How to fix Gmail attachment errors

Some Gmail users have found that the Gmail Attach File option doesn’t always work. Every time they try to attach a file to the email, Gmail returns an error message stating, » Attachment failed. This may be due to a proxy or firewall. »Consequently, they cannot attach files to emails. Here are some possible fixes for the problem » Attachment failed «.

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  •  Gmail attachment error: 7 solutions to fix it
  • Grant Gmail permissions
  • Update the Flash plug-in
  • Open Gmail in another browser
  • Update the browser
  • Disable proxy server
  • Disable firewall
  • Adjust Network.http.spdy.enabled Settings in Firefox

Gmail attachment error: 7 solutions to fix it

  1. Grant Gmail permissions

The first thing to do that could be causing the problem with the attachments is the browser extensions and permissions. For this reason, we recommend that you temporarily disable all browser extensions (focusing on ad blockers) and check if the Gmail web client has all the necessary permissions.

Just click on the lock icon in the address bar and make sure Gmail has access to your emails. That should be enough to resolve the error. If it isn’t, continue with the steps below.

  1. Update the Flash plug-in

Gmail’s default attachment uploader uses Flash. The attachment uploader may not work with outdated Flash versions. Therefore, please check that you have the latest version of Flash as indicated below.

  1. First of all, open this page that lists the latest Flash versions.
  2. Open this web page if you don’t have the latest Flash version on the Adobe Flash Player page. Uncheck the boxes for optional offers if you don’t need the additional software
  3. Then press the Install Now button to save the Flash Player installer.
  4. Open the Adobe Flash Player installer window shown directly below to install Flash
  5. Next, check that Flash is enabled in your browser. To do this, click the Customize Google Chrome button and select Settings .
  6. Scroll down the Settings page and click Advanced to expand the options.
  7. Click Settings and select Flash to open the options shown directly below.
  8. Select the Allow sites to run Flash option .
  1. Open Gmail in another browser

You may find that Gmail attachments work fine in an alternate browser. As such, you open Gmail in another browser and then attach a file to an email message. Please note that Gmail only supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers.

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  1. Update the browser

You should also check for browser updates to make sure you are using the latest version. Gmail attachment errors are more likely to occur in outdated browsers. You can update Google Chrome as follows.

  1. Click the Customize Google Chrome button to open the main browser menu


  1. Select Help > About Google Chrome to open the tab shown directly below.
  2. The browser will automatically download available updates.
  3. Then click Relaunch to restart the browser.
  1. Disable proxy server

The error message » Attachment failed » indicates that the problem may be caused by a proxy server. As such, disabling the web browser proxy, if selected, may correct the error. This is how you can disable the proxy server.

  1. Click the Cortana button on the Windows 10 taskbar and enter “Internet Options” in the search box.
  2. Select Internet Options to open the window directly below


  1. Click on the Snapshot Connections tab below
  2. Press the LAN Settings button
  3. Deactivate the option Use a proxy server for your LAN configuration and press the OK button .
  1. Disable firewall

The error message » Attachment failed » also indicates that a firewall may be responsible for the problem. To ensure that there is no firewall interference for email attachments, you can temporarily disable them. This is how you can disable Windows Firewall.

  1. To open Run, press Win + R key.
  2. Enter firewall.cpl in the Open text box and press the OK button
  3. Click Turn Windows Firewall On or Off to open the settings shown directly below


  1. Select both the Disable Windows Firewall options on the Custom Settings tab.
  2. Press the OK button to close the tab.
  3. Your third-party antivirus software may also have its own firewall. You can disable a third-party firewall by right-clicking the icon in the antivirus software’s notification area and selecting its option to disable or disable it.
  1. Adjust Network.http.spdy.enabled Settings in Firefox

This resolution is more specific to Firefox users. Changing the Network.http.spdy.enabled setting to false may solve the problem » Attachment failed «. You can adjust that setting in about: config as follows.

  1. Introduceabout: config in Firefox’s address bar to open the tab shown directly below
  2. Then enter Network.http.spdy.enabled in the search box at the top of the about: config page.
  3. Then double click on the Network.http.spdy.enabled parameter to change its value to false
  4. Close Firefox and restart the browser.

These resolutions will probably fix the » Attachment failed » error so that you can attach files to Gmail emails again. However, you can also report the problem to Google using the Gmail support contact form if further fixes are needed.


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