How to distinguish AirPods from a fake

The realities of modern business are as follows: “The more popular the product, the more counterfeits it has.” And let the snow-white headphones from Apple not be confused with anything: they differ not only in perfect sound, but also in build quality, ergonomics, and sleek design. Music lovers are crazy about such an accessory. They buy it as a sign of status, they brag about it and cherish it.

But they have not yet come up with such a product that they would not make a fake for. Branded AirPods are no exception. Outwardly, fakes imitate the original as much as possible, but it is still possible to identify signs of a fake. How to distinguish real AirPods from fake ones?

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The main signs of non-original AirPods

Noticing the following 3 nuances when buying the coveted headphones, you should think: is the accessory really real? So, what should be on the alert for the AirPods buyer?

Low cost

The suspiciously low price of the headphones casts doubt on their authenticity. Original AirPods cost about $ 200. The user pays such a fabulous price for the brand, ease of wearing, ultra-modern filling and crystal clear sound.

Packing quality

It is worth paying attention to which box the headphones are packed in. The real packaging from Apple is all white, to match the device. The “droplets” themselves are drawn on the front panel.

Difference of structures

Both the case and the headphones themselves are made of smooth plastic. It shines pleasantly with a gloss, but at the same time does not slip in the palm of your hand. Most likely, the fake will not be as cool. It is worth carefully examining the device:

  1. For defects on the surface of the “droplets” and the charging case.
  2. Compare the color – it should be white for both the accessory and the case.
  3. The ease of opening the case.

Cheap plastic is felt in the hands, it bends, it can crack when pressed. If there is even the slightest suspicion about the quality of the materials, you should listen to your intuition and look for Apple AirPods in another place where there will be no fake.

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How to distinguish original Apple AirPods from fake: tips

To be sure of 100% authenticity of your Apple AirPods, you need to be able to distinguish a fake for a number of signs. They are conventionally divided into 2 categories: visual elements and workflow.

External differences between the copy and the original

So, picking up branded headphones , a responsible buyer looks at:

Comparison options Original Apple AirPods Fake
Colour Pure white, no yellow. It can be white, irregular or mixed with other shades, for example, yellow.
Material Molded, perfectly smooth plastic. The material looks like polished, without the slightest defects. Frosted plastic. It can also be smooth or slightly rough. You need to look at the strength (so as not to be pressed through).
Case Opens easily and closes tightly without leaving gaps. May be similar to the original or have gaps due to poor fit of the top and bottom.
Loudspeakers The original headphones have a metal mesh on the speakers. There are no gaps between the case and the mesh at all. The mesh on the speakers is most often fabric, there are gaps.
Droplet designation The original AirPods are labeled L (Left) and the right one R (Right). There may be no such designations.
Lettering Correctly and without mistakes. In the name of a headphone or brand, the letters may be interchanged.

Differences during work

You can recognize real AirPods by sound. Music from them “pours” crystal clear, without noise and creaks. The bass is clearly audible. The fake has a slightly muffled sound. No matter how well the fake is done, it will not achieve such an ideal sound.

A few more points to note:

  • Apple earbuds sync with any device wirelessly in seconds. Perfect work, no lags. A copy, too, will most likely be able to do this, but it will take more time to connect.
  • The original battery is used sparingly. The autonomy of the counterfeit will be lower.

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Real AirPods case: what is it like?

Carrying case for original headphones in pure white color, exactly to match the accessory itself. The lines of the corners are smooth, the joints are without gaps or irregularities. The packaging is ergonomic, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is pleasant to hold such a box, you can feel the quality and strength of the assembly.

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  • the case is small and neat;
  • it opens easily and closes tightly;
  • headphones fit into a genuine case freely, without additional pressing.

What could a fake have? Often:

  • the edges of the case are slightly dented, the corners are uneven;
  • “Droplets” need to be pushed a little for a solid styling.

Even if the seller persistently proves that this is just a case, and the headphones themselves are 100% branded, it is better to refuse the purchase.

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AirPods are the dream of modern and fashionable, but not everyone knows how to distinguish a fake. Having studied the methods proposed in the article, you can consider yourself, if not a specialist in the field of Apple products , then at least not a complete “teapot”.
Finally: if the case with the headphones is brought closer to the iPhone , an inscription about the accessory belonging will appear on the phone display. With a copy, this trick will not work.

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