How to change the orb start button in Windows 10

The changes that Microsoft has implemented in the new version of Windows 10 are varied and impressive. And this has been very popular, especially after the debacle that was experienced with the version of Windows 8. Where basic functions were eliminated and that I did not like. users of this operating system, as was the start button. This is why we will teach you how to change or customize the orb start button in Windows 10.

The truth of all is, that we will never hear from Microsoft, that they were wrong in the decisions they made when devising the new Windows 8.

But the adjustments and configurations that we can do in Windows 10 prove otherwise. But anyway, we will be able to change or customize the orb start button in Windows 10.

That we can make changes to the Windows 10 start button and also have hundreds of orb’s, seems to be a very interesting option.

Although we have already seen in previous tutorials, quick and easy ways to customize our desktop, the drop-down menu and also the way to put my name on the taskbar.

How to change or customize the orb start button in Windows 10

Before continuing with this tutorial, we are going to show you how this new Windows 10 start button works . If we do not look closely at our desktop, it is located in the lower left corner. If you position yourself with the cursor and then right-click, a contextual menu will be displayed to access different functions.

As for example accessing the CMD or better known as the command prompt , you can also directly enter the team administrator. Or uninstall any program, well this start button, we can customize it so that we can change its icon or image, for a great variety of them.

In order to do this, we will have an official page to download the program, which is called ClassicShell . If you use the Google Chrome browser , you can perfectly understand how to use the page since it originally comes in English. If not, you can click on the Download translated versions option.

In this way, it will take you to another page where you can choose your language and from there you must click on the link next to the language in our case Spanish. The download will begin and once it is finished, find the installer and paste it on the desktop. Then you must right-click on it and select the option Run as administrator and follow the instructions to install it.

Steps to change or customize the start orb button in Windows 10

Now to change the orb we must do the following, we go to the start button, right click and in the context menu we will choose the Settings option.

This action will take us to a window and in it we will click on the Start menu Style tab . Within this tab, we will scroll down and select the Replace home button box.

And now the starting orb has automatically been changed by the logo of the ClassicShell program , but you have other options to choose from, such as classic or custom.

If you choose the latter, you will be able to search your PC for an image that you have saved so that you can make the change, you can search online for pages that offer you hundreds of free orbits.

It is a very simple and fast way with which you can change the icon of the start menu or as it is also known orb. This program also offers you the change and customization of other aspects of the start menu and always in order to have access to these settings, you must enter the configuration option.

In this way we come to the end of this interesting article, which shows you that Windows 10 is a fully configurable version. And in simple steps it showed you how to change or customize the orb start button in Windows 10.


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