How to earn hammers in Parcheesi Star

To be able to play many more games in Parcheesi Star you need to have coins. And one of the fastest ways to get these coins is to open the vault, which has a real treasure inside. But in order to open the vault you need to learn how to earn hammers in Parcheesi Star . The hammers are the tool that allows you to break the chest, so that all the coins inside become your property. There are different ways to win hammers, we recommend that you always use the legal ones and not tricks online.

There are events in Parcheesi Star where, the moment you win, you get the hammer necessary to open the chest of coins. Therefore, the best way to get your hammers is to always be on the lookout for such events. We also recommend that you practice as much as you can, since the level at events is usually rather high. And you usually need to win to be able to get hold of the treasure, so you will always have to try to be the best.

Another option to know how to win hammers in Parcheesi Star is through the seasons . During a specific period of time, you will have to complete a series of challenges and win certain prizes. Once you have them all stored, it will be time to win the hammer. And when you have the hammer at your disposal, you can open the vault and access the money. As with the events, you will have to keep an eye on looking at the different seasonal offers.


The vault is a box in which we can find a large number of coins with which to play many more games. But in principle you have to pay to access it. And this can be a problem for those who are not willing to invest money in a game. Fortunately, if you are looking for how to open the vault for free in Parcheesi Star the way exists .

And, as we have indicated in the previous section, there are events in which the winner can get a hammer with which it is possible to open this vault. Therefore, the way to open the chest and get everything that is inside is simply by participating in the events. But it is not enough to participate, you will have to win.

Events that allow you to open the vault are offered periodically . Therefore, it is quite likely that shortly after you start playing Parcheesi Star you will be able to find one available. Of course, taking into account that you have to win, we recommend that you have a little practice in simpler games and tournaments.

It is possible that, looking on the Internet, you can find pages in which you are offered the possibility of winning thousands of coins or even the hammer itself by hacking the game without having to pay or win. But keep in mind that anything that involves hacking the game can lead to security problems . In fact, Parcheesi Star could ban you if it discovers that you have been doing something that the rules of the game do not allow. Therefore, we recommend that if you are looking for how to open the vault in Parcheesi Star, you do so through one of the events that are totally legal.


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