How to speed up video in Camtasia Studio

= As a video is made, it may be necessary to accelerate the speed of the video to advance the content, or reduce the playback time of the same.

Camtasia Studio is considered one of the best programs to make recordings that require screenshots, with an audio playback in the background.

This incredible software is enabled for the most popular operating systems, clearly speaking of Mac and Windows. Which expands the number of users who demand its use daily.

That is why this suite of programs published by TechSmith allows you to perform the type of editing you need, in a very simple and fast way. Thus achieving focus on other aspects of greater importance during editing.

If you have this program on your computer, you are in desire to create a tutorial and would like to learn how to apply this effect. Keep reading this article to know a little more about it.

What is the function used in Camtasia to accelerate the speed?

Nowadays, many people have joined social networks like YouTube to publish content of interest to the great mass that constitutes their community.

Constituted by a wide range of ages and tastes, many people usually capture the screen of their computer to carry out tutorials on a specific topic or show various activities such as gameplay. This task requires the use of a tool, generally a program, that allows you to carry out such action with a good degree of quality involved.

This is where Camtasia occupies a very important place, as its programmers try to satisfy all the needs of those who make this type of content, in a very efficient and simple way. That is why to achieve speed acceleration in a video you only need to perform a couple of easy steps. Whose options can be found in the first instance within the editing screen.

Method to accelerate the speed, step by step

Regardless of the version that is installed on the computer. The feature remains the same and in the same place for all updates released by TechSmith.

Mainly, you should start by importing the video you want to edit into the ” Timeline ” or “Timeline” of the program, which will load automatically. Once this upload has completed, you must right click on the video itself, which is displayed as a horizontal bar with the name of the file.

A menu will be displayed on the screen that will contain the option of “Clip Speed” or “Clip Speed”. Which you must select to accelerate the speed of your video . A small window with a series of options will automatically appear on the screen. Being the percentage that we must modify to specify the degree of increase we require for the video.

It should be noted that the value of 100% is the one that establishes that the video runs at its normal speed. So if it is increased it will accelerate its speed, and if it is decreased it will slow down.

At the end, the following boxes will show the default speed of the video and what the new playback time will be based on the modification you have made.

What categories of videos can you develop through Camtasia Studio?

The program that deals with recording the content executed within the screen can be divided into four types. Well, the program establishes them in such a way to execute a series of predetermined configurations for each one.

In numbers of four, they are referred to as: training, marketing, presentations, and education. All have the purpose of capturing a specific space of the computer in order to carry out tutorials. That may at some point require the use of the editor version to accelerate the speed of the video itself .

Fortunately, through this article you have discovered how easy it is to achieve this edition through this popular program . That works effectively for its users. What are you waiting to try it?



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