Fix;Instagram problem we limit the frequency: Please try again later

These days many users are reporting the error ” Try again later ” or ” We limit the frequency ” on Instagram and it occurs especially when users abuse one of its functions.

This is a real temporary block or limited Instagram account and not a hacker attack. Let’s try to understand more and how to solve it.

We limit how often you can perform certain actions on Instagram

Please try again later: We limit how often you can perform certain actions on Instagram to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

This is the mistake that occurs on Instagram when you insert too many likes or follow too many profiles in a short time. Other cases that cause this error are: the use of bots or external apps that allow you to check who has stopped following you and much more.

The error we limit the frequency on Instagram is causing enormous annoyance to the users of the social photography app. The consequences are blocks in the use of the app or in any case difficulties in using all its functions.

What Instagram users complain is that the Try again later or We limit the Instagram frequency occurs even where there are no behaviors that can affect the use of the app. The continuous blocks suggest it is an Instagram bug or a problem depending on the individual user.

The duration of the block is however variable: it can range from a few hours to several days. It all depends on the extent of the infringement and on being a repeat offender.

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How to fix Instagram blocking we limit frequency

Unfortunately this is a real ban that can last from 24 to 48 hours . It is not possible to do anything else. You will have to wait for the block to expire by simply doing what the app will allow you to do in the limited time frame.

Many users were affected, including the national Chiara Ferragn , and the causes are still unknown today. Some Instagram users by clicking OK are able to use Instagram others have to wait for the block to expire.

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