How to Right Click on a Chromebook

Chrome OS may look completely different from other heavy desktop operating systems, but its basic functionalities are almost the same. Just like Windows, you can use a keyboard shortcut to quickly take screenshots on your Chromebook. Other than that, you can enable the Caps Lock key on your Chromebook with a simple change in settings. As for right-clicking on Chromebooks, the steps are identical to those on Windows and macOS. We have mentioned two ways to right-click on a Chromebook neither in this guide, so please follow the detailed instructions.

Right click Chromebook (2022)

You can open the right-click menu on your Chromebook in two easy ways: just with the trackpad, or by using the keyboard and trackpad. Expand the table below to learn how these two methods work.

Right click on your Chromebook using the trackpad

Before you can right-click on Chromebooks, you must first check whether the tap-to-click feature is enabled or not. Here’s how to do it, and then use the trackpad to right-click on your computer:

  1. First, open the Quick Settings panel from the bottom right and go to Settings.
  2. Then please go to “Device -> Touchpad” and check whether the “ Enable tap to click” toggle is on or not. If it’s enabled, continue to the next step to learn how right-clicking works in Chrome OS.
  3. With that out of the way, you need to tap the trackpad with two fingersto right-click on your Chromebook. You can also press the touchpad with two fingers and the context menu will open.

Right click on your Chromebook using the keyboard

Apart from that, you can also use your keyboard to perform the right click on your Chromebook. Simply press and hold the “Alt” key on the keyboard and tap the trackpad with one finger to right-click. Now, you will know if the right click has worked or not if a pop-up menu opens on your screen.

How to disable tap to click on your Chromebook

Some old-school users like to press hard on the trackpad to click rather than just tap. Fortunately, Chrome OS has a way to disable this. Disabling it also helps in scenarios where you accidentally touch the trackpad and the active window moves to something else. To avoid such cases, you can disable tap to click.

  1. Open the Quick Settings panel from the bottom right corner. Here, click on the gear iconto open the Settings page.
  2. Next, go to “ Device” settings menu on the left panel, and then open “Touch Panel”.
  3. Here, disable “Tap to Click”, and you are done. From now on, you will need to press down on the trackpad with two fingers to open the context menu on your Chromebook.

Frequent questions

How to right click on a Chromebook?

Just tap the trackpad with two fingers and the context menu will open on your Chromebook.

How to right click on a Chromebook with the keyboard?

Hold down the “Alt” key on the keyboard and tap the trackpad with one finger. This will instantly open the context menu.

How to disable tap to click on a Chromebook?

Open the Settings page on your Chromebook and go to Device -> Touchpad. Here, disable the “tap to click” option.

These are the two ways to open the context menu in Chrome OS. In case you have a motor disability, you can enable auto-clicks on your Chromebook to automatically press the button just by hovering over it. This is without a doubt one of the best accessibility features of Chrome OS. Anyway, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.


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