How to enable Ubuntu touchpad right click button if it doesn’t work

Right click failed after Installing Ubuntu? Don’t worry, we’ll show you step by step how to activate the button.

Ubuntu is part of the Linux operating system distribution; It is based on the Debian project, so it is free and open source software.

Currently Ubuntu offers a user interface that lives up to its slogan “Linux for human beings” , oriented to the average user, that is, it is more friendly and intuitive than other Linux-based operating systems, therefore, it is easier to handle .

It is freely distributed and being open source allows many people to collaborate with the improvements; which in turn results in updates to optimize the operating system, you can even install updates from the terminal.

It currently works on personal computers, servers and even some mobile devices have started to implement it; so it may soon become even more popular.

In addition, it has distributions for specific purposes such as Edubuntu, designed for education from primary to university levels ; offering translation into multiple languages ​​and a high diversity of educational applications.

If you have decided on this operating system, it is enough for you to choose the distribution that best suits your needs; you can download it from its official website and easily install it on your computer.

Why doesn’t the right touchpad button work?

Ubuntu offers with each update new improvements and features that have the purpose of optimizing the experience of its users, since you can even activate or deactivate the Touchpad while you write .

That is why if you have installed Ubuntu 18.04 or a later version and you have noticed that the right click button on your touchpad does not work, you can rest assured, it is not a problem on your device.

Among the features offered since Ubuntu version 18.04 is that gestures for touchpads without physical buttons are disabled by default.

That is, pressing the bottom right of the panel will not work for right-clicking; but it is a modifiable feature to suit the user.

Instead, the gesture to emulate the right button has been determined to be pressing the touchpad with two fingers simultaneously.

The default setting is to avoid accidental clicks when sliding your hand over the touch panel and thus reduce possible errors.

Enable the right-click button on the touchpad

To change the default touch panel settings of your Ubuntu laptop you need to install the Gnome Tweaks or Gnome Tweaks tool that you will find in the Ubuntu Software Center.

If you want to install using the terminal you must type and execute the command: sudo apt install gnome-tweaks to carry out the installation process.

Once the installation is finished, you must access the applications menu by pressing the Super / Windiws key; Locate in the Tweaks list and press to open the tool.

Within the setting select the Keyboard and Mouse option located on the left side. In the Mouse click emulation section, and select the Area option.

Another option, in case the tool is not installed, is to open the terminal and run the command gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad click-method areas.

Once the modification is made, you will begin to see the changes, that is, it is not necessary to restart the computer to apply the modifications.

In this way, when you press the lower right part of the touchpad you will get the action of the right click just like clicking with two fingers on the panel.

In case you want to connect a mouse to your laptop, you can reverse the process and disable the touchpad; in this way you will prevent accidentally passing your hand or wrist over it from moving the cursor and modifying the work you are doing.


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