How to get all achievements (achievements, trophies) It Takes Two

List of all common and secret achievements of the co-op platformer It Takes Two

There are a total of 20 achievements in It Takes Two (21 on the PlayStation 4 when platinum is taken into account), and most of them involve some kind of secret activity. Therefore, below we will tell you what you need to do to get each achievement!

Perfect couple

Official description : “No obstacles can stop you!”

This is the playable platinum for It Takes Two, an achievement awarded for completing the rest of the achievements. Only available on PlayStation 4.

Better together

Official description : “You did it! COOPERATION!”

You will receive this achievement at the very end of the game, after its completion.

Mini-game obsession

Official Description : “All Mini Games Found!”

Find all 25 mini-games. We describe them in detail in a separate manual e .

Burnt friendship

Official description : “Together, everything is better. Even torture. ”

You can get it in the “Tree” chapter, at the “Captive” level. When you get to a circular platform with 8 red latches on which Cody needs to spill the slime, May will have to detonate it. But instead, walk right to see the START button on the side. Click on it and you will find a torture chamber. One player must help the other get inside. The achievement will open immediately after that. This must be done before destroying the 8 red latches.


Official description : “My own paparazzi”

On the next level of the chapter “Tree”, after the battle with the Mortar Wasp, you will find yourself in a corridor with a camera. One of their characters must stand up to the cut patterns on the stage. The second player must photograph him. Only the player who is photographed gets the trophy. But you can cheat: the camera has a shutter that allows you to start a countdown. Click on it and run to your partner.

Escapes from a toy prison (secret)

Official Description : “They Had No Way Out”

You can get it in the chapter “Rose’s Room”, on the “Fortress of Pillows” level. At the beginning of this level, you will move past a liquid wax lamp and a flashlight under the bed. To the right of the flashlight, you can climb onto the pillows that lead to a plastic prison with two figures inside. Both players must simultaneously hit the ground at the buttons in front of the figures. You will hear their phrases. This is a reference to A Way Out. The achievement is unlocked for both players at the same time.

Distant frequencies

Official description : “The truth was somewhere around all the time!”

It can be obtained in the chapter “Rose’s Room” on the level “Along the Milky Way”. You will need to go through several portals, each of which leads to a new mini-game. Inside the yellow (gold) portal, jump to the first yellow inflatable platform on the right and climb to the top of the pillow tower. There will be a satellite dish here. Interact with it and aim so as to detect four different frequencies and listen to messages. Achievement will open for both players at the same time. Please note that you can get the next trophy here, behind the golden portal.

The flight is normal!

Official description : “Aim higher – straight for the stars.”

It can be obtained in the chapter “Rose’s Room” on the level “Along the Milky Way”. Go through the golden teleporter where you got the Distant Frequencies achievement and look for the blue ramp at the beginning. May will stand on the left side, Cody will enlarge and toss it up. May can then jump down to where Cody was hitting. This must be done by hitting the ground. And Cody, meanwhile, should stand on the left side and shrink to a minimum. In this case, he will fly high, high into space, and you will receive an achievement. And both players at the same time.


Official Description : Put on a show and die doing the trick. ”

Obtainable from the chapter “Rose’s Room” at the “Classics” level. At the very beginning, move forward to the end, and in no case turn to the right, where the plot leads. There is a toy car in front of the red ramp. One player should sit in it, and the second should grab from behind, push back to start, and release to the side of the springboard. If the car flies through the ring, you will receive the achievement. That is, do not start too much, otherwise the car will fly over the ring. Achievement is unlocked for both characters. But if it doesn’t, switch places.

Bank robbery

Official description : “Apparently, it’s time to cash out”

Obtainable from the chapter “Rose’s Room” at the “Classics” level. There is a piggy bank lying near the location of the “Table Baseball” mini-game, which is simply impossible to miss. Pick up four gold coins, place the pig inside, and then jump up and smash it. Achievement will be received only by the player who destroys the piggy bank. For the second player to receive it, the last checkpoint will have to be loaded.


Official description : “Who did you call extinct ?!”

You can get it in the chapter “Rose’s Room” on the “Dinosaur” level. Eventually, you will reach a room with a large toy dinosaur. One of the players must jump on his back and use the lever to control. The other player must stand on a platform that the dinosaur will raise by grabbing the bone. Immediately after this happens, you must adjust the head of the large dinosaur and eat the lifted player. This will unlock the achievement. For two players at once.

Real art

Official description : “Isn’t it beauty? We’ll hang it on the fridge. ”

You can get it in the chapter “Rose’s room” on the level “In the distant kingdom”. From the very beginning of the level, go to the end of the courtyard and then take the path to the left. Here you will find ink tubes and a printer. Jump into the rotating shafts of the printer to create copies of the heroes. Achievement will be unlocked only for the character that went through the printer. That is, do it with both heroes.

Rail travel

Official description : “Chukh-chukh!”

You can get it in the chapter “Rose’s room” on the level “In the distant kingdom”. At the very beginning of the level, go forward without turning anywhere, and at the end of the courtyard you will find a railway. Wait for the train to pass by and jump onto it. The trophy is immediately unlocked. But only for the player who jumped into the carriage. So do it with both characters.

Virtuoso platformer

Official description : “Is the tower exactly” Hellish “? Why is it so easy? ”

Obtainable in the “Cuckoo Clock” chapter at the “Time Gate” level. There is a town square here. Look for the fair, and at the end of it you will find the inscription HELLTOWER. There are two buttons in front of it. Click on them at the same time to make the Infernal Tower appear. To get the achievement, you need to climb to the very top. In this case, only the player who will be at the top will receive the achievement. So be patient and jump up.

Triangular triangulation (secret)

Official description : “Blow the whistle, my heavenly princess!”

Obtainable in the “Cuckoo Clock” chapter at the “Time Gate” level. Exit to the town square, walk the river and climb into the catamaran with both characters. Go with the flow until you find yourself inside the tunnel. There will be a small building with a door on the right. Go through it to unlock the achievement. Received only by the player who rides the catamaran and enters the building. So do it with both characters.

Lost and found

Official description : “Again? You need to watch the children more closely! ”

In the chapter “Snow Globe”, on the level “Winter Village” there is … a village. Go to its far part, where there is a swing near the cliff, and look for a turtle on the side. This is a mother-turtle, and somewhere not far from her, on an ice rink, there are small turtles. There are two turtles each, red and blue. They should be attracted by characters with a magnet of the opposite color. That is, both May and Cody will have to work. After that, both will receive the trophy.

Moody swing

Official description : “You seem a little carried away, don’t you think?”

In the chapter “Snow Globe”, on the level “Winter Village” there is … a village. Move to its end and look for a swing standing at the cliff. You need to use a magnet, swing the swing with the doll sitting on the right, so that it flies forward. Achievement is unlocked for two players at the same time.

Little fish?

Official description : “Don’t feed the animals! Or feed, they are cute. ”

During the passage of the chapter “Snow Globe”, on the level “Under the ice cover”, you need to jump into the water and swim to the underwater station. Leave it and find the Ice Race mini-game. There is a ship next to it, and there are two harpoons on it. With their help, you can fish, and then feed it to the seals. Do this to get an achievement. Moreover, it will be unlocked only for the player who cranked the action.

Thunderstorm of the seven seas

Official description : “Sick me! Deadly vidocq, captain! ”

Everything is on the same level “Under the Cover of Ice”, next to the mini-game, look for a wrecked pirate ship. Climb on it, open the treasure chest near the wheel and interact with it to get the pirate hat. The trophy is unlocked only for the player who does it.

Insect spa

Official description : “Cut the inner tension at the root”

You are interested in the chapter “Garden” and the level “Skillful gardener”. After fighting Shrew, you will find a fork. At the spa exit, follow the signs to the right and use any insect services. For example, take a shower. Each character must do this separately.

Meditation master

Official description : “You have attained the highest degree of enlightenment. Or at least calmed down a little. ”

In the “Attic” chapter, on the “Symphony” level, you will find yourself in the sky and navigate using jetpacks. Between the two domes, to open which you need to collect notes, there is a drum with a hole under the cloud. Go inside and meditate on two different stands. The trophy is won by the player who meditates. That is, do it with both characters.


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