How to play Parcheesi Star with 6 people

Parcheesi Star is the ideal application to play a classic game, Parcheesi. If you are used to playing games of four, but you want to expand the number of players, we will tell you how to play in Parcheesi Star with 6 people.

A good way to spend some time entertaining or to take the opportunity to disconnect if you are, for example, on a bus is to play a game through your mobile device. One of the best known applications of a classic is Parcheesi Star . This application is available for both devices with an iOS or Android system.

In Parcheesi Star you can play in different modes and with different rules and it allows you to play remotely with your friends or acquaintances by connecting the application with your Facebook profile.

Among the most common modes to play in Parcheesi Star is the two-player, which is a one-on-one, or the classic four-player. But if this number of players is not enough because you need to add more to play with all your friends or family, you should know how to play in Parcheesi Star with 6 people.

To start the game you must open the application and click on the icon shaped like a house called “home” that appears at the bottom of the screen. Here you can visualize the different ways of playing that there are. Swipe from right to left until you find the image that says “play with friends” and click on it.

Now you just have to select between the classic or Spanish standard variant and then choose on board type “6” . In order to enter the game you have to pay a fee of 500 gold that you must already have stored or you have to buy. Then you will see a table code that you must send to your five remaining friends to join the game. Then it only remains to start playing.


If you already know how to play Parcheesi Star with 6 people, but what you need is not to use any application, but rather you want to do it directly from any website, we will show you how to search to play Parcheesi Online with 6 players.

Open your internet browser either Google Chrome or Safari from mobile devices. Now go to Google and search for “play Parcheesi online with 6 players”. One of the first results that appears to you is tabletopia.

In Tabletopia you can play from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 players online. To do this, you must register and log in so that you can enter the game with other players.

At they also offer you the possibility of playing Parcheesi on 4, 6 and 8 color boards in the team Ludo mode. To play it is essential to register and configure your player profile. The interesting thing about this site is that they also do online tournaments several days a week.

Another web space to play online is On this website you can register or connect with your Facebook profile. Once you complete the registration, a lot of virtual rooms will appear to join you to play. You can also create your own and add your friends. In any of these websites the game is loaded and you can start the game in a few minutes.


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