How to create a folder in Outlook

The competition for being the most used email service has no quarter and for this to be the case, new options or functions are implemented for the benefit of users. But we must remember that the integration or linking of apparently opposite accounts such as Gmail and Outlook is currently fashionable. Now we will show you how to make Outlook emails reach a specific Gmail folder.

If you are an Outlook user, you can perform some actions that may be difficult or impossible to perform, such as canceling an email . But now you can make your emails reach specific folders. And in this way you can maintain order, especially if you are one of the people who can receive many emails in one day.

How to Get a Person’s Outlook Emails to a Specific Gmail Folder

As you can see, Microsoft Outlook has come up with an excellent function, thinking precisely how annoying it will be for a user to sort their emails. And even more so if it does not enter your account after a week has passed. But what practice would be that these emails arrive in an orderly manner to the corresponding folder , then let’s see how to do it.


  • How to create a folder in Outlook
  • Steps for Outlook emails to reach a specific folder

How to create a folder in Outlook

It is important before continuing with the tutorial so that the emails of a person reach a specific folder that you create said folder first. In this way you will have the folders of each organized and the emails will go directly to them and not to the inbox.

To create this folder we must do the following and it is to enter our Outlook account . And the next step is to go to the left side menu and there you will position yourself with the mouse over the option “Inbox” for example.

To create the new folder and for this you must right click and now select the option “New folder”. And now proceed to name the folder so that you can identify it and to finish you must press the Enter key. And so you have created a folder in Outlook, as easy as changing the profile photo of your account .

Steps for Outlook emails to reach a specific folder

Next you will learn how simple and fast it is to make the emails arrive in a folder that you have previously specified . And for this, Outlook uses what is called rules, which establish what folder the mail should enter and not in the inbox. Then it is necessary that you create the rules or filters for the mails to be ordered automatically.

The first thing we are going to do is enter our Outlook email account and once there select the email from any sender. And that you want the next emails to reach a specific folder from now on. You must right click on the email to display a menu of options.

Here you will be able to see the option that we are going to use and you must select “Rules” and then click on the option “Create rules”. This action will take us to its window and in it we must enter its first tab “When receiving email with all the selected conditions”. And here you will find the options that you are going to choose to create the rule.

The next step is to select the tab “Do the following” you must enter and here you will find the option “Move the item to the folder” and you must check the box to activate the option. The next step is to select the folder in which the emails will arrive from now on and to do this click on the ” Select folder ” option .

To finish, you just have to click on “Accept” and from now on the emails that are sent by the sender will automatically arrive at the folder you have created. This is as simple as changing or updating your Outlook password . And you already know how to make the Outlook cores reach a specific folder.

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