Why Parcheesi Star is not working: here are the solutions

If you have been a Parcheesi Star player for a long time and one day you get the unpleasant surprise of not being able to access the game, you will wonder why Parcheesi Star does not work: here are the solutions. We explain the reasons why Parcheesi Star may not work on your mobile device.

One of the most successful games for mobile devices is Parcheesi Star. Since the confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic, downloads have multiplied and now exceed two million reviews in the Play Store.

Among the main features of the game is the ability to play in real time with two or four players for free, customize boards, dice or have fun with temporary challenges.

If you already know the game and you are one of those who play a little game with your friends or family every day, surely you have ever been in a situation of wanting to access the game, but not being able to do so . So … Why is Parcheesi Star not working ?: here are the solutions.


If you have not played Parcheesi Star for a long time and you do not remember your account details or you simply deleted the application, we will tell you how to recover your Parcheesi Star account.

To be able to play Parcheesi Star you have two options to enter the game: as a guest or through Facebook . If you entered the game as a guest we have bad news: you will not be able to recover your previous account and you will have to start playing from scratch.

On the contrary, if you had your Parcheesi Star player account linked to Facebook, you can recover it without problem. You will not lose your level in the game or everything you had already achieved.

To recover your player account linked to Facebook, install Parcheesi Star and then click on “enter with Facebook”. It will redirect you to the application. Accept all the permissions and then you will be able to play normally.


If no matter how hard you try you cannot enter Parcheesi Star, we will give you some easy solutions so that you can regain your player account.

One of the first solutions that you can apply is to update the game . Go to the updates section of the App Store or the Play Store to check if there is a latest version of the game. If there is, download it and update it.

If there are no updates and the game still does not work, it is best to remove the application from your device and download and install it again.


Why Parcheesi Star does not work: here are the solutions to repair the game if it does not load. Sometimes the game freezes and you do not need to remove the application or take other measures to repair it.

If it does not load Parcheesi Star it may be due to several reasons: on the one hand, you must check that you have an internet connection . If for any reason your connection has not gone, you will see that you can only play offline, but it does not load the rest of the modes.

 It can also happen that the game has crashed. To fix it, you just have to close the application completely. In addition to exiting the game you have to, on Android devices, press the square start button and click on the circle with an x ​​inside. Then start the game normally.

On iOS devices, you must double-click on the home icon to close all the applications that you have open. Then enter the game normally to see if the problem has been fixed.


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