How to fix it Error entering network credentials in Windows

We have the possibility of connecting to other computers that are on the same network and being able to access files, for example. However, sometimes problems may appear that prevent this from being possible. In this article we are going to talk about why the error appears when entering network credentials in Windows . We are going to explain how we can solve it and in this way be able to access the devices on the network with total normality.

Why did I get the error when entering network credentials

This message tells us that the username or password that we are putting is not correct. It throws us an error when entering the network credentials and prevents us from connecting. This can be a Microsoft account or a local account. In any case, it is essential to access.

But why does this happen? In case we are putting everything right and this error still appears, the most normal thing is that it is a system failure when managing the credentials. This is something at the Windows level and it is going to show us this error.

We may also have misconfigured something by mistake. For example the credential management service or the shared password protection service. It could even happen that the password we are trying to put is not stored correctly.

On the other hand, it could happen that the failure is due to a bad configuration of the IP address . We may have it set to manual and this prevents it from working well. We will be able to solve it in a simple way.

Steps to fix the failure to enter network credentials in Windows

We have seen that the causes of this problem can be several, but we also have the possibility of using different methods to try to solve it. We are going to explain what we should do if the error appears when entering network credentials in Windows.

Configure an automatic IP address

The first thing we can try is to configure an automatic IP address in case we have a manual one. This may be one of the reasons why this error has appeared when entering the network credentials in Windows and we can easily solve it.

To do this we have to go to Start, enter Settings, go to Network and Internet, access Change adapter options and select the one that interests us, either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. We have to click with the second mouse button and click on Properties.

Once here you have to mark Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click Properties again. A new window will automatically open to configure the IP address and DNS manually or automatically. We have to mark both to obtain them automatically and we click OK for the changes to take effect.

Clear stored credentials

Another point to take into account is the possibility of cleaning the credentials that we have stored in Windows. It is possible that a conflict is generated and this causes the network credentials error to appear. This process is simple and will allow us to delete everything we have already saved.

In this case we have to go to Start, enter the Credential Manager and mark Windows Credentials . The usernames of websites, applications or networks that we have stored will appear here. They are divided into different blocks. We can restore those credentials and see if this fixes the problem.

Turn off password-protected sharing service

We can also consider the option to disable the sharing service with password protection . Normally, we have this activated and this could cause problems, so configuring it can be helpful.

We have to right-click on the icon of network networks in the taskbar and click on Open network and Internet settings. We can also go to Start, we enter Settings and Network and Internet. Once here you have to access the Network and Sharing Center.

When we are in here we must look for the section on Change advanced sharing settings. You have to go to All networks and then Turn off password-protected sharing . It is the last option that appears to us.

Once this is done, we click Save changes, close the window and restart the computer so that the changes take effect and thus be able to check if the error has been solved or not.

Add credentials

On the other hand, it is possible that the credentials have not been added correctly in Windows and this is why this error appears. What we are going to do is simply add credentials from the system configuration and see if it works well.

You have to go to Start again, write Credential Manager and open it. We click on Windows Credentials and Add a new Windows credential . Later it takes us to a window like the one we see in the image below and we follow the procedure to later restart the system.

Disable automatic credential management service on startup

One more alternative that we can consider to solve the network credential error in Windows is to disable the automatic credential management service at startup. We can configure this in a simple way from the system itself.

To do this, you have to go to Start , write Services and there, within the long list that appears, we look for Credential Manager . We have to double click with the mouse and in this way access the Properties. In Startup type we will see that it is configured manually.

What we are going to do is mark the Disable option and later we accept the changes and restart the system.

Therefore, if the error appears when entering network credentials in Windows, we have seen that the causes can be several. We have also shown the different steps we must take to make it work properly and be able to connect to other devices without problems.

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