How to fix a problem connecting to Gmail

Google’s webmail service is fast, fluid, and functional, but sometimes you can get There was a problem connecting with the Gmail error . Do you also have problems with Gmail? The following are the causes of the blockage and how to get the mailbox back into operation.

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  • What to do if Gmail is offline?
    • Check your extensions
    • Wait
    • Check if your mailbox is full
    • Cache and cookies
    • Use Gmail HTML
    • Disable Labs
    • Use Gmail offline

What to do if Gmail is offline?

  1. Check your extensions

Is the network stable and does it load other web pages? If so, your extensions may be causing the Gmail connection error In this case, just disable or uninstall them permanently. To view the active extensions and deactivate them, follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome .
  2. Click the Menu button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select More tools .
  4. Go to Extensions .
  1. Click Remove next to the extension you want to remove
  1. Wait

If you see a “Temporary Error (502)” message when you try to access Gmail, it means that the mail service is temporarily down.

This error is usually resolved quickly, so try logging in again after a few minutes. Even if you can’t log in right now, your messages and personal data are still safe.

  1. Check if your mailbox is full

There has been a problem connecting to Gmail, an error may occur if the mailbox is full and needs to be emptied. Google provides 15GB of total storage between Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, and if you host large files, your mailbox may be full.

Free up space in your mailbox by accessing Gmail from another browser (eg Firefox) and deleting old emails and files. To empty Gmail at once, you can use a very useful and little-known filter.

For example, do you want to delete all mail that is dated before January 1, 2015?
In the search bar, type before: 01/01/2015 and you will see the oldest messages. Now select the message you want to delete.

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  1. Cache and cookies

Another reason for There was a problem connecting to Gmail error may be the cache and cookies. In general, clearing the Google Chrome cache is always useful when you have navigation problems and your computer slows down.

Just go to Settings> Show advanced settings> Clear browsing data. Now select the data you want to delete.

  1. Use Gmail HTML

You should know that in addition to the standard web version of Gmail, there is another much simpler version. This version is lighter because it lacks certain features, however using it can be a solid solution if you are experiencing an error There is a problem connecting to Gmail .

To access this simplified version, simply click the Upload Basic HTML link in the lower right corner

The basic HTML version does not offer all the functions of the classic version of Gmail, but at least it allows you to perform the most important tasks.

  1. Disable Labs

If you use gadgets and themes to enrich your Gmail account, remove them as they may cause an error There was a problem connecting to Gmail . Sometimes the problem with Gmail is due to active Labs options.

These are experimental features that you can try in Gmail, but are not yet ready for official release. Labs can be found by clicking the Settings wheel > Settings> Labs . Available labs are listed here and you can manually enable or disable them.

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