Fix; Router Problems when connecting to the Interne

To be able to connect to the Internet normally, a very important factor is the router . It is undoubtedly an essential piece so that we can navigate, connect our devices and have a connection either by cable or wirelessly. However, sometimes there are problems and this device does not work well. It can even disconnect suddenly and prevent us from working normally. We are going to explain why this can happen and what to do to try to fix it.

Problems with the router when connecting to the Internet

There are many problems that may exist and that prevent us from browsing the Internet normally . Sometimes the fault is in the equipment we use, such as a computer or a mobile device, but it could also be a connection error. Maybe there is a bad configuration, some malware on the system, bad coverage …

All this means that we cannot navigate normally. We will not be able to access the network , connect our equipment and have a proper functioning. But sometimes the problem is not just on one computer, but affects the entire network. It could happen that the router constantly shuts down or stops emitting a signal.

This occurs for many different reasons. Sometimes simply by carrying out a few small modifications we can solve them. Others, on the other hand, could be caused by some important problem with the hardware .

Whatever the cause, it is essential that we correct it as soon as possible to avoid problems that affect our daily lives. We have already mentioned that the router is a fundamental piece and it should work as well as possible. Otherwise we could have poor speed, quality and stability.

Reasons for the router to shut down

Sometimes when browsing the Internet we see that we suddenly have no connection. We open the browser and there is no access, we try to disconnect the Wi-Fi and start it again, but we verify that it remains the same. One of the causes is that there are micro-cuts in the router . Small disconnections that leave you without the Internet for a few moments. We could even have an appliance blackout.

Intruders on the router

One of the main causes when we have problems with the router and it disconnects is that there are intruders on the network . This could lead to many performance, speed, and signal quality issues. An intruder in the network is not only going to consume resources, but it could carry out bad actions against our equipment and cause it to disconnect.

Security is therefore one of the causes for which problems can arise. Especially when there is some kind of unwanted access it could cause the router to shut down or the network speed to be very limited.

The appliance overheats

This is another common cause, especially on older routers. It is true that with the new models, especially with the increased use of fiber optics, this has improved a lot, but it is still one of the causes.

The router is designed to run for weeks and months without problems. But this could sometimes lead to overheating , especially in times like summer. It greatly influences where we have the device connected, since if we have it together with other devices we could increase this problem.

Outdated firmware

There could also be problems handling requests and how the signal is sent at the software level. Having outdated firmware can lead to complications of this kind. We can suffer loss of coverage, speed and even the direct blackout of the device.

Having outdated firmware is not only going to cause crashes, it can even be the entry of intruders and suffer from security issues. We must at all times ensure that we have the latest version and minimize risk.

Bad configuration

Have we changed the router configuration ? There are parameters such as the power level that could influence the proper functioning of the device. Perhaps we have changed something that we should not and that causes it to become saturated, that it cannot adequately resolve the requests.

Sometimes a small change, something that we have accidentally touched, can seriously affect the operation of the router. It could hinder the smooth running and also put safety at risk. You have to take a good look at everything related to the configuration.

Network cable problems

If we connect by cable or even if we have other computers that connect by LAN, it may be one of the reasons why the router shuts down . Bad wiring could cause interference and even seriously damage the device. It is a point to take into account, since many users use old cables that may be damaged.

Now, what type of cable are we using? Here we must also check that it is a recent cable, that it will work properly. We are talking mainly about the category. If we want to achieve Gigabit speeds, the cable has to be at least CAT 5E.

How to avoid micro cuts in the router

We have seen what are some of the main causes why the router is disconnected continuously when we are browsing. Now we are going to give some tips to prevent this from happening and make everything work as well as possible.

Protect the router

A first advice that we must give is to protect the router properly. One of the causes of malfunction is intruders. We must at all times maintain a good password to access the router, but also to enter the device itself.

That key must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. Ideally, it should be totally random and of course never keep the one that comes from the factory when we buy the device.

Keep firmware up to date

Of course we must also keep the router firmware updated . On many occasions vulnerabilities arise that must be corrected, but it is also convenient to have the best possible performance. We must enter the device and make sure we have the latest version available. It is something very advisable to check periodically and thus reduce the risk of problems.

Using outdated firmware can help hackers to break into your computer. We must always make sure that we have the latest version available. It is something really advisable.

Put it in a good location

Another very important point is to properly place the router . It is perhaps one of the mistakes that users make the most. On many occasions we place it anywhere, next to the television, video player or any other device.

Ideally, it should be in a place away from other electrical appliances, where it cannot overheat, where it does not receive direct sunlight or has humidity. This is important so that everything works well.

Restart the device

If the router is continuously disconnected and we have problems navigating, something we can do is restart the device . But you have to do it correctly, since it is not enough to turn it off and on again immediately.

To restart the router properly you have to keep it off for at least 30 seconds. Later we turn it on and thus we will achieve that the restart has been complete and be able to solve certain problems that you may have.

Return to factory settings

A more extreme solution if the problem persists is to reset the router completely and return to the factory settings. It could happen that we have configured something wrong or that there is a conflict with the firmware of the device. By reusing the device as it came when purchased, we can fix many errors.

Logically if we do this we will have to re-enter the password, the type of encryption and the configuration that we have modified. However, it is a solution to consider to avoid certain problems.

In short, these are some solutions that we can give in case the router turns off and we have problems browsing the Internet. A series of simple recommendations to carry out that can come in handy to keep it running smoothly at all times.


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