How to Change the Google Background on a Chromebook

Chrome OS may seem lightweight and not as feature-rich compared to Windows or macOS, but it allows you to customize most elements of the operating system. You can enable dark mode on your Chromebook through the new Wallpaper app. You can even add widgets to the Chromebook desktop and do so much more. Now, in this article, we bring you a detailed guide on how to change Google background on Chromebook. You can download and set a new theme, change your desktop wallpaper, and add a new screensaver background to your Chromebook. So, on that note, let’s jump right in.

Customize the Google background on a Chromebook (2022)

In this tutorial, we have added several ways to change the Google background on your Chromebook. You can apply a new theme, change the background in the Chrome browser, set a new desktop background, or change the screensaver. Simply expand the table below and move to the desired section.

Change Google Background in Chrome Browser

  1. First, open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook and click on “ Customize Chrome” at the bottom right corner.
  2. Next, under “ Background”, select your preferred wallpaper from Google’s variety of collections. Surely you should find something to your liking here. If it doesn’t, go to the next point.
  3. You can also set custom background in Chrome browser. Just click “ Load from device” in the “Background” settings tab.
  4. Now, choose the background image of your Chromebook local storage.
  5. That’s it. And this is how you can change the Google chrome backgroundon your Chromebook.

Change theme and background in Chrome browser

  1. In case you want to change the theme along with the background, open Settings in the Chrome browser. For that, click on the 3-dot menu at the top right corner and select “ Settings”.
  2. Move to “ Appearance” on the left sidebar and click “ Browser Themes” on the right panel.
  3. The Themes page in the Chrome Web Store will open. Go ahead and explore the various themes on your Chromebook.
  4. Open your favorite theme and click the “Add to Chrome”browser button.
  5. And this is how it looks after the theme you choose is applied. Pretty beautiful, right?

Change the desktop background on your Chromebook

  1. To change the desktop background on your Chromebook, right click on the desktopand select “Set wallpaper and style”.
  2. Next, click on “ wallpaper” in the window that opens.
  3. Here you can find a number of great wallpapersmade by artists from different walks of life.
  4. Simply select the wallpaper you want and it will be set as the background of your Chromebook. If you want to see a new wallpaper every day on your Chromebook desktop, click “ Daily change” at the top to enable it.
  5. Apart from that, you can also set the background on your Chromebook directly from Google Photosand local storage as well. Yes, Chrome OS also has themes and customization options to rival Windows and Mac.

Change the screensaver on your Chromebook

  1. If you want to set a dynamic screensaver background on your Chromebook, you can do it easily. Just right click on the desktop and open “ Set wallpaper and style“.
  2. Next, click “ Screen Saver” from the window that opens.
  3. Here, enable the toggleat the top, and it will activate the dynamic screensaver feature on your Chromebook.
  4. Just below, you can choose the image source for the background screensaver. You can select images from your Google Photos library or Google-curated artwork. And that is.

Change the wallpaper and theme on your Chromebook

These are the four ways you can use to change the background images on your Chromebook. Be it Chrome browser, Chromebook desktop or lock screen, you can personalize them all using custom wallpapers. Anyway, that’s all from us. If you’d like to enable the new Chrome OS launcher on your Chromebook, head over to our linked article. And if you want to learn more about these Chrome OS tips and tricks, check out our in-depth article. And if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.


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