How to fix ‘Unable to connect to this network’ error in Windows 11?

Due to the complexity of wireless networks, it is possible that there are several points of failure , which consequently causes the error of ‘It is not possible to connect to this network’, this can occur from some point of the computer, software or directly from the WIFI network.

Thus, to be able to find a solution to this error, first it is necessary to determine the origin of the problem, since, it is enough to reestablish the configuration values ​​of the WIFI network, change the adapter or manually install the network, and if it is from the router, you can choose to reboot or change its settings.

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  1. What is the reason why your Windows 11 PC won’t connect to your network?
  2. What can you do to connect your computer to a disallowed network?
    1. Disable the network driver
    2. Change the channel of your Wifi network
  3. How can you manually configure your network to allow your PC to connect?
  4. How to reset the configuration and IP address of your router?

What is the reason why your Windows 11 PC won’t connect to your network?

There are many reasons to take into account, in most cases Windows does not connect to the network due to a failure in the configuration settings , and if this happened suddenly, it is because it had to have suffered a sudden change in the values .

If it is a wireless WIFI network, it may be disconnected or saturated, it is also possible that there is a lot of physical distance between the computer and the network, so the connection is lost, or the bands cannot connect.

What can you do to connect your computer to a disallowed network?

You can start by ruling out if the problem comes from the operating system or the router device , so you can check if the WIFI is on, or if the Ethernet is well connected.

If it is about wireless networks, you have to check that the WIFI switch that the computers have is on, or you can check it directly from the Network and Internet settings. In this section you can try forgetting the network and add it again later, entering the password and the necessary data again.

Thus, it can also happen that the data from the WIFI network has been saved incorrectly or that something on the computer has corrupted the connection, in this case, you just have to reconfigure and enter the SSID and password, or you can choose for heading to add a new configuration network.

Disable the network driver

Network compatibility problems can come from a lack of update of the network drivers , for this reason they must be disabled in order to obtain the updated version of them.

There are many ways to execute this method, you can change the configuration of the adapter by going to the beginning of the configuration, then to network and internet, hence the status option and the adapter configuration will appear, there you must look for the network adapter you want disable, select and click on ‘Disconnect network device’.

In the same way, it can be done through the device manager, just open the application menu, or press the WIN key followed by the R, then typing the command devmgmt.msc, which will cause the appearance of the ‘Adapters network ‘, with the help of the right button you can disconnect and confirm in the second pop-up window.

In the event that you want to disable it through commands such as Wmic or Netsh, you have to program the command prompt as an administrator, and proceed to enter the names of these in the search bar, and then retype the names of the commands with the word disable.

Change the channel of your Wifi network

This method is viable when there are many people connected to the network, so you can either change the frequency types of the WIFI or completely change the network of use. In the first option you have to enter the control panel, then to networks and the internet, followed by the center of networks and shared resources.

You sink into changing the adapter configuration, go to its properties and click on the network functions, and then go deeper, that is, to advanced operations, this is where you will be able to modify the width to a range greater and expand coverage.

If you have the possibility to connect to another network, you must disconnect from the network of use, to select a new one, click on connect to change network or establish the new connection.

How can you manually configure your network to allow your PC to connect?

If the previous methods did not work, and the error continues to appear, the best option at the moment is to try to configure the network manually, for this there are three ways to do it . The first is just to choose a wireless network and configure it to connect on its own.

In the second, you can change the configuration of the wireless network through the settings, hiding the SSID, here open configuration, enter network and internet followed by WIFI, enter manage networks, and then add network, to confirm the name and choose the type of security, click save and connect when finished.

The third is done from the control panel, go to Network and Internet, then network and sharing center followed by a click on change network settings, once there, select to configure a new connection to choose the one to ‘Connect manually to a wireless network ‘, fill in the requested data, and wait for it to connect without problem.

How to reset the configuration and IP address of your router?

If you want to restore the factory settings, you can do it directly from the router , locating the word ‘reset’, in that opening you must enter a needle or pointed object for 10 seconds, and then release it. In this way, the router will be rebooted.

As for changing the public and private IP , it can be reestablished using the command ipconfig / renew, which is written in the dialog box offered by the command prompt, once done, it is left to press enter and hope that this error does not continue to appear .

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