How to fix the error when the volume cannot be lowered and raised in Windows?

Sound is a very important element in our computer. Windows 10 has a volume control in which we can modify the sound level. However, when it stops working, we ask ourselves how to solve the error when the volume cannot be lowered and raised in Windows?

How to fix the error when the volume cannot be lowered and raised in Windows?

The volume control error is a very common problem in Windows. This prevents us from managing the audio device so it stops working optimally. It often occurs after installing an update or when a new application is installed.

Next, we explain what the volume control consists of , how to access the volume mixer and the steps to follow to resolve the error when configuring the sound in Windows 10 .

What is the volume mixer in Windows?

The volume mixer is a panel that contains options for configuring the sound that runs on a computer. Currently, Windows 10 is in charge of managing the sound tasks, so users directly access the “Speaker” icon only to increase and decrease the volume .

What is the volume mixer for in Windows?

The volume mixer in Windows is used to manually adjust the volume of various system applications quickly and conveniently. Also, it is possible to choose the preferences regarding the audio device and change all the sounds if you use the “volume mixer”.

How to access the volume mixer?

To access the volume mixer in Windows 10, you must locate the magnifying glass icon on the taskbar and type SndVol.exe. By pressing the “Enter” key you will see the executable file that you will select to enter the sound tool.

Some Windows 10 updates have already integrated the volume mixer into the “Settings” panel. In this case, you just have to go to the “Start menu” and select “Settings”. A new window will open with a panel. Finally, choose “Volume Mixer”.

Fixes the error when the volume cannot be lowered or raised in Windows

The volume control problem is one of the most common errors in Windows and in this circumstance it is advisable that you take a few simple steps to solve this problem quickly.

Step 1. Restart the task manager

Initially, restart the task manager by pressing the right mouse button on the taskbar. Choose the option “Task Manager” and a new window will open where you must search for the “Windows Explorer” process .

Right-click on the browser and choose “Restart.” Wait a few seconds while the process restarts and proceed to check the volume control. If the problem has not been solved, then follow step 2. From this path, you can customize the task manager to close applications and other services appropriately.

Step 2. Restart the audio services

To restart the audio services, it is necessary to open the command services.msc from the “Run” window that will open when pressing the Win + R keys. You will see a window containing a long list of local system services. Find “Windows Audio” and right click on it.

Next, choose the option “Properties” and check if the type of start of the process is “Automatic”. Click “Stop” and then “Start” the service. Restart your computer and proceed to check if the volume control works properly. If not, try updating the audio driver.

Step 3. Update the audio driver to fix the error unable to lower and raise the volume in Windows

Locate the Windows device manager and select your sound device. Then, right-click on it and choose “Update Driver . 


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