How to easily attach files or photos to a Google Docs form?

The data collection tools can be processed digitally thanks to the existence of the Google Docs “form”. This tool can be created and edited through a panel of options. In this regard, it is worth asking yourself How to attach files or photos to a Google Docs form easily?

How to easily attach files or photos to a Google Docs form?

Google Docs forms are very versatile tools because in addition to collecting data, they allow users to insert images and files . In fact, this tool allows you to make dynamic and line graphs . The integration of multiple functions makes this office suite more relevant among Google users.

Next, we present information regarding Google Docs forms and a procedure to attach files or photos to a form in a simple way.

What is a Google Docs form?

form is a Google tool that consists of a digital document created for the insertion of specific data. Google Docs forms are relevant to users because they allow them to collect information about a group of people. In fact, the tool facilitates the process of importing files and spreadsheets using Google Docs .

What is a Google Docs form for?

A Google Docs form is used to carry out surveys, ask questions, plan an event and collect any type of information in an efficient and organized way. The user must design the instrument by adding appropriate questions to get a lot of important data and Google Docs is in charge of providing the tool for the configuration of the form.

How does a Google Docs form work?

A Google Docs form works when creating a document to collect data anonymously or custom. You must access your personal “Gmail” account and locate at the top of the window a bar that contains several options from which you must select the “Docs” option. In this way, you enter Google Docs.

How to make a Google Docs form?

The procedure to create a form in Google Docs is similar to creating an outline to share it from this tool. Therefore, if you want to create a form, you must access “Google Docs” from your Gmail account and click on the “Create new” option . Then, select “Form” to open a new window through which you can configure the form.

Google offers two sample questions, as well as options to change, duplicate, or delete form elements. The interface is easy to use and allows you to move the questions according to the order that you have established in your design.

Attach a file to a Google Docs form

If you want end users to be able to attach a file to a Google Docs form, you need to grant permissions to attach files . These files will be stored in Google Drive and you can view them at any time from the forms tool.

Grant permissions to attach files or photos to a form

To grant the permissions, go to “Forms” and open an evaluation form . Press the option “Add question” and enter your request for information. Next to the question, click the date down and choose “Upload files.” Press the “Continue” button.

You can indicate the type of files that can be attached through the option “Allow only certain types of files”. In addition, it is possible to modify the limit of files that each user will upload, change the maximum file size and set the maximum size of all the files that you will receive from your form.

Attach photos to a Google Docs form

To attach photos to a Google Docs form, you must open a form from the Google Docs package and search for the “Insert” tool. Then, choose the “Images” option .

In this way, it is possible to select photos that you have previously saved on your hard drive, Drive or in Google + albums . You can even integrate a photo from a link or “Link” and, later, arrange the image according to your preferences.


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