Walkthrough It Takes Two

Detailed walkthrough guide for all It Takes Two levels with solving each puzzle, plus boss battle tactics

It should be emphasized right away that It Takes Two supports exclusively cooperative play. That is, you simply cannot go through it without a friend: the computer cannot control one of the heroes.


To get out of the garage, the heroes will have to find a way to lower the stairs

The first thing to do is go to the generator in front and lower the two levers at the same time. Three plugs will fly out of it, and you will have to put them back in place. With two lying nearby, there should be no problems. For the third will have to run. Climb up. Climb over the cardboard box and go to the fuse. He will hide inside a glass jar. Climb onto it, jump and hit the ground to break the can. The fuse will go up even higher. Follow him, pushing off the walls.

Now you have to chase the missing fuse

Run forward along the board and lower the hatch in the wall, hanging from the handle by both characters. Follow the fuse through the cable duct. If you want to scare, pick up a needle and plug it into the outlet on the right. Cross the board, jump simultaneously to two red buttons. Just as the banks were smashed. You will start the gears. Cling to them to go upstairs. Stick to the metal thingy, which will unfold in the desired direction. Do this one at a time. Use a double jump and dash to climb over the large ravine to the building level, and from there – even further. Climb inside the tin can and run to the right to move it and jump higher.

Walkthrough It Takes Two – Reception with a blow on a glass jar will be useful in the future – for example, to activate buttons

Hit the plug to plug it into the outlet, and then both characters cling to the circular chainsaw. You will fly forward, grab the rotating drill, and slide downward. Jump in time to fly to the other side and finally pick up the fuse. Insert it back into its socket and re-lower the lever on the generator. A ladder will descend, along which you can climb up. Watch the video with the introduction of the vacuum cleaner. But he will have to fight later.

Acquaintance with a huge vacuum cleaner, which will later become the first boss of the game

Inside the vacuum cleaner

Go down the pipe and then jump forward on the boards. Do not fall into the water, otherwise you will perish. By the way, the game will return you to the checkpoint on one condition – both characters will die at the same time. In all other cases, they will come to life. Follow through the tube from the vacuum cleaner so that it sucks you in. Moving down, take the end of the pipe with one character and point it up, and with the other enter the pipe to fly up to the hill. Use it to hit the red button on the left to invert the airflow from the side propeller. The second character will be able to follow up.

In this part of the level, you will have to solve puzzles with pipes from the vacuum cleaner

Move to the next pipe and jump across the platforms. Use the mobile platform and dash forward twice. Climb the far end of the pipe and use another character to jump to the red button. Click on it to invert the air flow, go back, climb the other end and jump up to the second red button. Press it in so that part of the vacuum cleaner appears. Jump into it, move along the three pipes and find yourself at the fan. With one character move the wall, and with the other go to the opposite side. Remove the tube of the vacuum cleaner so that the screw stops turning. Pass here as the second hero.

You need to climb onto the ledge and invert the air flow in the tube

There are three breaks on the wire here. Stand at the first one with one character, and with the other press the green button and immediately run to the second cliff. When the first character comes to his senses, accelerate with a dash to the third place of the cliff. If you have time, the charge will reach the pipe, and it will begin to suck everything in. Follow it, jump along several pipes and up two walls. Bend down and follow to the left. Enter the cable channel, move along the blades of the rotating propellers and get to the yellow valve. With one character, rotate it in any direction, and with the other, jump onto the side wall of one of the three knobs on the blades. When you find yourself on the other side, jump onto the ledge and get to the green button on the boxes to the left. Jump on the red gizmos in turn, as they will change position each time.

One of the hardest parts of the early game

Next, you will need to wield a lever, inverting the air flows. This is one character. And others move along the same streams. On the other side there will be the same lever, and you will have to do the same actions, but swapping places. Better do it into account. For example, on the count of three. But the character who is on the stream must jump to the next one a little earlier, otherwise he will be sucked in. Jump over the rotating contraptions and climb up the walls. Pick up the end of the pipe and point it up. With the other character, jump into the second pipe. Having done this, press the red button to invert the air flow and fly up the second character. Go through the stopped screw, follow through the wall and get to another lever.

It Takes Two Walkthrough – Forget it – this is the hardest part at the beginning of the game!

Press the lever to switch flows, and move the other character to the opposite side. They also grab the pipe and direct it to the metal contraption. One of the blades contains a platform. Jump onto it with the second character and be sure to bend down to go through the gap. You need to rotate the blades clockwise (if you look at them up).

Please note that there is only a slot on the left, therefore, the device must rotate strictly clockwise

Then try the red button. See the lifting platform? Stand on it as another character, press the red button again to raise the platform. With the second character, jump from the platform into the pipe on the left, and the first, who pressed the button, quickly run to the end of the pipe and direct it a little higher so that the character flies to the other side. Press the red button to invert the air flow. Climb into different pipes with both characters to find yourself on two opposite sides.

A couple of moments and you will face the first boss!

With one character, direct the pipe to the open hole under the flying platform. For others, press the green button to make the beads appear, and suck them into the pipe. The beads will fly straight into the hole under the platform. The bag will become heavier, and the platform will lower, so the character who sucked the beads can use it. Push a toggle switch by both characters at the same time, climb on it and jump higher. A battle with the first boss awaits you.

How to defeat the Vacuum Tower?

The title battle is difficult – difficult (sorry for the tautology)

The battle will get harder with each stage. To inflict damage on the enemy, you need to wait for him to scatter burning cans. Suck in these cans with one character, and direct the pipe to the vacuum cleaner with the other. Use the dotted line hint to indicate the flight path. After causing damage to the vacuum cleaner, it is his turn to harm you. First you need to jump over the dust rings, which is easy enough. Numerous soaps are then added to the dust rings. Fortunately, they do not explode immediately, so you will have time to run away from them. And then, besides the rings of dust, stones will fall. Just avoid black areas with shadow – this is where rocks will fall. The main thing here is not to be killed by both characters at the same time. We pass to the next stage of passing It Takes Two.

Hammer and nails

It Takes Two Walkthrough – Try Your New Tools Right Away

After a successful landing, move through the corrugated pipe, jump onto the platform in the water, and from it – even higher. Raise the ventilation grate at once, watch the video, after which you will receive the weapon. May will get a hammer that she can hit in front of her, and Cody will get a nail that he can throw (and call back).

Go around the fence and hit the yellow button with a hammer. With the other character, jump onto the platform until it returns to its original position. Turn around. Hit the button again and then throw the nail at the yellow board to block the platform and prevent it from returning to its original position. By the way, this could have been done before. Then, as a character with a hammer, jump onto a board with a nail, swing on it and fly even further. Throw the nail a little further into the yellow board so that May can repeat the trick with the hammer. Once again. Use a hammer to pull out the other nail. Now the other character will have two nails at the same time. Hit the yellow button with a hammer to raise and fix the bridge, and with the other character, run over to the first one.

And now a fun mini-game awaits you

Knock Cody mini-game

Hit the other buttons with a hammer, and use two nails to secure the two raised platforms. Break the bottles and open the cap in front. The first mini-game awaits you here. Cody’s task is to look out of the burrows and linger on the surface, gaining points, but at the same time, not allowing May to hit you with a hammer. For every second on the surface, you will receive 1 point. For each hit on Cody – two. Fight each other, it’s fun! And for the study of all the mini-games you will find a hidden achievement.

Most of the time, Cody’s job is to pin down different targets with nails or create beams for Mei.

When you get tired of playing, follow on, jumping on the platforms, throw the nail into the button on the right to raise the gear and go further. Don’t forget to summon the nail on the other side. Stick two nails into the two yellow boards, jump over them for May and look for the button on the other side. Hit it so Cody can see the rising platform. Stand on this platform and jump when it rises again. Lower the mechanism bowl on the chain to raise the gate, and shoot the nail into the ring to stop it. Go through the gate and throw the nail at the other button to pick up the next gear.

Mini-game “Nail and hammer”

After passing under it, turn to the ledge on the right and run across the bridge to find a metal disc with a new mini-game “Nail and Hammer”. Have Cody stand on the yellow dot and May hit the yellow button in the center. You will learn the rules. So, you will have to destroy targets, and do it faster than your opponent. May hits them with a hammer, and Cody has to shoot nails.

If Cody is “blunt”, then in this part of the level you will have to suffer pretty much

When you get tired of playing, go back along the bridge and turn right. Throw the nail at the yellow board and Mei jump over to the other side. Click on the red button to trigger a whole mechanism of traps. First, jump onto a moving platform as May, and Cody throw a nail to stop her. The platform must be stopped before and after the lowering mechanism. Jump over to another and climb higher by hitting the yellow button. Throw a nail into a piece of wood swinging like a pendulum and move as May to the other side. Climb up on the rising and falling platform, throw two nails into two round pieces of wood and move to the other side. Hit the yellow button May, and Cody jump up using the jumping platform.

Another tricky place

May can pull the third nail out of the board a little further. Now Cody will have three nails at once! Slide Cody under the circular saws as they move towards you, and jump up while May hits the yellow button that raises the platform at the end. Then you will need to throw nails into the rings to activate the platforms. Activate the first two and jump Mei to the left. Take the nail from the first platform, throw it so that the left vertical wall protrudes. Jump to it Mei, and throw Cody into another button to extend the second vertical platform. Push between them as between walls, and then remove Cody’s nail from the right and create a horizontal platform on the right. Jump on her Mei, until she slid off the left wall.

Remove the left wall and put the right one. Build the platform above. Now May will be able to push off the wall and jump higher. And then everything is much easier. Break the bottles and get to Cody. Climb up the ledges, and then use the hammer to throw down the toolbox.

Walkthrough It Takes Two – And then the chase begins …

Catch up on the box. Move across the boards and platforms on which the block falls. Hit the yellow button and run to the other side. And both characters. Also, avoid smudges of shadow, as nails will fall into the indicated spots, being spat out by the toolbox. Throw the nail at the button and jump onto the extended platform. Move up the inclined conveyor, avoiding holes and spikes. Stand May at the button, and Cody climb the hill to the right. Hit the button and throw a nail into the ring to secure the platform. Take advantage of it. Break the bottles, move on, hit the button and fix the raised bridge with a nail. A boss battle will begin.

The second boss of the game awaits you at the top

How to defeat the Toolbox?

Unlike a vacuum cleaner, the Box does not have a health bar. When he swipes with his right hand (left on the screen), you just need to jump over it. Continue to avoid falling nails. When he swipes his hand, throw nails at the yellow dots, and in the role of Mei, cling to them like a crossbar. After getting closer to the Toolbox, hit the yellow padlocks with a hammer. It will not work to destroy both at once, so you have to repeat the steps at least twice.

After the first try, the Box will take out a drill and drill several holes on your platform at once. The survival challenge will get harder. Then the platform will start to rotate. Keep avoiding holes and nails, and jump over the metal tube. Wait for the Box to move your hand again, jump over to it and knock down the second padlock. The right arm will fall off, but he also has a left one with a shoulder blade.

The closer the finish line, the more difficult the fight becomes.

Jump over the spinning paddle, and then avoid the shadow so that the Crate doesn’t hit you with the same paddle. After a few hits, the paddle will remain on the platform. Stand on it Cody, and May hit the yellow part. This will toss up Cody, who can throw a few nails into the spray paint that is stuck on top of the Toolbox. He will begin to cut off parts of the platform, and in the end you will have nowhere to turn around. But you continue to insist on your own and counterattack the enemy.

Cody must stand on this shoulder

After the battle with the Toolbox and the conversation with the book of love, go to the wire and navigate it in the same way as the book did. Jump over obstacles in time, such as the red valve. Continue along the next wires, jumping from one to the other. Jump from the green cable to the next one, move to the adjacent wire to bypass the electric charge. Jump higher and find yourself in a huge rotating propeller. Opposite it there are two ribbons that you can slide along. Let the first character begin to slide along the left ribbon. And the second one will jump to the right a little later. At the end of each of them there is a remote control. Activate both at approximately the same time to give an alarm and stop the fan.

Walk behind the fan. Let one of the characters be the first to start moving along the right tape, at the beginning of which there is a remote control. The second will be able to activate the remote control on the left ribbon and disable the screw. After that, move on, jump on the wheels from the bike to the top and soon fall onto the shovel. You need to hit the shovel at the same time so that the heroes fall down.

Tree and beehive

Follow the branch in the same direction as the ants. Jump over to another branch using the lasso and clinging to the suspended load. Continue moving and jump up, pushing off the walls. Jump onto the rope ladder, from it even further and you can throw down the paper airplane. Jump over mushrooms and grab three weights. Swing on the latter so that you choose the right direction, and then unhook. Launch another paper airplane, and then both characters grab the red handles. You will open the door to the squirrel hollow.

You will find yourself in different rooms. May must shoot at the red targets, and Cody must shoot at the yellow piece of wood so that it sinks under the weight of the released slime. After that, the characters will unite. Let Cody shoot at the branches blocking the path, and May – at the slime released by him. It will explode, opening a passage further. Remember this mechanic.

Go a little further, click on the red button on the left and practice on the targets. When you do, you will be ordered to give the wasps a warm welcome. Destroy the branches in the next pass. Shoot Mei at the target on the left to raise the gate and quickly run under it. Have Cody weigh down the yellow bridge, cross to the other side, and then shoot the bridge to raise its far edge. Weigh down the circular platform at the top and walk onto it over the raised bridge. Shoot the target to climb up on the platform. Jump even higher onto the boxes, weight the edge of the other yellow bridge and follow up.

Destroy the grass that is holding the next planks with a combination of Cody’s and May’s projectiles. Break also the branches in front, shoot with a weighting agent at the yellow wall of the cage a little further, and then destroy this counterweight so that the cage rises up, along with the heroes. Then jump onto the branch, lower the cage with weights again and jump onto its roof. Break the weights to climb up to the top branch.

Next, there will be several suspended loads – red, yellow and a bank. Lower the yellow block with Cody’s weapon, let him catch on the hook underneath, and Mei must shoot at the weights so that the block goes up. Cody will be able to jump onto the upper platform. He must catch on the wall of the red canister, and Mei, with the help of targets, turn it. Jump Cody onto the can and lower it to open a passage to the next room.

Have May stand on the round disc with the chain on the right. Shoot the yellow block to the right of it with Cody’s weapon to raise the platform up. Mei will jump over four-blade devices, and Cody must shoot at the left-hand blades to rotate these devices. After reaching the very end, Mei will be able to shoot at the target, and Cody must first stand on another metal circle suspended from a chain. You will both end up on top. Destroy new branches, if you wish, go to the gate on the right and click on the START button. The character who does this will end up in the experimental chamber. And the other will be able to test various tortures on him. When you get bored, press the STOP button. Then go a little further along the branch and you will see a platform with red bindings. Let Cody shoot them with slime and May blow it up. As a result, you will go down.

Shoot the yellow flag on the first branch. Jump onto the carriage, destroy the slime, and then shoot Cody at the next flags to lower the branches and make the carriage roll downward. Destroy the branches, after which you will see the first wasps. Cody has to shoot slime, and May detonate it. When you see the message “Fuh, this seems to be the last”, you can move on. Fill two fireboxes with yellow slime. Have Cody stand on one of them and May shoot the slime. You will be able to fly up twice, catch on the hook and jump over to the other side. Create a chain of slime from the thickets and to the left along the yellow wall. Let Mei shoot at the slime, and as a result of the explosion, the wall will be lowered. May will be able to follow Cody and shoot the target behind bars.

Tug-of-war mini-game

Jump up, pushing off the walls. On the left you will see a structure of wheels and gears. This is a new mini-game. The task is quite simple – the winner is the one who presses the key / action button faster.

When you play enough, destroy the branches and the passage near the soccer ball. Roll forward on the rails, jumping from one to the other to avoid collisions with minecarts or falling into the abyss. Blow up the next branches below to get to the storage. Cody must fire at the yellow blades to rotate the mechanism on the vault door counterclockwise. Every time the flap opens, you will be attacked by wasps. Kill them. And at the end the boss will fly out.

Wasp shield

Dodge the attacks of this enemy, and when you can, then shoot Cody at the back of the boss to stop the yellow growths on him. Use Mei’s weapon to detonate them. Repeat until you win. Ideally, you should aggro the boss in such a way that he chases after May. In this case, Cody will have more time to aim and attack the boss from the back. After the victory, go inside the vault. By the way, it was a mini-boss, since in the future you will face several more such opponents.

Wasp mortar

Follow up through the tunnel and destroy the branches. Destroy the combs on the walls so that the larvae don’t jump out of them. Jump over the hanging candelabra, shoot two yellow bottles to throw them down. As a result, the Wasp Mortar will appear. Dodge falling projectiles, and keep using the same combination of Cody and Mei’s weapons to deal damage. The more slime sticks to the Wasp, the more damage she will take when she is blown up by Mei.

After winning, jump over the fallen bottles and lower the wall in front. Using slime as a counterweight. Throw the third bottle, go into the corridor and see the camera. Take a photo of Cody or May several times, and then set on the timer (red button on the right side of the camera) and take a picture together. This will unlock the Smiley achievement. Go downstairs and destroy several swarms of wasps. In the same way as before with other enemies. Then you will roll down. Let Cody cover the wasps with mucus, and May undermine it.

Once on the lid, use Cody’s weapon to steer her like a motor boat. Mei must shoot the glowing maggots. To continue swimming, shoot May at the target to the right of the gate. So you will raise them. A little later, you will need to go around the wasp tornado. Having done this, open the next gate, move through the cave with glowing jellyfish. Shoot the slime at the lamp, then detonate it with Mei’s weapon to illuminate this part of the cave. Jump over the jellyfish and light the next lamp. Continue through the cave and light the next lamp behind the painted walls. Then you will need to jump using the glowing bunch of energy. So you will get to the hole, behind which there will be a flying catfish.

Mini-game “Ventus Avengers”

After the flying catfish drops you, you will find a cave with a mini-game. Stand each for their weapons on the left and right. You need to shoot at moving targets so that they change the direction of movement. Move deeper into the cave, climb over the dilapidated bridge and stand on the platform (jump onto it with the help of the glowing bunch). Dodge the Wasp Shields as you head up. Upstairs, kill a few wasps. Here you will find a battle with the next boss.

Giant beetle

To defeat the beetle, you need to shoot slime into the sewer grates, lure the beetle closer to them and blow it up with Mei’s weapon. In addition to dodging running lunges, you will have to jump over the red rings, which represent the shockwave after the beetle slaps. Next, you will have a ride on this beetle. Cody will control movement and jumping, while May will aim and shoot. It is worth jumping over obstacles with banks, and shooting wasps and glowing larvae. Finally, you will reach the true boss of this location.

Queen of the wasps

Shoot the wasp swarm periodically with slime to thin it out. There are several red dots on the Queen – front and back. Throw slime on them, and then detonate them using Mei’s weapon. To do this, you will have to roll on the rails on the left and right. After dealing enough damage, these pieces will fall off. Therefore, there will be fewer and fewer vulnerabilities. When the Queen starts to fire, wait a little and at the very last moment, jump onto the rails.

Then you will need to jump over the rings of wasps, which are formed as a result of the fall of a kind of “warheads”. If you survive, you can continue the battle. Shoot wasps blocking the rails immediately. The queen will turn with you, so you should move from different directions. Next time, when part of the Queen falls off, you will have to jump over the wasps that form movable scissors. Then you will move along the looped rails. Shoot at the red section of the chain by which the Queen is suspended. Break this chain to gain the upper hand in battle. Watch the video. Then one of the characters will control a makeshift plane, and the other – a weapon. Shoot back at opponents. In the end, May will have to fight the Chief of Squirrels in a fist fight. This is some kind of Mortal Combat!

Rose’s room – pillow fortress

Move forward on the pillows and climb the distant mountain of them to discover the Supertankers mini-game. There are two gamepads. Use them to launch the game. You must move around the location and shoot your opponent. The projectile will fall into a white dot on the ground. Continue driving, but stop at a flashlight that you can turn on or off. Climb the steps on the right, jump to the other side and enter the cache with the main characters A Way Out. Eventually, you come across a TV with two joysticks. Collect the word Override from two parts, then on the next levels insert each part in the right places to extend the line. Make a ladder with creatures. Then set the lines so that there is a smile on the right face too (as on the left; extend the lips). Press the indicated key / button, until the heroes are drawn into the TV. Here you will encounter the Astronaut Monkey.

From now on, Mei will use special shoes that allow her to move along the illuminated paths on the walls and ceiling. And Cody can get smaller or bigger. Let Cody shrink and walk under the fire frame, while May climb to the ceiling and follow above it. In this case, the girl must hang on the handles so that a small gap for Cody is formed, where there is no fire.

Step up as Cody and hit the huge button. Walk across the bridge, have Cody push the battery, and May switch the lever on the robot. Jump into the force field and fly up. In the future, you can use such a field to fly up or down.

Space Walk Mini-game

To find it, as soon as you enter the first force field behind the robot, fly upward, looking around. A meter above you there will be a hidden niche with a flying tambourine and a portal. Go through it to find yourself in a room where you can start this mini-game. You need to jump on platforms / cubes and step on them in order to capture. The more dice you have by the time the time expires, the better.

On the Milky Way – red teleport

Climb even higher along the force field and you will find several portals here. Go through the red portal, follow the rails and jump onto the planets. Jump from them to other rails, slide further and use the donut to jump up. This will take you to the central room. Have May jump onto the red ball and Cody zoomed in and hit him in the direction of the other. Jump over to it, and then Cody will have to hit the second ball in the direction of the furniture. Jump there May and follow the glowing path to the side. She will lead to the robot. Again, you need to slide in the battery. Facing the robot, turn right along the magnetic track and you will see buttons. Activate them in turn so that Cody can climb up, jumping on different pull-out shelves. At the top, Cody should shrink, go inside the robot and insert the battery. And May – pull the lever.

Green teleport

The first test is completed, so you can go back and go through the next portal. Let it be green. Go right and jump up, pushing off the walls. Let Mei immediately go to the left on the magnetic track to move along the ceiling. Activate two levers and jump over obstacles as the platform moves. Cody must hit the first accordion, Mei must push the second, after which Cody can hit the third. May can move on, but Cody will have to shrink to do this. Hit two red pedestals at the same time to swap places. Roll on the rails, zoom in Cody and turn the wheel responsible for the spring. Do not pinch it, otherwise May will fly away to the trap. She should just jump over the ledge just below. Then push the wall. May has to break the cup, and Cody can jump higher up the walls. Then Cody needs to shrink. Cody has to grab the object with the ring, and May has to jump and grab the ring. Move it to the right, grab both of the rings and rotate to the right. Keep moving, repeat the steps and soon you will reach the robot. Activate it, like all the previous ones.

Blue teleporter

The first ball will roll back and forth by itself, so you can hop on top of it and move forward. Jump May onto the second ball. Zoom in on Cody and push him towards the ledge in front. Press the button on top, continue pushing the ball, jumping on it Mei. This will get you to the robot. But now we need to get Cody here. Move the cube to the right, decrease Cody and jump on it (more precisely, jump, and then decrease). Move the cube towards the robot so that Cody can get inside and slide the battery. Activate the robot. When you pass all the tests behind the teleports, niches with valves will open in the main hall. Turn both valves at the same time to go even higher.

Mini-game “Laser Tennis”

When you activate all the robots and can climb even higher along the force field, look for another niche under the platform with the following portals. There will be a teleporter leading to the location of the mini-game. You need to run over the glowing tiles in order to send laser beams at your opponent, and at the same time jump over the beams sent to them.

Teleport with umbrellas

Shrink to Cody and enter the ball. Start it with May. Cody will be able to control the ball left and right, but Mei must remove obstacles with green balls and red arrows. As a result, the ball must fall into the far pocket. The door on the right will open. Follow through it, climb Cody up the blue cubes and find an umbrella with some kind of device. Activate it. It turns out to be a device for creating a force field. Climb May up the light wall, jump into the force field. Cody must turn the device to the right so that Mei can go down to the bright path with the umbrella image. Run Mei further, jump up the walls and stand on the blue button. You will disable the lasers, and Cody can jump higher, pushing off the walls. Go to the robot, shrink Cody and go inside to slide the battery. Let May activate it.

Golden teleporter with pillows

You can jump onto the pillows on the left and right to find a pair of rockets and a wiretap device. Aim it at the sky to fill the scale. Go to the other side by jumping over donuts. Stand Mei on the left side of the swing, zoom in on Cody and hit the right side to fly up. To get the achievement “Normal flight!”, Stand on the left side with the reduced Cody and hit Mei on the right side. Cody will fly into space. But back to the walkthrough. When May jumps up, have her stand on the right side of the springs. Bending both springs, throw up the usual Cody (stand on the left side of the swing, and Mei jump down to the right). Increase Cody to fully bend the springs. Jump May to Cody, make the guy normal and you will be upstairs.

Jump on the pillows, let Cody shrink and go into the glass box. Mei must climb the glowing wall to the left or right. Scale up Cody to normal size and jump onto the ring. Grasping it, you activate the next ring. Then May should jump first, then Cody and May again. Either way, you will get to the far side. Let Cody jump up, and May move along the luminous path. Cody will be able to jump to the robot using the rings and rope, and Mei will do the same. Activate the robot.

Silver teleporter with blue dice

You need to get some conductors. First, jump on the cubes to the left, to the first guide. Please note that these cubes flip from left to right and vice versa, so it is advisable to jump as soon as they begin to roll over. In the opposite direction, jump so that you fly from the second cube to the inverted third (diagonally). Place the guide on the left, on the star pillow. Take the rails on the right, jump with the ring and take another guide. Walk behind the robot, make Cody smaller and stand on the left platform. Mei should stand on the right, so that Cody can climb up and go into the glass room with the rocket. Enter this rocket, and when you go upstairs, return to normal dimensions and take the third conductor.

There is also a path on the right that leads to a device with small pipes. Shrink Cody and go inside. Go around all the obstacles and click on the red button to open the hood. Return to normal dimensions and carry the fourth conductor to the center.

Go to the left of the Mei robot, onto the luminous path, to be below the cap with the fifth guide. Zoom in on Cody and stand on the red button opposite the robot to raise the hood. This will allow you to pick up the fifth guide. Five conductors will be enough to deliver the charge to the right place. Conductors already on the right can be spaced further to increase the coverage. When the current hits the conductor on the left in the star image, you will power the robot and can go inside to slide the battery. Activate it with May.

Returning back, activate two gates and fly higher. At the top, stand with any character on the button and press it, rotating two curved tubes. When one of them takes the correct position, stand on the button above it to fix the tube, and then continue to press the button with the first character to rotate the second tube correctly. Having done this, stand May on the platform to the right, and Cody should be reduced and jump up the walls to the battery. Slide it in, hold it, and Mei hit the green button. The door will open, behind which you will find TVs. You have to fight the boss!

Monkey astronaut

Examine the game location. The monkey will start shooting a beam at one of the characters. He must run so that the monkey hits the blue button with the beam. With the second character, stand on it so that the flask rises, and then the first character make the monkey shoot into this flask. She will take damage. Jump over the rotating beams and avoid bombs. Repeat the steps making the monkey shoot the blue flask two more times. And for the last time you need to stand on the platform in the role of Cody, so that he can increase and press into it, lowering the flask under the laser beam. Zoom in on Cody, pick up the flying saucer, and Mei rip the cannon out of its bottom.

In the second stage, dodge the homing missiles. And when they stop, jump from above and direct straight into the flying saucer. When you decrease health, the plate will fall down again. Run to the back of it as Cody, shrink the man and climb inside the flying saucer. Mei must dodge the laser beams while Cody moves over the wobbly blocks. Enter Cody’s glazed corridor and run left, clockwise. Run under the monkey’s foot pedal, overcome beams, vices and revolving paths. Jump up the walls, get to the yellow button and hit it to throw the Astronaut Monkey out of the plate.

At the end of the fight, May will control the saucer, and Cody will shoot at the Monkey using the radar. The same radar will tell Mei where to fly to find the boss. You need to hit it three times.

Rodeo classics and mini-game

To get the next achievement, climb over the barrier on the left behind the bed, where there will be a car. Sit in it with any character, move the other car back to start the mechanism, and release. If the character in the car flies through the ring, you will receive the “Daredevil” achievement. And on the left on the hill there is a place to start a new mini-game. Sit on two bulls. You may have the same error where the buttons to be pressed only appear on one of the characters. And the other does not have to reap anything, so sooner or later he wins. But the meaning is clear.

Go to the green cubes with the number “5” and click on the square with the number “8”. With the other character, jump on the same cubes to the right, go behind the wall and stand on the green button “5”. You will be able to go further with the first character, already jumping on the green cubes. From them you need to jump on the green, yellow and blue platforms, which the second character must turn over, using the buttons of the corresponding color a little further. You will reach the number “4”, and the character who just jumped on the buttons will be able to proceed further along the blue dice. Stand on the green button with the number “6”. Both characters will be able to meet at the hole in the wall. Follow through it.

Cross a huge hole with rotating cubes hovering over it. Behind it will be images of animals. Let one of the characters stand on the image of the “pig”, and the other – fly along the rails under the cube with the pig in front (it will be raised). Immediately jump over to the mouse image so that the character on the rails can get around the obstacles. Next, there will be an image of a horse, mouse, pig (or horse), bear. You will get to the next buttons and now the heroes will be swapped. Sequentially you need to activate the buttons with the following animals:

  • Frog
  • Dog
  • a lion
  • Sheep
  • Frog
  • a lion

Mini-game “Feed the reptile”

After reaching your destination, stand on the “cow” button to meet both characters in the back room. Before moving on, activate a new mini-game. To do this, go behind the blue beads on the right. On the half of each of the characters, there are three different mouths. For hitting the bottom with the ball, you will receive 1 point, in the upper – 3 points, in the snake – 2 points. Go back and jump up the ramps at the accounts. Two people cling to the hanger to move forward. You will find yourself at a desk, and you will have to solve examples. Step on the numbers so that you get the correct answer after the equal sign:

  • 7 + 5 = 12 or 8 + 4 or 9 + 3
  • 9 + 6 = 15
  • 2 + 4 = 6 (another option is also possible)

You will fly to the fruit cards. There are 2 cards for each fruit. This is a famous game. You need to open two cards and look for their pairs. Remember the location of the fruits you see. You can have at most 6 errors. If you do everything right, fly to the next desk. Move the pencil together through all the numbers and numbers. Consistently to get a drawing.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

Next, you will need to run on the platform together and control the ball in order to avoid all the holes and bring it to the last point. When done, click on the button at the very beginning to raise the cheese platform. The mouse will drive up to the cheese, and you can get out of the mousetrap, huddling against the blue and green silhouettes. Jump simultaneously over the cubes with numbers to overcome the next room, and also snuggle up to the silhouettes on the glass. Activate each of your levers, jump onto the bridge in front and up, pushing off between the yellow / green block and the wall. Jump over to the next lever by grabbing onto the ring. Activate two levers at the same time to open the passage. There are two buttons that inflate the pillows. From the left pillow, jump onto the ring at the top of the finger. For another character, stand on the next pillow, and for those who hold on to the finger, jump to the second button. The character from the far pillow will fly forward and be able to grab the ring. The character on the other side will be able to use two buttons to inflate the pillows. First, the remaining character must again jump on the finger, and then fly from the far pillow over the ravine using the hook ring. It’s simple.

Mini-game “Table baseball”

Turn on the two yellow valves and jump forward on the cubes. On the right, opposite the green frog, there will be another mini-game. Hit your ball in time to earn points. A little further there is a piggy bank. If you throw all the coins into it, and then break it, you will receive the achievement “Bank Robbery”. Climb up and open the chest to find the spinners. Fly forward and push off the ramps to the pipe on the right to turn the yellow valve. Find two more valves to stop all the balls from falling. Keep flying, bouncing off balls and other inflatable objects, and avoiding obstacles. Install the spinners and lift the platform up. The Book of Love is already waiting for you there.

Run through the tunnel with rotating cubes, and then find yourself in a room with a pit. There are light colored tiles on the walls on the left and right. Connect them with light tiles on the floor, in a straight line. The tiles become light when you stand on them. If everything is done correctly, a bridge will appear. Connect another path to reach the portal. Connect a line of light tiles in two parts to fly even further. You will have to take turns rotating the columns of purple, blue, yellow, and rise higher and higher. You need to jump onto the purple and blue platforms from the same place – the green steps. At the very top, rotate the yellow dome to interrupt the illusion.

Railroad station

Jump on the roofs of buildings to find figures of a man and a woman. Place them at the bottom next to the round red platform. Moreover, the girl needs to be put on the circle, and the guy – to the side of it. Also below there is a figurine of a railway operator. Place it nearby so that he turns the platform (the guy and the girl will grab hands). In the very corner on the roofs of the houses, look for a figurine of the moving officer. Install it inside the booth near the barrier to remove the obstacle. You can now drive forward on the hand-operated minecarriage.


One of the characters must take the dinosaur control lever, grab the bone and lower the platform. The second character will be able to climb on it. And he will control a little red dinosaur. Hit the platform to change blocks and go further. If you want to get the achievement “Kusosaurus”, catch the second character with the big dinosaur on the small dinosaur. Go back and hit the red slab again. With a large dinosaur, grab the long block in front of the bone and lift it up. Hit the red platform again and ride the small dinosaur under the raised block.

Next there will be two blocks with bones. You must make sure that both blocks are facing you with these bones. Grab the block with the bone, and then hit the red plate with a small dinosaur. Both blocks are now turned by the bones in your direction. Use one of them as a mobile ferry so that a small dinosaur gets to the second platform. And already lift it up (you do not need to hit the red plate). Follow further, lower the platform with the bone and dinosaur down to the red plate. But don’t hit. Use the large dinosaur to bite the bone of the ferry platform in front and to the right, and hit the red button with the small dinosaur. Lift it up and you can move the small dinosaur using two movable platforms. Fortunately, now they are both turned in your direction by the bones.

The dinosaur will be destroyed soon. Move the blocks with the help of a big dinosaur so that the second character passes over them and avoids sharp peaks. Jump onto the green wall, and while slide, the character on the dinosaur should push the bottom block. Lower the block with the wall so that another character jumped on it, then lift it, and he can jump to the left. Lift it up to reach the rope device. Rotate the handle to drop an object that will cause the chicken to open its mouth.

Pirates on deck

Drive on to get to the pirate ship. Swim across the pond, destroying any obstacles and octopuses. In the end, you will need to fight octopuses on ships. Keep moving, shoot dynamite and swim through penguin territory. You will reach the boss shortly.

Giant octopus

Swim around it and avoid the tentacles. You need to shoot directly at the octopus. Alternatively, you can destroy its tentacles. When the octopus has 50% of its total HP, it will start sending inflatable ducks with dynamite in your direction. Shoot them before they have time to get close to the ship of the heroes. Continue shooting at the octopus and its tentacles, and also avoid the mortars (the bombs will fall in red). Continue driving.

Main show (circus)

You will soon reach the circus area. Click on the red button on the left to launch the ball. Then, both characters grab the block on the right. Move it to the left so that the ball hits the bridge, and then to the right. Hit the button to raise the ball inside the clown. The same must be done inside the arena where the ball rolled. Further, one of the characters becomes inside the wheel, and the other presses the button so that the ball rolls to the left. And quickly runs to the second wheel to send the ball to the clown. Let one of the heroes press the red button so that the ball will fly over the seals to the stand from above. And then he will jump onto the carousel. It will start to rotate. Climb the roofs of the carousel with both characters, and then jump to the cannon, in the direction of the ball.

One of the characters climbs into the cannon and takes aim, while the other shoots them. You need to shoot down all three balloons with a target. And you need to aim just above the second and distant balls. As soon as you do this, the ball will fly away further. The Ferris wheel will appear, and you can move through its cabins to the next part of the level.

Press the red button to roll the ball out of the clown. Stand on the wheel on the rope with both characters and move to the left, carrying the ball with you. The character from below will drive to the left, and from above – to maintain balance. Press another button to make the ball appear under the rope with a crossbar. There is a similar crossbar on the other side. Grab one of the characters for it, and the other take the ball and grab the first one. Start swinging. You need to find the moment to throw the ball to the character on the second crossbar, and from there – into the hole on the right. Grab the balloon and move it to the other side by jumping over the balloons. Put it on a slingshot and launch it into a huge inflated clown. Continue on the trolley.

In a distant realm (castle)

Go to the castle and find another Star Song mini-game. You need to press the correct keys / buttons when the balls fall into the rings from below. The fewer mistakes, the higher the chances of winning. Climb up the rails to see two cannons. You can shoot yourself at the target. There is also a train running along the rails. Hop into one of the carriages to get the Railroad Trip achievement. Move up the rails to the station, where there are different figures. To the left of it there is a rope along which you can run to the control mechanism of the destructive device. One character can rotate the mechanism in a circle, while the other can swing the weight. The kettlebell is used as a magnet, so first use it to hook the bowling ball on the left (but overall it looks strange, since bowling balls are clearly not made of metal!). unfold the ball so so that he is in front of the gate. Jump on it with both characters and start swinging. Knights will meet you inside the castle.

Dungeon dwellers

Further, the heroes will find themselves in dungeon, and after that they will find equipment that will allow Mei to become a knight, and Cody – a magician. Use the keys / buttons indicated in the corner of the screen to activate different abilities. The magician can use the teleport, and you will try it in the next corridor, when you can move through the grate. Step on the button to open the door for May. But the knight will be able to dash through the hole a little later. Click on the button to create a lava flow. And then freeze it with the magician, as a result of which a bridge is formed.

Kill the first enemies in the shelving corridor. As a magician, move through the grate on the right and click on the button. Use the knight to quickly run across to the other side and kill all enemies. Make a dash to Cody, stand on the button and let him cross the bridge behind the bars. You can also go back with a jerk. Freeze the lava streams ahead to get further. Kill the enemies, among which the first magician will appear. Dodge the purple spheres, and when he is on the far platform, move to him with the help of the knight. And if he goes to jail, use Cody’s teleportation.

After the victory, the gates will open. Deal with a new batch of enemies, keep moving using dashes and teleportation to get to each enemy. Go around obstacles and then overcome the fire pit, freezing the lava flows. Get to the gate and stand on the two yellow buttons at the same time. Run to the left of the huge doll with a rotating rolling pin. Break the fences, and at the very end, destroy four generators to throw the enemy into a pit of fire. Lure the bull to the burning bowls in the corners. When all four are destroyed, a hole in the center will open. Lure him into the pit and hit with both hands to make the enemy fall down. Watch the video.

King and queen

And then you have to fight with a real boss. More precisely, with two at once – a chess king and a queen. Attack them without letting the pieces crush Cody or May. You also need to periodically destroy pawns. Watch out for divorces coming from the pawns. Streams of energy will fly in these directions, which can damage you. Also, cells can be simply isolated, which after a couple of seconds will become electrified. Horses only move in a straight line, so just dodge them (get in between). Tura destroys cells in two lines. They will all be set off by fire.

Climb the hill, use the arrows and the center button to catch the stuffed elephant with your mechanical arm. Pull it out, move it on and throw it down the cliff.


Gate of time

You will get new abilities. Mei can teleport to the clone, and Cody can rewind time back and forth. For example, Cody can practice on the wreckage ahead. Rewind the time to create a bird statue from the rubble. Go through the gate, rewind time to clear the blockage, and run to the two levers in front. Place the copy of Mei near the gate in front, pull the two levers to open them, then teleport to the copy and go through the gate until it closes. Open them up for Cody.

Catch May to the ring with the rope, and Cody rewind time to lift the beam with the ring up. May will be able to jump onto the top ledge. And from there – jump to the other side using the same ring. Click on the button at the top, and then jump on the flying platforms to the far corner. Cody must restore the eagle. Stand under it and create a clone of May. Step back and release the rewind time. Teleport to the clone to be on the eagle’s part, and then restore it with Cody’s abilities. May will be upstairs.

Click on one more button on top, go down and jump into the opened gate using the ring on the beam. Restore the owl statue in front. Let May stand on the black block in the middle of the pit. Release the restoration of the statue so that May can jump to the other side and end up in the lift. You can pick it up by rewinding time from Cody. Create a clone of Mei at the top when the lift is at its maximum height. Let Cody let him go, and you teleport to the clone to be on the second level of the elevator. Pick it up again and run Mei to the right. At the very end there will be another lever. Pull on it to move the figures further.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

Follow them and jump along the rings to the right. Follow the rail and you will soon find a large gate, in front of which the figures of May and Cody will stop. Create a clone of Mei on one of the buttons and step on the other. The third button should be Cody. Quickly teleport to the clone so that all three buttons are activated at the same time. Stand on the platform in the center and use Cody’s time rewind skill to get Mei flying over the gate.

You can jump down and ride the catamaran. He will lead you to a cave, where there will be an entrance to the house. This will give you the Triangular Triangulation achievement. You can break all the vases and collect diamonds, but they do not work. Return to the figures of the man and woman. Raise the bells using Cody’s time rewind. Create a clone under one of the bells and activate the button under the other. Then quickly teleport and activate the second button to open the gate.

Next time, the figures will stop in front of the fire passage. Mei must jump to the lever on the clouds from above, and Cody must use the time rewind to raise / lower the drops and extinguish the fire. As soon as it is extinguished, the barrier will rise. When they stop in front of the bridge, press the two buttons to the left and right of it at the same time, and then lock both parts using the time rewind from Cody. To remove the pig cart, first hit each pig and feed them inside the barn. The pigs will get to the cart and the man will drive forward. The figurines will reach the gate. But take your time. There is a mini-game to the left of them.

Mini-game “Horse Racing”

It is located to the left of the gate in a large city, to which figures of a man and a woman must get close. You need to jump and duck to dodge various obstacles. You can go even further to the left, go fishing, and then hit two buttons so that the huge HELLTOWER tower appears. Jump up this tower. In a place with diverging vertical walls, make no more than one jump, and then hang on the walls. The character will slowly slide down. If you manage to climb to the top with any character, you will receive the Platformer Virtuoso achievement.

Bomb Run mini-game

Also to the left of this tower, there is a second mini-game on the roof. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first. Or you can win if your opponent’s timer expires and his bomb explodes.

Use the gears near the gate to set the time to the one shown in the chapel above. Watch the video.

Clock mechanisms

Move through the gorge and climb up to the platform at the very end. Get on the birds and fly to the tower in front. There are smaller towers on the left and right. Fly to the tower on the left and go down inside it. There are colored platforms in front, and a kind of clock at the top. Jump on the platforms at the moment when the arrow points to them. There shouldn’t be any problems with the first room. In the second room, Cody must use time rewind to create a bridge on the left. Let Mei walk over it and stand on the green button. Cody must jump onto the blue platform when the clock hand points to it. Then – immediately to the green, and then – to the red (when the clock hand points to it). As soon as Cody flies off to the red one, May runs over to the blue button on the left. And Cody can get to the end of the room. Hit the button. After that, so that May can go all this way, rewind time for Cody. So that the mechanism rotates counterclockwise. You will open the tower.

Fly to the tower on the right. Go inside. Cody must create a bridge in the corridor on the left. There will be a rising gate behind this bridge. Place May’s clone there, run back. When the gate opens, teleport to the clone and run forward. May will see several hours on the walls. Each of them indicate their own time, and there are symbols above them:

  • 1:00 – bee
  • 2:00 – bird
  • 4:00 – cat
  • 5:00 – month
  • 7:00 – dog
  • 9:00 – sun

In the same order, Cody must hit the pieces of the round slab in the previous room. You will be able to reach the lift and activate the second tower. Glowing maggots now fly outside. Grab them with birds and throw them like bombs at the energy barriers on both towers. Go down to the main gate, rewind the time so that the figures rise even higher. There are narrow walls to the left and right of the gate. Jump up them with both characters to open the gate. And then go inside.

The wall will begin to move towards you. Run close to her and create a clone of Mei. After a couple of seconds, teleport to the clone to be behind the wall, and click on the lever. You will lower the platform down. Go through the corridor to the winding key and turn it with both characters. Run to the right and turn the other key. This will take you to a huge statue. First, go up the rails on the left. Jump on four moving platforms. Cody must rewind time to rotate the next platforms. Jump to the nearest one. Have Cody rewind time and create a clone at the far end. Cody rewinds time again, and Mei moves to the clone, but to a different platform. And so on. In this way, you can get to the back of the level and pick up the winding key. A rail will appear along which you need to move down.

Now ride the rails to the right side of the mechanism. Rewind Cody’s time against the wall on the right to move it apart. May will be able to jump up between the walls. Next, Cody creates platforms on the side so that May can get over to the other side. After that, you need to reduce the block, May will stand on it, and rewind the time again so that May will fly to the mechanism. Rotate the mechanism for May to lower the cage, and Cody rewind time at the far wall so that the scissors will work, which will cut the rope with the cage. Pick it up by rewinding Cody’s time, and under the bottom, place the May clone. Lower the cage, move to the clone, take the winding key and create a clone. Lift the cage and move to the clone below. May teleports along with the key. Go back and install the key.

Turn the right winding key first so that the statue turns towards the gate. And then rotate the left one to insert a piece of the sword into the hole at the bottom and rotate it. You will need to fight the clockwork bull. There is a button on the side. Stand on it and lure the bull so that he bangs his head against the wall. Repeat this twice. For the third time, Cody will have to lift the stone statue, and May will again lure the animal. By the way, create clones somewhere in another part of the location so that you can instantly teleport to him and avoid the bull.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

Let May stand on any petal, and Cody must rewind time. Jump over the stone slabs, through the hole in the wall, and lower the lever. Cody will be able to use the pad inside the pocket watch to jump into the same hole. Run to the very end, Cody must rewind time back and forth to close the distance between the walls. Let May jump up. Throw down the can, stand on its lid behind Cody and rewind the time to go upstairs.

Stand at the top of the Cody button, let May go to the other side and create a clone. Go back, let Cody go over and teleport to the clone. You will get up for the clock. Jump over the rotating arrows, and then follow the figures. Jump on the pads of the pocket watch, cling to the rings and fly to the left. Eventually, you will reach a door that must be opened by both characters. Grab onto the bird’s claws. Avoid shading on the glass surface as a bird will bump into it. You need to survive so that the last piece of the glass slab remains.

Echoes of the past

Follow forward, dodge the pendulums (you need to turn in different directions), and then stay in the middle. Repeat the steps twice. Falling down, dodge rotating gears and other obstacles. When time rolls back, bombs will start falling on you. Become a new clock every time to destroy all the mechanisms. After the explosion, Cody has to rewind time back and forth, and May – jump over the wreckage to the clock. Eventually, this nightmare will end.


The ice has broken

It is important to understand the basic mechanics here: the same “poles” repel, and different ones attract. Move down and open the doors. Cody has to push off the red dot, May the blue. Go forward, have Cody jump on the load, and May push him up. Then May has to jump on the load, and Cody pulls it to her (up). With the beam and the ring, you need to do the same – Cody jumps over first, followed by May. Pull Cody over the blue bridge and cross over to the other side while driving Mei. Once on the other side, Mei will be able to push the bridge away and help Cody. Saw the log using the magnets and cross the lake. Be attracted by the characters to the red and blue devices. And then push away from them, choosing each color (Cody – red, Mei – blue).

Pull out the catapult for May, pull the bowl for Cody, get into it for May, and then release it for Cody. May will be on the other side and will be able to push the suspended logs towards Cody. Cody will jump towards them with the help of a red magnet (push off from him). Remember to pull the logs even closer and ride them down. Climb into the building by being attracted by the magnets to the opposite color. Climb higher on the same spinning gear and bounce off your color to jump onto the ledge. Go outside.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

Cody should gravitate towards the blue and then lower the lever to the left, standing under it. The beam will turn and Mei will be able to pull herself towards the red. Let Cody stand under the lever while May goes upstairs and pushes off the blue. Lower the lever behind Cody and push off the red color, jumping up behind May. Jump on the rings, ride on the rails and gravitate towards opposite colors. Climb up, pushing off between the walls. There will be a movable bridge here. Push him behind Cody, and Mei stand to the right of the bridge and hold him, pulling the red color. Walk to the end of the bridge behind Cody and lock it by gravitating towards the blue. The bridge is assembled. After the video, roll on the ice, get to the door and lower both handles. To open the first gate, Cody must pull the blue magnet towards him, and May push off the blue platform. Next, you should jump along the walls, pushing off the block that Cody raises. Strike the bell at the top to melt the ice. And open the gate.

Winter village

Walk forward on the left side until you find a high platform with a blue dot. It can be rotated by May. Turn the platform clockwise. Have Cody jump onto the ledge, pushing off the walls. Then have him jump to the side of the platform, and May quickly turn it to the other side. Climb up, pushing off the walls, and then jump onto the top of the movable platform. Mei must turn her towards the tower, and Cody must push off from the red dot to jump up. Walk up and hit the bell. The city will come to life! There is a swing nearby. Behind Cody, start pushing away the swing on which the doll is sitting. When she flies away, you will receive the Capricious Swing achievement. There are three mini-games here.

Icicle Throwing Mini-Game

Go to the market square and look for a house with a tambourine, where there are motionless snowmen on the side. Throw snowballs at different targets. Whoever hits more will win. In addition, a scoring ring will appear. If you throw a snowball through it and hit the target, you will earn 2 points. Move around the outskirts of town before you unlock the second mini-game. Walk past the ice rink with the turtle and the cave leading up to a mini-game. There will be another tower here. Have May rotate the device from the bottom, pushing away its blue mounts. And Cody has to grab the blue seal on the big wheel. After climbing this wheel, release the seal and start running. Mei must turn it so that a red magnet appears, from which Cody can push off and jump up. There will be another large wheel steering device at the top. Now Cody will control it, and May go upstairs. Then Cody should stand on the platform and May raise him. The bell should be struck at the top.

Shuffleboard mini-game

Go down from the previous tower and go inside the cave. This mini-game reminds everyone of the “adorable” and “addicting” curling. Each character has three stones. Adjust the throwing force to launch rocks forward as close to the cliff as possible. The more points you get in two throws, the better. The maximum you can score is 12 points.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

By the way, return to that very huge turtle. There are four little turtles on the rink around it – two blue and two red. Pull them all to the big turtle to get the Lost and Found achievement. Run to the third tower. You won’t be able to climb from its foot, so jump over the hole to the right and gravitate towards the opposite color. Pull Mei to the right, and Cody shoot the cannon at the ice walls, leaving red magnets there. Mei can be attracted to them. So jump up and make your way to the left along the wall. Strike the bell.

Snow Conflict mini-game

From the tower, head back along the left wall to find a cave with the third and final mini-game. You need to throw snowballs at each other, not forgetting to replenish ammunition.

Move to the indicated location to launch the funicular and leave the village. Next, you need to go through the cave and ride a sled.

Under the cover of ice

There will be another mini-game at this level. Jump into the water and swim forward through the cave. Don’t worry about air – dolls don’t need it! Open the sluice to get out of the water. Get out of the hub and swim towards the seaweed ahead. Open the next sluice into which you will be sucked in by the stream of water. Avoid hitting the screws. Swing on the hooks. Mei should be attracted to the red magnets on the right, and Cody should push off the red magnet on the left. Keep moving on. Use streams of water where you can stop. You will need to start the mechanism. And each character must push back the blades of their own color.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

Ice Race mini-game

Walk down the icy slope to find a mini-game. Go through the yellow rings, but also use the green springboard rings to accelerate and shorten the path accordingly.

Dive into the water and swim to the hub. Get out and swim along the pipe to the left. You will need to get to the surface and go down to another place in the reservoir. This will get you to the glass sphere. Launch Cody inside by lifting the airlock by the red handle. Cody needs to stand on the bridge inside, and May will be able to rotate it. Tilt the bridge so that Cody can run into the upper opening to the familiar mechanism. Press Kodi on the button to start the device.

Climb outside and you will see a pipe with three loose bolts. In the center is a key with magnetic tips. Grab it by the opposite color and move it to each of the bolts. Twist everything. When doing this, you should avoid huge fish. You have activated all the mechanisms of the submarine in the form of a ball! Go back and turn the center lever. Run to the top of the lighthouse and press both buttons.

Slippery slopes

Watch the video. Roll down the mountain. At the bottom, you need to pull out an ice floe with a monster from the niche on the right. Then break the ice on the left and push Cody away from the red magnet so that he can jump onto the ice floe with the monster. May has to move her across the ice to hooks that Cody can grab onto. Break the ice behind the hooks for May to follow you. Move up and roll along the rail. Let Mei jump up from the blue magnet. Cody jump and grab the red-headed grappling hook. Move him to the right with Cody (driving May), take your time and move the second hook to him. Jump over Cody, and Mei move the hook back to the right. Push Cody boards with red color. Keep rolling down and open the door lock.

Pull yourself together to smash the ice wall. To overcome the next cliffs, you need to use the same mechanics. At the end of the cave, stand on both sides and pull yourself together. As you move up the hill, use the signs to stay on and not roll down during the winds. On the right, look for a red magnet that will allow Cody to jump higher. Next, Cody must go down to the road and catch on the blue sign. Go to the left side. Over the hill you will not be blown away. Stand in front of May, and gravitate towards each other at the same time to be in the middle.


Skillful gardener

You will be taken to the garden. Mei can water the plants with some kind of liquid and attack with a sickle, and Cody can use ivy to attract objects. A huge plant blocks the way forward. Let Cody pull back the petal, and May destroy the insides of the plant with a sickle. Destroy another plant and water the pot of dry soil. Then Cody must dive into this pot, and transform into a dandelion to fly to the other side. Lower the hooked branch for May to fly over to you. She will destroy the plant, thereby opening the way forward.

It Takes Two Walkthrough

Water the next pot, turn Cody into a cactus and attack the pumpkins. And then driftwood. May can help with a sickle. Water the flower pot. Let Cody grow to the right towards the platform while growing leaves. May can jump on them to the right, water the flower and thereby open the passage to the right. Cody should now grow forward from the pot, grow leaves, and Mei should jump to them and destroy the plant. This will remove the thorns from the wall passage and Cody will be able to meet with May. There will also be another pot with a flower. Water it, grow it forward, and grow the leaves. Have May get over to the other side and destroy the plant on the high ground ahead. Cody will be able to climb over the pit by grabbing onto two hooks. Open Cody’s blue bud and have May fill it with water.


The boss will appear. The point is simple. When the Shrew crawls out of the ground, Cody must grab her with ivy, and May – run up and attack with a sickle. You will have to destroy driftwood between these visits.

After the victory, go to the new opening. There will be a fork in the road with signs to the spa and greenhouse. Walk right and look inside the spa. Go to the right side of the spa, turn the valve and take a shower. You will receive the Insect Spa achievement. Perhaps the achievement will be awarded for any other interaction with local “entertainment”. Go outside and move to the greenhouse. Lower the petal with Cody and destroy the insides of the plant with May’s sickle.


At the very beginning of the location, after the cut-scene, jump over the stones on the right side to find the Garden Swing mini-game. Swing while there is time, and then jump off the swing at the right time. Go back and move through the vegetable garden. Get to the hole behind the vegetable garden and fill the open bud on the right. Jump over the leaves and then head up the hill to the left for another mini-game. After that, drink the bud on the right to meet the driftwood using the shield. Cody should grab them by the shield, and May – attack with a sickle from behind. After the victory, May will move on a spider. Water a nearby pot and let Cody turn into a dandelion. May then climb up the bark and water the bud. The petals in the water will spin harder, and will toss the dandelion that Cody has become. This will fly you to the other side. Move together, open the blue bud and fill it with water. You will find the second spider.

Run forward, pull the web to the top and follow the ants. Eventually, the trees will lead you to another blue bud. Further, your paths will diverge. Mei must run forward until the bark is in the slime. Let Cody come there too. Mei removes the mucus with water while Cody moves to the right. May then moves to the back of the wheel, and Cody pulls her towards him. Mei clings to a branch from above. Fill in another blue bud. After meeting with the spider, cross to the other side along the web. Let Cody attract flying plants, and May attack them with a sickle. Further, May fills a blue bud, and Cody shoots back from enemies in the form of a cactus. Move to the other side along the leaves, and break the huge flower, pulling the petal towards you.

In someone else’s territory

Walk forward, bend over and follow through the scolopendra. Push the bump away and you will see moles. Move strictly in green areas, and do not make noise, otherwise the moles will wake up and have to start over. Water the pot, let Cody turn into grass and move forward. And Mei should walk on it so as not to make noise. Fill in the bud and then use the rope to jump over. Cody must wait on the other side to soften the fall. Destroy another plant and run away from the moles. Punch the boards and push the mole down. Continue the chase scene and fall into the pit when you see moles on both sides.

Frog pond

Move on frogs, jumping over the pond. When you get to the stone fish, have one of you jump onto the stone platform. Another will appear, and the second character jumps there, and so on. Stop at the TAXI stop. Jump off the frogs. Have Cody open the pipe lid and May climb inside. Water the buds, and Cody on the frog should climb up the platforms that rise above the slime. At the very top, turn the red valve to raise Mei, and then destroy the plant.

Snail Race Mini-game

Roll down the stalks, then jump over the fence in front to reveal the third mini-game. Push off with snails and avoid obstacles that will slow down your movement. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line first.

Back out and climb the stone steps. Water the ground and let Cody turn into a mushroom. Throw up May, and she will see three buds. Water these buds one at a time so that Cody can jump over the leaves. The clue is the colored lines along the stems. Raise the window and watch the video. Defeat all opponents that appear after you approach the plant in front (you may have to water the ground near the plant, on the left). Then destroy the plant, go upstairs, water May two more flower beds and plant them with flowers using Cody. Destroy all the enemies that appear, and then destroy the plant. Open a huge bud and break it with a sickle.

Down with the infection

Cody must attack the emerging flowers, and Mei must water the slime covering the ground. The rest is simple. After the victory, water the ground, and climb into it as Cody, who can destroy the first bud on the “hand” of the plant. Avoid huge buds that will try to crush you. Focus on the shadow. Now Cody will turn into a potato. Continue doing the same as before – Mei watering the slime and Cody attacking the large flowers. Then water the ground again and destroy another growth on the Giant Plant. To do this, pull its stem down, Mei must go up and attack from behind. But that’s not all! Avoid falling plates. Then stand on these saucers. Jump where buds don’t hit. When you survive, Cody will turn into lime. Clean the slime and attack the flowers. When Code lowers the plant’s head,


Mini-game “Track cars”

We need to find speakers, lighting and microphones. Walk forward along the carpet and find a race track. This is a mini-game, and it is called “Track Cars”. The winner is the one who reaches the finish line. You need to use the analog stick by tilting it in the direction of the car. In this case, it will accelerate and move faster.

Mini-game “Musical chair”

Also to the right of the story marker, at the very top, there is a second mini-game. You will be able to play it later, after the “Reception” level. As in the mini-game above. Run while the music is playing, and then abruptly press the button / key that appears. It is important to press the correct button, otherwise you will automatically lose. The game will continue until three wins.

Climb up to the lever, which leads to the carpet, and at the same time lower it. Jump on equipment, push obstacles forward using Mei’s voice. And in some places you just need to sing. Sing and jump on the records at the same time. Sing into the microphone to blow air out of the speaker. It will allow you to fly to the other side. And both characters. Jump off the next speakers and have Cody throw the cymbal at the red button, revealing the shelf.

Push all the coins inside the jukebox, go upstairs and go to the microphone. Let Cody stand on the hatch and May open it by shouting into the microphone. Cody has to grab a small speaker and move around the board, while May has to sing, destroying all the details. Crank the sound to the maximum (by moving the toggle switch behind Cody), place the speaker in front of the microphone and activate May’s scream.


Place Cody’s shield and go through the lasers. May can then scream into four different microphones. Have Cody stand on the four-way platform. Both directions and microphones are signed with Latin letters A, B, C, D. Move Cody on the platform to the left, up and slightly to the right. When he can jump onto the speakers, climb higher and destroy the cable to help May. Climb up and lower the lever. Climb down the strings of the guitar, climb onto the cymbals, and sing to bring the far one up.

Climb the drums to another cymbal and slide down the next guitar for the keyboard. Close the two cassettes at the same time and have Cody throw the cymbal at the yellow cassette open button. You will fly over the wires from above. Cody will operate the reels. The left analog rotates the reels with blue platforms, the right one – with red ones. And May has to go upstairs. Then you will find yourself on the screen with blue and red waves. Just move them to the right so that Mei can move to the opposite side. stand on the left edge of the hanging tube device. Cody should jump over them to the right. Lower the lever.

Destroy the obstacle with Cody’s plate. Force the second microphone to open and destroy it. Climb up between the walls, do the same with the third. Cross several areas with microphones. It is not necessary to destroy everything. At the end, lower the lever. Run away from the angry microphone and close the gate. Run through the colored keys on the three panels so that all three wires light up. And quickly activate the button that will open the door. Roll down and activate the lever.

Cody has to walk through the dark room and May to light the way. Raise the bridge by clicking on the button on the right. Move the red spotlight over another button to create a bridge, and keep using the green one for Cody. Eventually, you will reach the toggle switch.

Stage preparation (part 2)

Walk down the carpet to the new part of the attic. At the very beginning there is a chessboard. This is another mini-game called “Chess”. this is real chess, so the first checkmate wins. You can also lose without a checkmate if you run out of time. When you’re ready, go through the gate.


Climb up on the piano and jump down through the hole, roll Cody on the flute, and Mei yell into it for a stream of air to throw up Cody. Cut the rope on the other side and May can get close to you. Open the door and see a huge accordion. Hide behind Cody’s shield from strong winds. Jump up the walls behind the accordion. Sing in two tubes while Cody jumps on the blades. On the other side, Cody will be able to activate the lever. Glide over the notes and pull on two different levers to start the organ.

Fly and collect notes. Opposite the locked dome, just below the Volleyball mini-game is hidden. In addition, there is a drum hidden under the pillow you appeared on. You can go inside it and sit on the stands to get the Meditation Master achievement. This drum and the entrance to it are perfectly visible from the Volleyball side.

After collecting all the notes, open the door to the dome. Mei must attack ordinary clouds, and Cody must look for rain clouds and move them so as to remove fog and look for levers and hatches. There are two hatches and two levers. By opening each hatch, you will release strange flying creatures. Attack them to collect two keys. And then open the lock to return part of the orchestra. Fly to another dome, collect all the notes and go inside. Destroy enemies and collect two keys. Unlock the lock to release the second part of the orchestra.

Everybody on the dance floor

Returning to the main location, follow the new carpet and go to the club. Roll down the colored paths, avoiding holes. When you hit the gate, opened by a shout, wait for Cody. Open and play characters at the same time. Follow further, climb up, pushing off the moving wall to the right (no more than once). Throw the plate so that there is a place for the hook at the top, and move to the movable platforms. Open the door quickly using May’s shout. Hit the glass ball. While it rolls, run to the other side. jump over the holes in the ball. Entertain the audience with different devices on the DJ stage. Fly through the pipe until you return to the scene.

Grand finale

Move forward individually in simple steps and watch the final video.


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