How To Fix Psn Sign In Problem

PSN is a tool that allows gamers to play their PS3 or PS4 online, buy games from the PS Store, and more. Therefore, many are very upset when their console for unknown reasons does not connect to the Playstation Network. Let’s try to figure out why this is happening.How to solve the problem when it is impossible to connect to the PlayStation Network.

What does it look like? We click on the PS Store icon, or even just log in, and then the message appears: “Failed to log into the PlayStation Network.” In some cases, error codes are indicated. The user can also see: “You have been logged out of the PlayStation Network.” This happens on both PS3 and PS4.

How To Fix Psn Sign In Problem

The Internet

Typically, most of the login problems are due to incorrect network settings . This applies to both the router and the set-top box itself. First of all, check the internet connection from different devices. If you cannot connect only with Playstation, then the problem is in it, and not in the absence of the Internet.

Router TP Link

The system sometimes does not enter the Network due to an incorrectly configured connection to the router. Most often, this method works if you connect through a TP Link router. But it is quite possible that it will work for other devices as well.

First, check if you can access the Playstation Network by connecting not via Wi-Fi, but via an Ethernet cable. If it works like that, it’s a misconfiguration of the wireless connection .

  1. We go to the settings menu.
  2. We select the “Network” section.
  3. Find the WAN tab.
  4. Open “Advanced”
  5. Set the MTU parameter to 1480.

After that, we try to log into PSN again. Most likely, everything will work.


Sometimes it helps to change the standard DNS to the public one, which is provided by Google. To do this, go to the settings again, find the same WAN tab and set the DNS parameters : and

Other reasons

  • Disable PSN. It is not always possible to enter the Network also because it may simply not work at this moment. Follow this link: – and check if some of the services are under maintenance.
  • Try connecting to PlayStation Network via PC. It is possible that the problem is with your account. In this case, try logging into the network from a browser and check if everything is in order.
  • Find your error code. If you receive a message about a specific error, write down its code and enter here: Most of the codes can be found on this support site.

We have analyzed the main reasons why the system does not log into PSN. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to find out why this is happening. The service may be disabled for unknown reasons.


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