How to fix Animal Crossing black screen problem

Some Nintendo Switch users have reported to us that their Animal Crossing New Horizons game is stuck on a black screen. While the problem is not that widespread as far as we know, it can turn into a frustrating and even devastating problem if you get impatient with dealing with it.

Some gamers have reported that their save game file gets corrupted after impatiently restarting their Nintendo Switch to get rid of the problem. This is an unfortunate consequence if you interrupt a game while the Switch is still saving.

If you are having this problem on Animal Crossing, this guide should help you.

Causes of Animal Crossing black screen issue

We have identified three possible causes for the Animal Crossing New Horizons black screen issue.

Random fluke.

Not everyone can find this problem, but if you are one of the unlucky players who has to deal with it, don’t immediately panic. There is a strong possibility that the game or the system has simply encountered a technical problem that it cannot solve.

If this is the first time you’ve experienced Animal Crossing New Horizons being stuck on a black loading screen, take it easy by doing something simple: wait.


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If the cause of the problem is a minor bug, letting the game do its thing should help.

Slow internet connection.

If your Wi-Fi or wired internet connection is slow or intermittent, it can affect the way the game communicates with the servers, especially when you are trying to load between areas or when you are about to close the game.


Corrupt game.

In some rare cases, a corrupt game or save data is the culprit. The best thing to do in this case is to close the application and restart the game.

If your game freezes or won’t load, there may be a problem with the Animal Crossing New Horizons save file. This means that you will have to play the game from the beginning in order to play.

How to fix Animal Crossing black screen issue on Nintendo Switch

There are three possible solutions you can do to fix Animal Crossing New Horizons game stuck on black screen. Learn what you can do next.

  1. First solution: wait!

If your Animal Crossing game seems to be taking its sweet time saving or loading and you get stuck on a black screen, the first potential solution is to never interrupt it. Please do not try to stop the console while it is trying to save to avoid damaging the save file or game progress.
Some gamers have reported that they have waited up to 15 minutes for their Switch to load or save their game progress. If you don’t want to waste the precious hours you’ve already put into your game, just let the game be and see what happens.

  1. Second solution: enable airplane mode.

Because the game connects to the internet when you move between areas, such as when you visit a friend’s island or when you are about to close the game, your internet connection may affect the game. If you have a slow or intermittent connection problem, you can cut the connection on your console to fix the problem.
You can activate Airplane Mode or Airplane Mode on your Nintendo Switch to fix the problem. Here’s how to do it:
-On any screen, press and hold the Home button. This button is just below the right analog stick.
-Scroll down and find Flight Mode.
-press A on your controller to enable flight mode.

  1. Third solution: close the application.

If your Nintendo Switch is already in Flight Mode but Animal Crossing is still stuck on a black screen, you have no choice but to try to see what happens when you close it. Please note that this solution can potentially corrupt the game progress file. You should only do this if you have already tried the first two solutions above.
To close the game:
-Press the start button.
-Make sure the Animal Crossing New Horizons game icon is selected.
-Press X on the controller.
-Select Near .
Once the game has closed, try running it again to see if the problem persists.


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