How To Fix Lagging Audio Problem?

It is frustrating that sometimes you download a movie from the web and that when you play it, it has the typical error of audio lag or has synchronization problems . There are those who do not pay much attention to this. But there are others that if this problem bothers you.

Luckily, we are here to help. And if by chance you want to learn how to join audios or combine songs online , you have to know that you can also learn it without having to complicate your life so much.

How to Fix or Correct the Audio of a Video Lagging or with a Synchronization Problem


  • What to do when the audio is lagging or has sync problems?
  • What other programs allow me to fix the lagging audio problem?

What to do when the audio is lagging or has sync problems?

The first thing we want to tell you is that there are programs that can help you with this little problem. Do not think that there is no solution or that an audio synchronization problem is difficult to fix. There are programs like VirtualDub that can be used to fix audio lag or ahead problems.

When you run this program (if you decide to download and install it), it will allow you to scan, for example, a video that has synchronization problems. As it goes through the program, it will detect the zones in which it has desynchronized. After having done the analysis, the same program will automatically or manually allow you to fix the existing faults.

It is worth mentioning that this tool not only allows you the aforementioned, but also makes it easier for you to see specific information about the audio or video in question. Although this is a function of the program that is most useful for experienced people or who have other professional level projects in mind.

How can you solve the desynchronization with this program?

The first thing you should do is separate both the audio and the video from the file with which you have the problem. This with the intention of being able to adjust both the size and the duration of the video so that, when coupling them, they are in perfect synchrony.

The steps you have to follow to do this are the following:

  1. Run the program
  2. Go to the “File” section and then select ” Open Video File”
  3. Go to the audio menu and there create a new audio file without the video
  4. Select the option “No audio”
  5. Go to the Video section and do the same procedure
  6. Go to the option “Direct Stream Copy” and then select the option ” File and Save as Avi
  7. Then open the new bye file and upload it to the video you have without sound. You will do this through the option “Audio From oTher File”.
  8. Select the original video and the file will automatically be incorporated, but with only the audio.

You could say that you basically remove the audio from the video and paste it back into it. Only this time you will have the proper audio and the glitches will have been fixed. Something like this is done when you want to convert a wav, wma and mp4 audio file to mp3 . Only without programs and all online.

What other programs allow me to fix the lagging audio problem?

An alternative that few know is the VLC program. It is one of the best audio and video players out there. Although it does not compare with the power of the previous program, VLC can help you solve the problems of lag in the audio of a video that you have downloaded.

To do it with this program, you just have to open the video that has the lag audio problem. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the video that has the audio lag
  2. Right-click on the video and select “Tools” and then “Track Sync.”
  3. There you will get a window in which you can adjust the speed of the audio in relation to the video, as well as the speed of the subtitles.

You just have to go testing which of the values ​​will work for you. Now, if you have any idea what the lag time is in the audio, it won’t take you more than a minute to fix the problem. And if for some reason you don’t know how to configure subtitles and Audio on Netflix , you have the possibility to learn it without the help of another person.


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