundCloud supports. Next, put the file information , the metadata or differentiation of the licenses and type of permission that you will place for the use of future listeners and creators; also, if it will be done for free.
  • But if you use the recording of the platform, you need to complete the process with Adobe Flash Player, then the fields are filled in for the publication; SoundCloud allows 180 minutes for free to record or upload whatever you want.

How to get more followers on SoundCloud for free, easy and fast?

One way would be to use an extension from The Artist Union on our SoundCloud account; that will allow users to always download our tracks. When they register and comment on our art, they will gain more followers in an easy, fast and free way.

For this, the first step is to enter the website and subscribe by clicking on “Sign Up”. Then we connect to our account with the “SoundCloud” button. Next we will see a window towards the left side of the screen; put the name of the channel and click on “Connect and Continue”.

Now a selection list is shown with the songs that we have uploaded in SoundCloud; when choosing a track a new button will appear below for our SoundCloud followers; that says “Free Download” to download it for free.

Our follower must first make a comment about the track before downloading; and this will be saved in the favorites of your account on SoundCloud. In this way, you can repost to other accounts, leaving advertising; the follower will click “Download” to download and finally save the file.

We can conclude, then the idea is to import the selected tracks , which are not as heavy as in MP3 nor are they slow when listeners listen to them; likewise, the permits must be flexible to upload or download the material easily and for free.


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