You are playing a game of Parcheesi, you are about to reach the house, and suddenly you realize that you have been blocked. In that case, you are probably wondering how to remove the opponent’s block in Parcheesi Star so as not to get trapped.

The rules of Parcheesi Star are basically the same as those of the old Parcheesi. And if a player has two pieces of the same color in a square , no other player will be able to pass through there. This is what is called blocking. And it can get really frustrating when you’re trying to get home and there comes a time when you can’t move any tiles.

Your opponent will probably try to keep you blocked as long as possible. But there is a rule that you must keep in mind and that is that when you roll a double score on the dice you will be forced to break the block. Therefore, the easiest way to remove the lock is to simply wait for a double score. But if waiting is not enough for you, you can also try to play with the rest of the chips that your opponent has in play. If you have a high chance of eating one, the other player may prefer to remove the block before allowing it.


If you want to block another player, you may be wondering how to block in Parcheesi Star . As we have mentioned in the previous section, the way to block another player is to have two pieces of your color in the same square. For this you will not only have to count on your skill, but also on the luck of the dice.

In general, the easiest way to block at Parcheesi Star is to tap into the starting square . Once you have three pieces in circulation, you can use one to move while with the other two you have your opponents blocked.

But it is important that you remember that the moment you get a double score you will have to break the block. Although if you still have a piece at home, we recommend that you keep another one on the starting square so that you can block again as soon as you get a 5.


As you can see, the advice we have given refers to the usual rules of Parcheesi. But many people are looking for unusual tricks and even wonder if they can cheat in Parcheesi Star to win more easily.

You may find on the net a large number of videos or websites with tricks to cheat in Parcheesi Star. But the reality is that the application has rules of use, which specify that the person’s account can be canceled that does not fulfill them.

Therefore, although it is understandable that you really want to win games quickly, if you have become hooked on Parcheesi Star, the ideal is that you try to win in the most legal way possible. Otherwise, you will be in danger of running out of your account early. And at the end of the day it is preferable to be able to play even if you have a chance of losing than to stay without playing. In addition, many of the websites to hack the game ask you for data that can put your privacy at risk .


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